233. Deadly Target (1994)


*The Warlock opens the door to his lair. He’s wearing a black leather jacket, BLOODFIST t-shirt, blue jeans, white sneakers and gargoyle shades. He’s holding a mug of root beer*

Warlock: Welcome to my lair…welcome I don’t think so, but enter. Enter my lair if you dare. I’m your host The Warlock.

*Warlock levitates before walking inside*

Warlock: You’re not going to believe this but its another solo IT CAME FROM YOUTUBE. Tonight’s caper is Deadly Target, the 1994 Gary Daniels movie.

*Camera pans to an empty lair, Warlock takes his seat in the recliner *

Warlock: So let’s not waste any time, let’s begin Deadly Target.


Directed by Charla Driver

Written by James Adelstein and Michael January


*Warlock reads the tag-line*

Warlock: “A dangerous drug lord, a renegade cop, the ultimate showdown”

Warlock: Gary wants nothing to do with anything ultimate after Firepower.


*Movie opens with a plane landing in Los Angeles*

Warlock: Mr America would know what kind of plane that is.


*Charles Prince (Gary Daniels) walks off the plane wearing a black leather jacket, white t-shirt and jeans*

Warlock: Where have I seen that look before.


*Two men hit on each other as Charles laughs and says “Lovely California*

Warlock: Pretty common nowadays.


*Jim Jenson (Ken McLeod) of the LAPD introduces himself to Prince. Prince is with the Hong Kong Police Department*

Warlock: He’s whiter than I am. At least Don Wilson looked Asian when he played the Japanese cop in Red Sun Rising.


*Charles asks if Chang (Byron Mann) is being transferred. Jenson says they’ve had him under surveillance for 3 months and they set up a meeting with his uncle Xiong (Aki Aleong). Jenson says they have a man on the inside named Choi (Timothy Dang) that says Chang is trying to muscle in on Xiong’s territory. When Chang shows the drugs, they’ll pounce. Charles gets Chang and they get the drugs. Jenson says this will be a piece of cake. Charles says he’s chased him all around the world and Jenson says he’ll let him make the arrest when its over*

Warlock: Would be the shortest movie ever if the plan worked.


*Jenson and Charles sit nearby as Chang shows up with his lady Mei (Lydia Look). Chang and his crew led by Han (Phillip Tan) scope the place*

Warlock: Phillip Tan in the house.


*Xiong and his men walk up as Jenson and Charles decide to take a closer look. Chang, Han and Mei walk in to Xiong’s office. Xiong calls him a good student of deceit. He knows about Chang’s drug operation and he doesn’t want it. Chang says he’s old and needs younger blood. Charles runs in as Jenson calls for backup*

Warlock: A little hasty but good logic by Jenson to call for help instead of go banzai.


*The guard holds Charles at gunpoint and Charles kicks the crap out of him*

Warlock: First fight 6 minutes into it. Way ahead of Blood Warriors’ pace.


*Chang holds up a key of pure and says he increases the value by ten times, that’s 100 grand. That’s a million dollars of coke. Charles beats the crap out of another Xiong goon. Xiong says he doesn’t need the drugs and the subject is closed*

Warlock: Like Don Corleone telling Sollozo no.


*Chang says he will not be stopped as Charles dispatches another goon. A better fighter fights Charles and Charles takes a few hits but ultimately beats him. Chang pulls the gun and shoots him in the head, he falls out the window as Chang’s crew wipes out Xiong’s men*

Warlock: Guess Chang wins the gang war.


*Xiong lands on Jenson’s car as Charles finishes off the goon who attacked him. Han shoots and kills some random goon.  Jenson catches up with Prince and tells him to go one way, he’ll go the other. Choi shoots Mei in the leg and holds her hostage as Chang spots the wire Choi is wearing. Choi threatens to kill Mei and Chang says his employees are very loyal. Chang shoots and kills both of them*

Warlock: So much for the informant.


*Jenson goes to town on Han and another goon as Charles chases after Chang*

Warlock: Didn’t know Jenson could fight, cool.


*Charles grabs a random goon and kicks his ass. Meanwhile Han kicks Jenson’s ass. Charles catches up to Chang but one of his goons shoots at him. Charles shoots him in the shoulder and runs after Chang. Jenson continues to beat Han around. A police cruiser pulls up as Jenson runs out angry. The cruiser goes to shoot Chang when the goon from earlier kamikazes the cruiser, both cars exploding. Charles catches up to Chang and takes him down*

Warlock: Ryu can’t fight? Say it ain’t so.


*At the presinct, Charles trash talks Chang and asks why he’s into drugs. He doesn’t answer and we cut to the high seas. An Asian man and a woman are checking out the ship. The man cracks open a box full of coke. The woman is Diana (Susan Byun) and the man says they don’t have to tell Chang and Diana says he better hope she doesn’t.*

Warlock: Some names would be nice instead of just guessing.


*Charles tries to get Chang to talk but he won’t. Captain Peters (Max Gail) watches through the screen with Jenson*

Warlock: Wojo in the house!!!!


*Charles punches Chang which causes Peters to stop the questioning and have Charles report to his office. Chang taunts Charles saying he’ll beat him due to his lack of experience. Charles side kicks him in the head before reporting to Peters. Peters gives him an earful in his office*

Warlock: Come on Wojo, give him a break.


*Peters “I don’t care if you heard fucking bazookas, you call for backup.” Peters says two of his men are dead and its Charles’s fault. Jenson says to lighten up and Peters yells at him too. Peters says that Chang will be on the plane to Hong Kong and then he’s all for Charles but until then he’s under his jurisdiction. Peters throws them out of his office*

Warlock: He’s probably on Chang’s payroll.


*Charles waits at the airport for Chang to arrive. Jenson will lead the conclave but the officer driving Chang is nervous as hell*

Warlock: This is not gonna end well.


*Somebody tosses a grenade into one of the cruisers and it blows. A car full of goons show up and pins down the rookie cop, Jenson and Chang. Rookie cop doesn’t stay down and he’s shot bu the goons. Charles is still at the airport waiting*

Warlock: Gonna be there a while, have a Snickers.


*Back at the station, Jenson reports to Peters that Chang got away. Peters says he got 7 men killed and Charles barges in. He says he’s not leaving without Chang. Jenson says he got away. Charles gives Jenson shit for letting Chang get away. Peters tells him to back off and Charles says he can help get Chang. Peters says he’s a civilian now and to get on a flight home. Charles storms out and accuses Jenson of being on Chang’s payroll since both times they had him, he was the one who screwed things up*

Warlock: Big time accusations.


*Jenson shoves him against the wall and Charles shoves him back into the other wall. Jenson says he’d rather have 1 LA cop than ten pricks like him. He tells Pruitt and Randall to escort Charles to the airport. They exchange fuck you’s and Charles says he’s not leaving without Chang. Jenson says in his dreams. Pruitt and Randall (Addison Randall) yuk it up with Charles until Charles beats the shit out of both of them. Charles steals a cruiser and drives around looking for Chang*

Warlock: Yes because Chang is going to randomly run out in the middle of the street and announce his presence.


*Charles spots a random drug deal going down. He alerts them and they try to run. Charles beats the shit out of all of them until one of them drops him with a piece of wood. He stands over Charles with a gun but is knocked cold by an unknown assailant. Charles wakes up in Diana’s bed*

Warlock: What…the…hell?


*Diana says his clothes are in the wash. She says she carries a brick in her purse. They shake hands and introduce each other.  Charles goes back to sleep after showing concussion symptoms. He wakes up later with Diana watching over him. She made him tea*

Warlock: Is it poisoned?


*Diana says she has to get ready for work but make himself at home. He asks what she does for work and she strips to her undies*

Warlock: This just got better.


*Diana says he’s a cop and she’s a card dealer so they both see people at their worst. He checks her out and she says he hopes he enjoys the view. He says he’ll drop in on her later and she says hell no. Later on Charles visits her at the club*

Warlock: He doesn’t listen to anyone much.


*Jenson finds Charlie and says he’s under arrest. Charlie asks what’s the charge. Jenson says 2 counts of assault and grand theft auto. Jenson asks where the cruiser is and Charlie says parked out front. He tells Diana he’ll be back. Jenson asks what Charlie is doing there and Charlie says its a Chinese gambling club so Chang may be there. Jenson says for once he may be right since the who’s who of the Triad are there. Zhou (Bill M Ryusaki) owns the place. Jenson says they don’t work with Chang but they’ll know where he is. Jenson says he’s still under arrest and Charles says he’s not leaving without Chang. Jenson asks why he’s so hellbent on catching Chang. Charles says its personal and he wouldn’t understand. Jenson says Choi was a friend of his. He knew him for 9 years. Charles apologizes and Jenson says to work with him, no cowboy shit. Charles says he’s staying with Diana for now and hands Jenson her number. Jenson says its must be the accent*

Warlock: Things are about to pick up.


*Charles spots Zhou and Diana points out the who’s who. The bouncer (Al Leong) forbids Charles from followng Zhou*

Warlock: He plays a henchman in every movie, I love it.


*Charles pretends to be drunk to make the henchman take him to the bathroom where Charles kicks his ass. Charles confronts Zhou and Han and asks where Chang is*

Warlock: Zhou kind of looks like Jack Soo.


*Charles asks if they know who he is and Chen (James Wing Woo) says “No but I’m sure you’re gonna let us know.”

Warlock: Hahahaha


*Charles says he’s their guardian angel. He’s here to save them from Chang. Han says they’re not involved with him. Charlie reasons that Chang will take them over like Xiong and Zhou says they don’t know where he is. Charles warns them to watch their backs because Chang only cares about himself. Next frame is Chang talking with the very much alive Mei along with 3 other gangsters. One of them says to strike out on their own and Chang ignores him. Chang says Lucky (Ron Yuan) proved his loyalty last night by springing him free. He owes him his freedom but not his livelihood. Lucky “Sorry Chang.” Chang cuts a promo and then cuts his own guy in the gut, killing him*

Warlock: “Take out your own guy” HATED IT!!!


*Some guy plays a jazz tune on the sax*

Warlock: Catchy tune, no joke.


* Chen chats with the other Triad guys and are split on whether to join Chang or not. Mei and Lucky walk up to propose a deal. Meanwhile two guys fight*

Warlock: Is that James Lew?


*Mei wants Chen to join Chang. Chen refuses so she and Lucky blow them all away*

Warlock: There goes the competition.


*Charles makes squid for Diana and asks if she’s Chinese. Diana says she’s Californian born and raised. She wants to go to an American restaurant but Charles is adamant about trying the squid salad. He feeds her and she actually great*

Warlock: Yeah right.


*Diana says she’s lived there since she was 3. Her father died when he was young. Her mom fixed the place up herself. Diana says she could never leave there*

Warlock: So you know Chang will blow the place.


*Diana says the Triad guys are nice guys. Charles says Chang is a drug dealer and a murderer and he’s going to change thing. He says he’s going to check into a hotel and she says no, stay with her. He cooks and she does the dishes. Next morning Jenson orders Taco Bell much to Charles’ dismay. Jenson says Chang had the Triad guys murdered. Chen somehow survived and says Chang is behind it. Gunshots ring out at the courthouse*

Warlock: What the hell?


*Jenson says not to kill anyone, Charles says just the bad guys. Some terrorist (Chuck Borden) has the court reporter (Marta Merrifield) hostage. Charles disarms the guy and Jenson takes out the partner*

Warlock: What’s the point of this? Unless this is supposed to show teamwork, this is pointless.


*Charles kicks the terrorist down the escalator and drops him with a right cross. Jenson jumps on the partner’s car and shouts that he’s under arrest*

Warlock: I don’t think he’s going to listen.


*Charles picks up the gun and tells Jenson to get off the car. Charles shoots one of the tires out and shoots the driver from 50 feet away. Jenson says “Are you crazy?”

Warlock: He’s a crack shot.


*Peters wants Charles and Jenson in his office. Peters says he’s supposed to be in Hong Kong and Charles bullshits him. Peters continues to give him shit and tells him to get lost and bring him back his cruiser. Charles blows him off as Peters says Jenson is off the case permanently. Peters says if he sticks his nose in the case he’s fired*

Warlock: He’s gotta be on the take.


*Jenson tells Charles he’s going to see Chen. Jenson tells Charles to lay low. Charles takes the stolen cruiser and drives off*

Warlock: Love to see Peters chase after him, have a heart attack and die.

*Charles visits Diana. She offers him a beer and says she doesn’t drink. Charles says in a week he’s gotten 2 officers killed and Jenson kicked off the case. Diana says he’s being too hard on himself. They flirt with each other and kiss*

Warlock: 40 minutes left in the movie, time for the pointless sex scene.


*Charles says he’s wanted to kiss Diana for six days. She asks what else he wants to do and Charles says “You really want to know?” Diana “Try me.”

Warlock: He’s gonna go put a dent in that.


*Chang’s crew visits Han, the only one left. He’s introduced as the next mayor. Lucky pulls a gun and kills Han as Mei wipes out a bunch of innocent bystanders. Jenson confronts Peters and says he wants back on the case. Chen says he’ll match the police sketch Chen gave. Jenson says Chang is a bad man and he can nail him and asks for a chance. Peters relents and says go for it, just keep Charles out of it*

Warlock: Yeah that ain’t happening.


*Charles kisses Diana good morning. Charles invites Diana to breakfast and she wants to play with the siren. They share more bonding moments at breakfast. Lucky and Mei crash the breakfast. Lucky says they travel in the same circles and he’s fucking with the wrong people. Lucky says he’s been looking for him. They fight one on one as Mei calls Lucky a stupid idiot. Charles kicks the crap out of Lucky. Lucky pulls a gun and holds Diana at gunpoint, kidnapping her. Lucky drives off as Jenson walks up. Charles tells him to start the car and chase him. Lucky tells Diana to shut the fuck up*

Warlock: Oh boy, a chase scene.


*Charles smashes up Jenson’s truck who protests the whole way. Charles “Bloody foreigners!”

Warlock: Hahahaha


*Charles nearly runs over pickup basketball players, one of them throws the ball over his head and runs, the ball lands through the hoop*

Warlock: BURIES A THREE!!!


*Charles chases Lucky in reverse*

Warlock: That’s original.


*Lucky throws Diana out of the car and Jenson says to pull over and get her. Charles says no way, Lucky is one of Chang’s guys so he’s not gonna let him get away. A cruiser swerves in front of Lucky and he flips his car. Jenson and Charles drag Lucky out of the wreckage as Diana walks up. Charles asks if she’s alright and she slaps him, calls him an arrogant, uptight asshole*

Warlock: You got all that because of one small incident?


*Diana blames Charles and tells him to leave her alone. Charles chases after her as Mei runs up to Lucky being arrested. Mei reports to Chang that Lucky got bagged. She says not to worry, he won’t talk. Chang doesn’t trust him. Mei asks what to do and Chang says he should have killed Charles in Hong Kong. Mei squeals about Diana and Chang is suddenly interested, he says they may need her for insurance*

Warlock: 24 minutes left, plenty of time to capture her.


*Charlie visits Diana who’s taking a bath. He hands her flowers and she pulls him into the bath. They kiss again. We then cut to Lucky being questioned by Jenson. Charles walks in and Peters actually invites him in. Jenson asks where Chang is and Lucky refuses to talk*

Warlock: I just remembered, Lucky is Li from Ring of Fire.


*Peters says they may need Charles’ help with this. Next frame has Charles and Jenson tying up lucky for some stretch torture. Jenson goes to drive off and pull Lucky in half. They almost do it when Lucky talks and tells them he’s at the harbor. Charles asks him what birth, Lucky says 53. Jenson thanks Lucky and tells him his services are no longer needed. Lucky warns Charles about how things are done in Hong Kong before Jenson knocks him out with the butt of his pistol. Jenson asks what he meant and Charles figures out they’re going after Diana*

Warlock: I just realized Jenson is Blade from Out For Blood….damn, what a face turn.


*Diana listens to an answering machine message from a friend of hers*

Warlock: The shootout with the terrorists and this scene could have been cut and nobody would have noticed.


*Charlie calls Diana and says she’s in danger, get out of the house now. Diana instead goes deeper where Mei attacks. Mei beats the crap out of her but she fights back, only to run outside where she’s knocked flat by Chang. She’s kidnapped as Charles runs in with Jenson*

Warlock: Missed it by THAT much.


*Jenson and Charles still have Lucky in the trunk. Jenson says they should call for backup. Diana tries to escape. Jenson and Charles load up with Lucky still in the trunk and run off*

Warlock: What? No hostage trade?


*Lucky finally escapes the trunk as Diana escapes. Mei taunts her and Diana fights back. Charles beats up a random goon. Diana jump kicks Mei off a set of stairs where she’s impaled below*

Warlock: That takes care of Handsome Harriet.


*Charles dispatches his goon and shoots another. Jenson fights a random goon of his own*

Warlock: Now that I know he played Blade, he can definitely kick some ass.


*Chang calls for a helicopter as Jenson and Charles dispatch his men one by one*

Warlock: Its over at this point, he’s got no guys left.


*The bouncer from the bar from earlier shoots at Charles and Diana knocks him out, steals the gun and shoots a random goon. Lucky boards the ship and knocks Diana down, taking her hostage. Jenson continues to fight his random goon. Charles finally confronts Chang one on one. Chang pulls a gun and says Charles looks just like his brother. Charles grabs Chang but Lucky shows up and holds him at gunpoint. Chang takes Diana away and Lucky goes to shoot Charles but the gun is out of ammo. Chang shoots at Diana but she gets away. Jenson then beats the crap out of a random goon*

Warlock: How many of these goons are there?


*Charles beats the crap out of Lucky as Jenson knocks his random goon into the drink below*

Warlock: Hope he brought a snorkel.


*Lucky pulls a knife on Charles and Charles guts him with it, killing him by hanging him*

Warlock: NOW Chang is all by himself.


*Chang threatens to blow Diana’s head off. The chopper arrives and he makes Diana climb up the ladder first. Jenson shoots at the chopper*

Warlock: Are you an idiot? You may hit Diana!


*Jenson moves the cannon turret on the deck, aiming at the chopper. Diana drops into the water safely. Charles shoots the ladder and Chan falls through a table. Jenson blows the chopper away with a cannon blast*

Warlock: How the hell did he know how to operate that?


*Jenson and Charles bring Diana to the deck when Chang pops up. Jenson and Charles blow him away*

Warlock: Bye bye Chang.


*Charles says his goodbye at the airport to Jenson and Diana when Jenson gets a call for a hostage situation. Jenson says “Let’s go” as he and Charles run off, Diana pouts. End credits*

Warlock: That was better than I expected.


The Warlock’s Assessment: I give it a 6.5. It was really good with some great fight scenes, good acting, a solid cast easy to follow storyline and a good ending. It was mostly mindless but unlike Blood Warriors, the technical aspects were much better. There was no horrible looped in dialogue and the one liners were actually funny here. I definitely recommend this for fight fans.

Final Grade: 6.5 out of 10 – Very good


*Warlock rises from the couch*

Warlock: Now that was more like it. We had a string of blah IT CAME FROM YOUTUBE lately but this one was pretty damn good. Like I said earlier I liked the cast, the acting wasn’t bad, the sound quality was pretty good, the writing was easy to follow and it had the happy ending. Not much to really complain about. That about wraps up another good-tastic adventure. Have a pleasant evening.


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