227. Hawk’s Vengeance (1996)


*The Warlock opens the door to his lair. He’s wearing a black leather jacket,  black t-shirt, blue jeans, white sneakers and gargoyle shades. He’s holding a wine glass of Dr. Pepper*

Warlock: Welcome to my lair…welcome I don’t think so, but enter. Enter my lair if you dare. I’m your host The Warlock.

*Warlock does a a 360 spinkick then enters the lair*

Warlock: Tonight I’m flying solo for the 1996 action drama Hawk’s Vengeance. Gary Daniels teams with a Chinese street gang to take down an ex-marine turned crime lord.

*Warlock takes his seat in the recliner*

Warlock: So let’s get started with Hawk’s Vengeance.


*The Warlock reads the tag-line*

Warlock: “When the Hawk strikes, he’s lethal!”

Warlock: Talk about fowl.


Directed by Marc F Voizard

Written by Jim Cirile and John Maxwell


*Opening credits has some dude being chased by Soldier Kelly (Pierre Gendron). The guy opens fire*

Warlock: Not wasting anytime, getting right to the chase scene.


*Soldier Kelly is shot down by someone on a ledge. A mobster walks out and tells the shooter to thank the Skinhead (Philippe Paquin) for assisting them. The shooters shoots Skinhead dead*

Warlock: “Nooooo that’s not what I meant!”


*The shooter is named Duquesne (Vlasta Vrana) and the mobster pays him for killing both of them*

Warlock: Guy’s named after a University.


*The mobster is named Blade (Charles Biddle Jr) and he and Duquesne enter a hidden entrance in the bar while the credits roll. Blade and Duquesne tell their Boss and his girlfriend that they got the job done. He says “Thank you, goodbye” and the hitmen walk out*

Warlock: That’s…it? No money? No pat on the back, no turn with the girlfriend? Lame.


*We cut to London, England where robbers are holding an old couple hostage. Suddenly a strike team led by Hawk (Gary Daniels) barges in and starts beating the shit out of the robbers. The robbers shoot the woman dead. Hawk wipes out the rest of the robbers and checks on the woman. She laughs and a buzzer goes off, Hawk pulls her up. This was a training demonstration and Hawk points out where they went wrong*

Warlock: Ohhhhh okay, I was about to say that was pretty shoddy to allow a hostage to get killed.


*Tango 1 (Cas Anvar) is disarmed by Hawk in the demonstration as Tango 3 (Patrick Kerton) looks on. Captain McKenzie (Noel Burton) comes in and vaguely mentions Hawk’s step-brother*

Warlock: Ruh roh!


*Hawk attends the funeral for his brother. Veronique (Stephanie Maillery) was seeing his brother. Another woman (Claudia Blondeau) walks up and says SHE’S been seeing his brother*

Warlock: This is gonna get awkward.


*Michael Durkee (Serge Houde) introduces himself to Hawk. Lizzie (Jayne Heitmeyer) was Soldier’s partner. Hawk asks Lizzie where she was during his murder. She says he was on suspension and he’s noutoriously on suspension. He asks what happened and she doesn’t know either. He was found dead in an alley in Chinatown. Hawk invites her out for coffee and she counters by going to a dive bar. Hawk’s face is priceless*

Warlock: Hahahaha.


*Lizzie says the Ba Wong gang (Houston Wong and Brian Paul Imperial) are under attack from the Death Skulls. Lizzie gets catcalled and she flips off the catcallers*

Warlock: Hahahaha


*Soldier hung one of the skinheads out of a 5 story window to get him to talk*

Warlock: That would be fun as hell.


*Seedy bar patrons flip off Hawk and Hawk walks over to them and says he’s gonna put them in the hospital if they don’t chill out. He orders them a round and walks back to Lizzie. The guys get up and leave*

Warlock: Wow, a peaceful ending instead of a bar clearing brawl.


*Hawk asks Lizzie if she’s married, she says she’s divorced. She would have gone for Soldier but he was too much of a playboy*

Warlock: What gave that away besides the 17 girlfriends at the funeral?


*The seedy bar patrons attack Hawk outside the bar and he wipes them out in short order*

Warlock: Wouldn’t the first guy have figured out that Hawk was for real after the spin kick?


*Hawk and Lizzie go their separate ways. Hawk says he’s gonna stay at his brother’s place until he sorts this mess out. Lizzie says not to interfere and Hawk asks her why she’d think that*

Warlock: Because she’s not a moron.


*Hawk looks at the picture collage on the wall as someone jumps out of the closet and attacks him with a frying pan. Hawk puts him in a fireman’s carry before slamming him over the bar*

Warlock: Guess the Ultimate Warrior taught him a few tricks in Firepower.


*Lizzie reports for duty the next day, Dr. Sattler (Arthur Holden) shows a corpse to Lizzie and her new partner who is squeamish. The corpse belongs to a Ba Wong member. Meanwhile back at Soldier’s apartment, Hawk asks the guy what he’s doing there. The dude says his name is Lipo (George Chiang) and he was his unofficial roomate. Lipo says his brother Liping (Winston Wong) was taken by the skinheads. Hawk unties him, introduces himself and pulls him up. Hawk says he’s lucky he didn’t pull kung fu moves on him. Lipo says he’s being racist that every Asian knows kung fu like Bruce Lee then makes a stereotypical noise*

Warlock: The funny part was Bruce Lee hated stereotypical Asian roles with the funny faces and accents.


*Hawk wants to be taken to Lipo’s leader Yoon (Russell Yuen). Lipo says “He’ll eat you alive, round eye!” Hawk tells him not to call him that and they share a laugh*

Warlock: At least they have sense of humor.


*Garr (Cass Magda) beats the crap out of his training partner. Blade gives him that week’s status report as Garr does his thing*

Warlock: If only Mr. America was here, he’d love the “attack to keep in shape” motif.


*Siegel (Johni Keyworth) is there to see Garr. Siegel controls the Southeast crime ring. Garr says they can’t screw up. Siegel is wheeled in by wheelchair. He says he’ll give him a million dollars for a business transaction but insults Garr by refusing to shake hands with him. Duquesne wheels him out. Garr tells Blade to get Clay (Sylvain Landry) on the horn for reinforcements*

Warlock: Something is afoot!


*Yoon and Lipo find Hawk in an alley. Hawk wants to know about the Death Skulls. Their M.O. is to stun their victims and do unspeakable things to them. Right on cue skinheads pull up, stun some dude and drive off with them. Hawk tells Yoon to hold off on a raid so people don’t get killed. Hawk then goes through Soldier’s personal armorment*

Warlock: This guy was prepared to rumble.


*Hawk packs for battle and asks Lipo where a costume shop is. He dresses in a Fire Inspector’s uniform and tells Lipo to stay in the car for 10 minutes*

Warlock: You were better off dressed as a biker.


*Hawk tells the bouncer (Andrew Campbell) to let him in or he calls the cops. He’s let in and he’s surrrounded by Death Skulls. Elwin shows Hawk where the smoke detector is. He pulls it apart as the gang leaves. Hawk installs a new one, lights up a cigar and goes to leave. Bouncer stops him and Hawk pulls out a box of cigars, their faces light up and he walks out. Lipo “I don’t fuckin believe it.” Hawk tells him to stand by. The Death Skulls all light up which causes the smoke detector to explode with green gas pouring out. Hawk and Lipo enter the lair with gas masks as everyone is out cold*



*Hawk says to Lipo that he put on the 10 minute timer just in case. Lipo spots the leader’s picture on the wall and Hawk says the band is playing that night. Hawk and Lipo split up to prepare as Duquesne throws another Ba Wong member into the holding cell. Liping protests and is shot by Duquesne. Later on, Clay and Bouncer report to Garr that Hawk tricked them. Clay says he must have been looking for Ba Wong. Garr pulls out a newspaper with Hawk’s picture on it and says he’s behind it*

Warlock: They had him pegged the whole time.


*Garr says not to panic. He instructs Blade and Duquesne to go get him. Blade and Duquesne insult each other and trade barbs. Blade wants to be professional as Duquesne says he knows his days are numbered so he wants to make enough money so he can retire to Costa Rica. He says in 3 years he’s gonna move there. Blade says he’s delusional*

Warlock: Believe it or not, these guys are more developed then the rest of these clowns, sans Hawk.


*Hawk walks into Soldier’s place and the two hitmen open fire. Hawk barely scrambles away before he knocks out Blade. Duquesne shoots at him and Hawk knocks him down too. Both try to attack and Hawk kicks both their asses. Duquesne throws the microwave at him and holds him but Blade cuts off Duquesne’s fingers by accident. Lipo pretends to be a cop to scare off Blade and Duequesne. Duquesne says they need to find his fingers because they have his prints on them*

Warlock: Hahahaha no shit.


*Hawk tells Lipo he’s going to Floyd’s. He wants Lipo to clean up the mess. Lipo yells at him as Hawk leaves*

Warlock: I dig the sound track at least.



*Clay, Bouncer and another skinhead corner Hawk. Hawk beats the shit out of random goon and Bouncer. He then wipes out Clay as 3 gangbangers try to strip Hawk’s car. He beats the shit out of them too as Lipo joins in with a mask on. Lipo and Hawk wipe them both out. Hawk says he thought he didn’t know Kung Fu, Lipo says he ASSUMED that he didn’t. Some rooster looking woman is stopped by another skinhead. Its Lizzie in disguise. Hawk and Lipo load Clay into the jeep and drive off as Bouncer comes too. Bouncer grabs all his buddies to chase after the jeep as Lizzie says “Damn you Hawk.” Hawk pulls over and tells Lipo to beat it because he works as a solo act. Lipo yells at him for dropping him off in the middle of nowhere*

Warlock: Yeah really, stop assuming he knows every street.


*Hawk has Clay all tied up. Hawk is going to torture him with napalm unless he talks. Clay refuses to talk so Hawk goes to leave. Clay calls him back over and Hawk asks why they’ve kidnapped the Ba Wong. Clay says Garr is behind it all. Garr is the crime boss of the area. Hawk asks what he wants with Ba Wong. Clay calls them every racial insult in the book. Hawk asks what happened to Soldier and if he doesn’t talk, he dies. Garr says he wanted Soldier dead because he was getting too close to Garr’s operation. He had Blade and Duquesne murder him. Hawk walks out and the napalm blows, taking out the whole building*

Warlock: Next on the menu, fried Clay.


*Blade asks Morelli (Pierre Lenoir) how they’re holding up numbers wise. Morelli says there’s still nothing from Siegal’s camp. Morelli asks for sleep and Blade subtlely threatens him, Morelli goes back to work. Meanwhile Lipo knows Garr and he’s a fighting master. Lipo is pleased Hawk wiped out Clay but Hawk asks where he can find Garr. Lipo says he’ll ask around as there’s a knock on the door*

Warlock” Its Blade and Duquesne, take cover!


*Lizzie walks in and demands answers as to why he was at the club. Lipo leaves them alone. Hawk denies involvement and bullshits her. She tells him to back off and he tells HER to back off because the cops of done nothing. Lizzie wants him to go with her and he asks her out to dinner. She says her dad warned her about dinner not meaning dinner at all*

Warlock: Smart man.


*Dr. Rebecca Palmer (Catherine Blythe) patches up Duquesne and says she couldn’t salvage the middle finer, she flips him off as Blade laughs. Garr storms in and says he wants to see Blade in his office at 4 pm. Duquesne “Your ass is grass bro hahahaha.” Garr then says “Duquesne, you too.” Blade eats the cheese he brought Duquesne. Duquesne “You fuckin Indian giver” Blade laughs*

Warlock: Ha, these are the best characters in the movie.


*Lipo calls Bouncer pretending to be Blade and says Clay was found alive. Meet at this location to get him. With the Ba Wong waiting, Bouncer’s crew walks into an ambush. Bouncer’s crew is wiped out as Hawk and Lipo says tomorow they’re going to storm Garr’s headquarters. Later on Garr laments to Duquesne about the skinheads turning on them. Duquesne says he’s going to turn Clay’s head into an ash tray. Garr scoffs*

Warlock: They have no idea.


*Garr says Duquesne and Blade better bring Hawk back alive. At the date, Hawk reveals why his name is Hawk to Lizzie. Hawk then gives their backstory of him and Soldier*

Warlock: A little late for character development but better late than never.


*Hawk kisses Lizzie and asks her to come back to his place, Lizzie says her place. Hawk says his place is still a mess. They get a hotel room instead and we get a pointless sex scene*

Warlock: Half hour left in the movie, saw this coming a mile away. This is no longer the worst movie of all time.


*Garr’s men confront Lipign’s imprisoned crew and take one of them much to Liping’s dismay. Dr Palmer cuts the dude open alive as Blade and Morelli watch. Pinkus (David Siscoe) is on package duty. Palmer cuts the dude’s heart out and gives the thumb’s up to Blade*

Warlock: Damn that was cool.


*Hawk watches the news that Clay was found dead. Hawk tries to turn the tv off but Lizzie keeps it on and its revealed Clay was killed by a professional. Lizzie slaps him across the face and calls him a lying piece of shit. Hawk says he can explain…but he can’t. Lizzie says she has to arrest him now. Hawk says Garr is behind the Ba Wong disappearances and the skinheads were the middle men. Lizzie says Garr is an ex-marine, did a tour in Manilla. He was charged in 1991 with a black market op and he resigned. Hawk is pissed and wants him himself, marine to marine. Lizzie says to back off or she will arrest him. Hawk says he’s more effective than she is, but wait till after he brings down Garr to arrest him*

Warlock: Who says she’s not on the payroll?


*Highway trooper (Derek Johnston) pulls over Morelli. Morelli asks if something’s wrong, Trooper says he was going to ask him the same thing since he’s going 25 in a 60 mmph highway*

Warlock: Hahahahahahaha


*Morelli says he’s just being careful. He’s asked about the cooler in the back and Morelli says nothing is in there. Trooper pulls the cooler out, opens it and find’;s the dude’s heart that Palmer cut out*

Warlock: Wouldn’t that be illegal search and seizure?


*Trooper pulls his gun and tells Morelli not to shoot. Meanwhile Hawk and Lipo get packed for battle and tells him not to kill anyone.  Hawk “ever think about joining the marines?” Lipo salutes “Fuck no sir!” Lipo and Hawk are then ambushed by Blade and Duquesne. They get stunned but Hawk recovers to fight them off. Blade accidentally cuts Duquesne’s ear off. Hawk gets the upper hand but Blade sprays him with mace. Blade and Duquesne take the duo hostage and take them to Dr. Palmer’s office. Palmer says they need tissue samples and it won’t hurt. Duquesne getting patched up tells her to make it hurt*

Warlock: This is making for an interesting ending.


*Back at the police station, Lizzie is informed about Morelli’s arrest. Back at the office, Garr says they can sell Lipo’s tissue for a million dollars. He tells her to prep him for surgery and he’s going to get Siegal. Hawk is thrown in the holding cell without Lipo. Liping is pissed that his brother is there. Liping says there’s no way out of there. Hawk still scopes the place. Lipo is prepped*

Warlock: Hawk you better hurry up.


*Hawk pulls a MacGuyver to make a makeshift thingamajig to help the escape. Blade makes fun of Duquesne in the bathroom, Lizzie starts storming Garr’s building*

Warlock: Heading toward the end. Nice A-Team tribute there.


*Hawk’s crew uses the makeshift shrapenel launcher to disarm the guard and escape. Lizzie starts capping Garr’s men as Lipo thinks its Hawk and starts taunting Palmer before he’s put under. Hawk’s crew loses a man but caps more Garr’s men. Liping, Yoon and Hawk press on as Blade and Duquesne are still in the bathroom. Hawk and Lizzie get the drop on each other but they drop their guns. Palmer is about to cut open Lipo when Lizzie kicks the door in and says freeze. Liping runs in and throws Palmer out of the way. He starts beating the shit out of Palmer as more goons run in. Hawk fights one of them one on one as Lizzie beats the shit out of Palmer’s male nurse. Palmer and Lizzie go one on one as Liping puts Lipo in a fireman’s carry and walks out. Hawk finally knocks out the random goon he’s fighting as Yoon wipes out his attacker. Lizzie uses the heart paddles to shock Palmer through a glass storage locker. Hawk drills a hole in the goon’s head as Liping, Lizzie and Hawk run out to where Lipo and Liping are. Finally Duquesne and Blade make it out of the bathroom. Duquesne wants Blade’s knife so he doesn’t acidentally stab him again*

Warlock: HAhaahahahahaha


*Blade aims for Hawk but misses and shoots Duquesne down. Hawk snaps Blade’s neck. Duquesne hands the Costa Rica flier to Hawk who says he should go there on his next vacation. He drops the flier on Duquesne who dies*

Warlock: Ok, that does it for the henchmen, time to end this.


*A chopper prepares to take off. Garr gets out and challenges Hawk to a one on one fight on the roof. Garr says “Its time” as Siegal is in the chopper. After a fight, Hawk gets the upperhand. Hawk spinkicks Garr into a whirling propeller, cutting his face off. Siegal’s chopper flies off as the cops arrive*

WarlockL That takes care of handsome Harold.


*Lipo and Liping congratulate Hawk for kicking ass. Lizzie asks what now, Hawk says the town has a lot of possibilities. Durkee walks in and says he’s putting Lizzie up for a commendation. Lizzie suggests to Durkee to get him a job. Durkee walks off flustered as Hawk and Lizzie share a laugh. Hawk gives the peace sign, end credits*

Warlock: Yes because a marine can be hired as a police officer in a different country no problem.


The Warlock’s Assessment: I actually liked this one. I give it a 6 out of 10. We actually had character development which made the kill scenes mean more. The action was pretty good so its worth a look.

Final Grade: 6 out of 10 – Good


*Warlock rises from the recliner*

Warlock: Of all the cookie cutter 90’s action b movies, this was one of the better ones. Character developmemt goes a long way and it makes movies more enjoyable. That about wraps up another goodtastic adventure, have a pleasant evening.


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