235. Relentless 2: Dead On (1992)


*The Warlock opens the door to his lair. He’s wearing a black leather jacket, OOGA BOOGA t-shirt, blue jeans, white sneakers and gargoyle shades. He’s holding a can of pepsi*

Warlock: Welcome to my lair….welcome I don’t think so, but enter. Enter my lair if you dare. I’m your host…..

*Suddenly Mr. America runs out, grabs Warlock and throws him inside*

Warlock: Hey, hey watch the threads. The hell is the matter with you? Almost spilled my drink.

*Mr. America is wearing white camo fatigues, vest and hat along with black combat boots and aviator shades*

America: I thought you said Mr. Wallstreet was going to be here, where is he?

Warlock: I never said he’d be here today, I just said he’d be here.

America: Oh come on.

Warlock: Patience, patience. It’s just the two of us today.

America: Fine, fine….

*America throws up his hands and sits in the recliner*

Warlock: Before I was rudely interrupted, I was going to say tonight’s movie is Relentless 2. The sequel to the movie we saw a few weeks back.

America: You mean the one where Judd Nelson was the killer?

Warlock: That’s right, apparently the studio big wigs liked it so much they brought back the main character for a sequel.

America: So he has to catch a killer played by someone less famous, right?

Warlock: Exactly!

*Warlock takes his seat in the middle of the couch*

Warlock: Let’s begin Relentless 2.


Directed by Michael Schroeder

Written by Phil Alden Robinson and Mark Sevi


*Warlock reads the tag-line*

Warlock: “Detective Sam Dietz (Leo Rossi) is paired with a shady FBI agent to track down another serial killer terrorizing Los Angeles.”

America: Oh boy.


*Opening credits*

Warlock: Creepy as fuck credits.


*Somebody is hanging*

Warlock: Woah.

America: That’s nice.

Warlock: Not wasting any time.


*Killer watches guy hang*

America: You are getting sleeepy.


*Killer lets go. Body has arms outward to protect his fall*

America: Alright if he’s dead, the body would have just hit the floor, it wouldn’t have braced the fall like that.


*Killer drops down through a window onto support beams.A mechanic (Sven-Ole Thorson) knows he’s there, picks up a tire iron and tells him to come out.  Killer hangs him using a chain too and beats the crap out of him. Mechanic fights back with a bear hug and a headbutt but Killer still manages to hang him again. He punches the chain link fence*

Warlock: That would hurt his own hand.


*Sam has a nightmare of the first movie before waking up. Sam looks at a picture of his wife Carol (Meg Foster)*

America: Are you gonna go with dead, divorced or married?


*Sam gets a call from Carol and he blows her off to take another call*

Warlock: I’m gonna go with divorced.


*Sam talks to the press and looks at a creepy looking guy. Sam checks out Mechanic’s corpse and symbols painted on the wall in blood. He tells everyone in the room how it happened*

America: He wouldn’t be much of a cop if he didn’t know.


*Belinda (Leilani Jones) doesn’t want to work the next day, Sam says give her husband play time so she can get away with it*

Warlock: Taken from a pro.


*Killer returns to his hotel room and pulls out a briefcase from his ceiling tile. He finds a victim’s name and studies the file. Sam meets Captain Rivers (Dale Dye) and is introduced to Kyle Valsone (Ray Sharkey) the FBI guy. Kyle says the killer has 22 confirmed kills and Rivers puts him on the case*

Warlock: This guy died a year later of AIDS.


*Killer pops up disguised as a couch and attacks his next victim. Kyle has high tech equipment in his car and Sam scoffs at him for using a pager. They find Mechanic’s apartment where Paul Taglia (Marc Poppel) says there’s been another killing. Two male cross dressing hookers walk past Killer as he goes and takes an ice bath naked*

Warlock: Ugh, talk about shrinkage.


*Kyle gives the file on Sam and his supervisor says they need to meet*

America: He insists.


*Sam checks out the symbols on the wall covered in blood as Taglia bags the evidence. Sam looks over the crime scene with Kyle. Kyle is just as good as Sam at detecting and Sam is shocked. Belinda can take the day off. In the car Kyle and Sam share their caseloads*

Warlock: Why not?


*Kyle pays a valet (Anthony Donato) at the St Bonaventure hotel to go over the Killer’s case file. Killer is Gregor (Miles O’Keefe) and the Supervisor is Grazinsky (Allan Rich). Sam walks into Carol’s house and they fight. Cory (Brendan Ryan) still has nightmares about the first movie. He rides up on his bike and into Sam’s arms. Sam says he can’t stay but he’ll be around tomorrow*

Warlock: A cop’s work is never done.


*Grazinsky says Gregor must be stopped. Kyle says give him time and he’ll get results. Grazinsky gives him 24 hours to find the killer. Kyle says he understands*

America: Do you really understand?


*Sam goes to the film room and asks if anybody is there*

Warlock: The film canisters are gonna answer no.


*Henry (Art Kimbro) helps Sam hack into the FBI mainframe and Henry tells him to go eat a donut. Sam falls asleep for an hour. Henry tells him they have a problem, the victims have all been dead for 20 years*

Warlock: There’s a pattern.


*Gregor buys a newspaper and has to pay 45 cents*

Warlock: Should have just whacked the guy with it.


*Gregor flashes back to when he was in the military. Meanwhile Sam walks into Carol’s house which is now up for sale. They argue in front of Cory and Sam walks out. Carol tries to apologize and Sam says he’s in a very bad case and Kyle is a pain in the ass. She hands him a Sheriff’s application as a peace offering. She wants him to take the job so he can be closer to home and out of danger*

America: Yes, get the bad guy, take the job and live happily ever after.


*Kyle tells Sam that Gregor uses superglue to mask his fingerprints. Kyle says he should have read the case file.  Dr Park (John F Goff) says Kyle is impressive. Sam asks Francine (Mindy Seager) where Rivers is. Rivers is at the track. Sam asks Rivers about Kyle and the computer system. Kyle then holds a seminar of Gregor’s M.O*

Warlock: And he stinks too.


*Kyle and Sam trade barbs as Kyle makes a crack at Sam’s family and threatens to have him demoted. Sam walks out and finds Henry who had been transferred. Henry tells him it was over the night before and there’s nothing wrong with the computers. Sam apologizes*

America: I don’t think your apology carries much weight.


*Sam meets with Dr. Park on the roof while he fixes his cable. Sam breaks Dr. Park’s pipe by accident. He uses superglue to glue it back together as Sam asks what the symbols and superglue is about. Park asks about Sam’s personal life, he says “Fine, never better.”

America: Liar.


*Park says he needs to talk to him before he eats himself and his marriage alive. Sam figures out the connection is that the victims were already legally dead. Sam smirks and says he’s got Kyle. Sam then reports to Rivers that Kyle isn’t telling the whole story. The victims were in the witness protection program.*

America: If you accuse someone of insanity, it makes NO sense to take a physical. You need to see a psychiatrist, not a personal fucking trainer.


*Sam says Kyle is covering this up and tells Rivers to make some calls and not to tell Kyle that he knows. Kyle shows up later and Sam says he’s going home to see Cory. He invites Kyle over and Kyle passes. Sam get an A plus paper from his son and they high five*

Warlock: Great job.


*Gregor flashes back while in the ice bath*

Warlock: Let me guess, Russian assassin?

America: Something.


*Hotel clerk (Loren Farmer) tells Cleaning Lady (Jean Adams) to stop bringing the dog around. She knocks on Grazinsky’s door and opens it, he’s dead. Gregor attacks and rips her wig off before throwing the dog out the window*

America: I hate this guy.


*Gregor in disguise attacks and kills two cops, taking one of their uniforms*

Warlock: This guy is a professional.


*A blonde cop (Lisa M Hansen) asks where the killer went and Gregor in disguise tells her to shh and points the other way. He drops down and clotheslines a motorcycle cop, escaping into a bowling alley. Another cop chases him*

Warlock: Hooray, deaths to more character’s that don’t matter.


*Gregor traps the cop in the bowling equipment but the cop cries out for help, so Gregor lets him go. He knocks him out*

Warlock: What was that about?


*Ibsen (Steve Kahan) says Kyle was on the money and Sam is wrong. Sam wants to see the witness list. He screams at them and Ibsen tells him to watch it. He and Kyle walk away and Rivers gives him a tongue lashing. He acts what the hell is wrong with Sam lately*

Warlock and America: Hahahaha


*Sam confronts Kyle in the bathroom and says this won’t stop him. Sam says he’s dirty and he knows it. Kyle gets physical and tells him to back off. He leaves and Sam follows him. He drops Kyle with a right hand and Rivers says he’s suspended. Sam says he quits and walks out. Meanwhile Gregor stitches himself up*

America: Oh that looks fun.


*Gregor’s next target is an old army buddy.  One of the cops let’s Kyle know Grazinsky is dead and Kyle goes to the crime scene. Kyle says the murder isn’t with the serial murders and Taglia questions him. Kyle blows him off as Gregor reads the newspaper with an ad mocking him*

Warlock: Ha, remember Judd Nelson in the first movie how they used the paper to fuck with him?

America: Ahhhh yeah.


*Gregor blows off the waitress (Shelby Chong) as Toby (Steven Lambert) heads to the construction sight while listening to a killer guitar riff*

Warlock: I gotta get this on MP3.


*Ted (David Conrades) tells him to work somewhere else. Gregor tries to hang Toby but Toby cuts himself loose with pliers. A fist punches through the wall to drop Toby*

Warlock: That helps.

America: Ha!


*Toby recognizes him “Gregor?” Gregor kills him and writes blood graffiti. Meanwhile Carol visits Sam and Sam tells her that he punched Kyle and possibly got fired. He doesn’t know what to do. Carol embraces him and they start macking before Taglia knocks on the door*

Warlock: Cock block


*Sam “Its a good thing you don’t schedule airline flights because your timing sucks.”

Warlock and America: Hahahhaha


*Sam gets a hint from Carol that the victims were making too much money for their job professions. Sam vents to Taglia and Taglia says Kyle is leaving soon. Taglia says to kiss Rivers ass to get his job back. Sam hands the casefiles over to Taglia but keeps the bankbook. Taglia gets a radio that Toby has been killed and Sam tells him to call him later*

Warlock: 25 minutes left.


*Sam figures out the victims have the same banks. Sam calls Francine and asks where the latest crime scene was. She’ll call him back. Taglia rushes to the crime scene and Kyle is already there. Kyle tells Taglia to check out Toby’s apartment as Gregor gets packed and ready to leave. Gregor freaks completely out and pulls out a wooden box. Inside is a handcannon*

Warlock: Its like Robocop’s gun. Somebody’s gonna die.


*Sam gets a call from Carol. They’re on their way to the counselor and Sam blows her off. Francine calls on the other line and tells him where to go. Meanwhile Taglia investigates Toby’s apartment and Sam is already there. Taglia says Kyle is on their way. Sam tells Taglia what he knows. The victims all have the same branch at the same bank. Sam leaves before Kyle arrives. Taglia tells Kyle they found nothing. Sam goes to the bank and pulls his badge to be let in, the bank guard pulls his badge and says to go away*

Warlock: Hahahahahhaa


*The mailman (Gregory R Wolf) tells him to move. Sam wonders if he plays poker*

Warlock: Who’s he?


*Sam hides in a parking garage. He finds Kyle’s cell phone and goes over his previous calls. The LA Tribune, the FBI and the Soviet Embassy. Sam asks Paul for a favor and we cut to Kyle’s suite. Sam calls him from the ground below and Kyle goes to meet him*

Warlock: This should end well.


*Sam confronts Kyle. He says all 3 victims shared the same bank and same branch. Kyle then pulls a badge that says he’s NSA. Kyle says he’s not the bad guy, he just has more info than Sam can handle. Watching from afar is Gregor. Kyle checks Sam for a wire. Kyle then says its not about witness protection, the killer is Soviet special forces. He’s taking out the entire network of informants. Kyle’s mission is to help the Soviet’s bring him in. Sam says the symbols match a serial killer, Kyle says it was to make it look like a serial killer. Sam says Rivers needs to know so Sam can get his job back. Sam hands Kyle the files he was going to send. Sam then reveals it was a set up, there are no files. Kyle pulls a gun on Sam when Taglia pulls up. Kyle shoots him dead and knocks out Sam*

Warlock: Saw that coming.


*Kyle has Sam all tied up and starts beating on him. Kyle says the Soviets are knocking each other off so they shouldn’t interfere. Sam asks Kyle why didn’t he kill Gregor himself. Kyle says he does what the mission calls for, and the mission is don’t let the informants squeal. Kyle goes to finish off Sam when Gregor shows up. Gregor puts a gun to Sam’s head and then shoots Kyle dead*

Warlock: Surpriseeeeeeeee!


*Gregor shoots Sam free and asks who makes the choices in life. He says yesterdays hero shouldn’t become tomorrow’s villain just because a change in ideology. Gregor shoots Sam in the leg and walks off.  Sam hobbles after him and says he can’t let him walk out of there.  Gregor flashes back to his wife and kid and empties his gun without Sam noticing. He turns to shoot and Sam shoots him dead*

Warlock: Did I just see a dove fly by?

America: Pretty sure you did.


*Sam finds the empty clip and figures out Gregor pulled an assisted suicide. He returns to his apartment on crutches. He looks at the Sherriff’s application and Sam calls Carol. He says he was at the hospital because he was shot. He says he’s okay and tells Carol that they’ll talk when she gets there. He says “Make that Sherriff Sam” Carol cries and smiles, telling him she loves him. Sam says he loves her too and we get the end credits*

Warlock: Isn’t that a happy ending?

America: Mmmmm


Mr. America’s Assessment: I give it a 4.

The Warlock’s Assessment: I give it a 5, not as good as the first movie but a solid sequel. Kind of a hard to follow plot but it had the babyface ending. Its worth a one time look as far as sequels go.

Final grade: 4.5 out of 10 – Below Average


*Warlock rises from the couch*

Warlock: As with most sequels it wasn’t as good as the first movie but it still was watchable. It wasnt the worst but it wasn’t the best either. It was somewhat hard to follow but the ending had all the bad guys cleared out so no problems there. Take a look if you want. That about wraps up another below average adventure, have a pleasant evening.