220. Ring of Fire 2: Blood and Steel (1993)

ring of fire 2.jpg

*The Warlock opens the door to his lair, he’s wearing a black leather jacket, MR WRONG t-shirt, blue jeans, white sneakers and gargoyle shades. He’s holding a glass mug of pepsi*

Warlock: Welcome to my lair…welcome I don’t think so, but enter. Enter my lair if you dare. I’m your host The Warlock*

*Warlock levitates and walks inside*

Warlock: Tonight its another IT CAME FROM YOUTUBE, another solo effort and another Ring of Fire movie. Tonight its RING OF FIRE 2. In this caper, Julie gets kidnapped by a ruthless gang lord and Johnny must travel to the underground to find her. Is it any good? Let’s find out.

*Warlock takes his seat in the middle of the recliner*

Warlock: Without any more delays, let’s get to Ring of Fire 2.


Directed by Richard W Munchkin

Written by Richard W Munchkin, Steve Tymon and Paul Maslak


*The Warlock reads the tag-line*

Warlock: “A martial-arts fighter battles murderous gang members and the henchmen of an evil underground fighting champion to save his girlfriend.”

Warlock: He’s not a fighter, he’s a doctor.


*Opening credits*

warlock: Not as epic as the first movie.


*Julie (Maria Ford) holds her engagement ring as robbers prepare to rob the jewelry store*

Warlock: Good, kill her off early.


*Johnny Woo (Don “Dragon” Wilson) wants to go to Hawaii when the robbers run in. One of them spots the manager hitting the alarm. The robber shoots him dead*

Warlock: That looked like Bud from the first movie.


*The robbers rob the place as the cops show up. One of them demands Julie’s ring and she refuses. The robbers make their getaway as Johnny springs to action to disarm the robber who slaps Julie. Johnny throws him out the window as the leader shoots Julie in the shoulder. Outside Detective Lopez (Michael DeLano) opens fire and caps one of the robbers. Johnny calls for an ambulance as the rest of the robbers get away. Lopez says find the guys on foot.  Lopez recognizes Johnny and says “Trouble has a way of finding you doesn’t it?”

Warlock: Wow, that escalated quickly. Maybe Lopez gets his ass kicked finally in this one.


*The cops chase the getaway car out onto Thunder Road. We get a chase scene*

Warlock: Put your mask on or something, they can clearly see you.


*Robber leans out the window with a shotgun and opens fire. The cops finally shoot his tire out and the car flips and explodes*

Warlock: Nice chase scene and effect, only problem is who cares about this guy?


*Julie is rushed to the hospital and Johnny is mad they don’t have a heart monitor. The nurse (Diana Phipps) tells Johnny he needs to scrub up if he wants to join. He scrubs as Lopez walks up. Johnny says there were 6 guys with ski masks. Lopez says one of them is Kalin (Ian Jacklin) and Johnny says to go get them. Kalin’s brother is in the hospital and Johnny says he’ll live. Lopez “Too bad”

Warlock: Creating his own patients.


*Kalin is pissed his brother Mark is in the hospital, the leader tells him to hold off bum rushing for now*

Warlock: Right out of Die Hard.


*Kwong (Eric Lee), Chuck (Vince Murdocco), Brad (Dale Jacoby) and Li (Ron Yuan) from the first movie visit Julie*

Warlock: Wow, so Johnny forgives Brad for killing his fucking cousin? Plus the hell is Chuck doing there? Wouldn’t he want Julie dead? Did the writers even see the first movie?


*Brad brought Julie her teddy bear and Johnny throws everyone out playfully. He tells Brad Julie’s gonna be ok as the Nurse wheels out Mark. Kwong hits on her*

Warlock: Still not over the random face turns.


*Kwong falls over then hits on a pregnant lady and says he taught Bruce Lee. Li drags him away*

Warlock: Hahahahaha


*Johnny watches a body get dragged and he tells someone to call 9-11.  A whole gaggle of goons wheel Mark out. Johnny goes to stop Kalin and tells him Mark has a severe concussion. Kalin says he’s coming with them to patch him up when a police siren goes off. Kalin pulls a gun and Johnny deflects it, and Kalin accidentally shoots Mark in the head*

Warlock: Nice shooting reverand.


*Johnny wipes out the gang as the leader makes it to Julie’s room,. Kalin runs outside and is taken into custody by Lopez. Kalin taunts Johnny and says he’s dead. Julie is kidnapped and Johnny freaks. He calls Li and says to get the guys together to search for her. Lopez tells Johnny they’re going to make Kalin talk*

Warlock: Lopez makig himself useful for once.


*Kalin is escorted by police bus when the leader shows up in his own car driving alongside*

Warlock: Oh boy, another chase scene.


*Some random guy breaks down and the bus plows into the car, it explodes and the bus flips*

Warlock: What the fuck??? That wouldnt have done that.


*Kalin hops out the window and the leader Predator (Evan Lurie) drags him away before the bus explodes as well*

Warlock: This was released the same year as Cyber Tracker right? Too many explosions.


*Montage of Li, Kwong, Brad, Chuck and others looking for Julie. Johnny is distraught until Phil shows up. He’s been shot as apart of gang violence. He tells Johnny the guys behind the kidnapping are Kalin and Predator. Phil says he’s underground somewhere. He warns Johnny that there are too many weird gangs down there. Phil is led away as Lopez walks in. Kalin has escaped and Johnny gets a call from Kalin. He’s gonna kill Julie slowly and Kalin says bring him 250 grand or she dies. Kalin hits her with the phone and laughs at Johnny. Johnny “You sonovabitch.” Lopez says they’ll have the place staked out when he makes the drop*

Warlock” Its too early for the big showdown.


*Li runs in and says Kalin is bad news and so is the Underground. Johnny literally runs down Thunder Road to the entrance to the Underground*

Warlock: It was there the whole time?


*Johnny pulls a gun*

Warlock: HE’S GOT A GUN!!!!


*The hockey mask gang led by the goalie (Art Camacho) attacks Johnny with an upbeat techno song playing*

Warlock: Art Camacho making his appearance.


*Johnny wipes out the hockey gang while shirtless. An unknown second man takes out some gang members. Johnny flashes a light as a voice tells him to get out and go back, Johnny says he can’t. Johnny presses on. The unknown guy escapes as Johnny follows. Someone on a motorcycle comes after Johnny but his unknown friend pulls him aside. Its Predator who says “I’m coming to get you Gimpy!” Gimpy is actually Ernest (Sy Richardson) who insults Johnny and wants respect. Another gang (David Loo, Randall Shiro, Ideishi, Kelly Hirano) attacks Johnny and he dispatches them singlehandedly as Ernest watches*

Warlock: “I’m just gonna stay here and lick the cat’s butt.”


*The Garbage Gang Leader (Gerald Okamura) is last man standing against Johnny*

Warlock: Legendary martial artist Gerald Okamura.


*Johnny kicks him in the nuts and flips him down*

Warlock: That didn’t take long.


*Ernest reluctantly lets Johnny follow him. Meanwhile Chuck, Brad, Li and Kwong make it to the Underground*

Warlock: Oh jeez, is everybody in on this?


*Kwong says there are giant aligators in there*

Warlock Hahahaha


*Predator’s men has one of the garbage gang hostage. Kalin puts out a 50 thousand dollar bounty on Johnny, he wants him alive. Kalin wants the gang member to fight one on one with him*

Warlock: Showcasing Kalin early.


*Kalin beats the shit out of the gang member while Julie watches next to Predator*

Warlock: He better quit posing and go to work.


*Kalin finishes him off with am elbow drop off the cage*

Warlock: So that’s where Shawn Michaels got the idea from.


*DJ (Charlie Ganis) reports over the radio that there’s a bounty on Johnny’s head*

Warlock: Gee, wonder where they ripped this idea off? Lynne Thigpen should sue for gimmick infringement.


*Brad’s crew makes to the Underground and Kwong says the place stinks. They hear the radio report and start running*

Warlock: If Johnny and Ernest clear a path, Brad’s crew doesn’t have to do anything.


*Johnny and Ernest encounter another gang. Ernest calls them the Shadow Warriors (Maurice Travis, Keith Rosary, Richard Rabago,  Eric Perrodin, Ken Goodman, Shaun Brown). Johnny dispatches them in short order except the leader. He rips his costume off and goes one on one with Johnny. After an even fight, Johnny gets the upper hand and knocks him out*

Warlock: Johnny wins….flawless victory. If they keep up this pace of Johnny fighting one gang after another, I could dig this. Less bad acting, more fighting.


*The Shadow Warriors chant as a sign of respect and let Ernest/Johnny past. Brad’s crew is on their way. Kwong doesn’t want to continue because there are big giant spiders. They push him forward*

Warlock: This movie is ripping off Escape From New York and The Warriors.


*Johnny meets the local riff raff as he makes his way through with Ernest. Ernest stops at his shack and Johnny goes through his stuff*

Warlock: This isn’t a video game, you can’t just touch everything.


*Johnny says he can get Ernest out of there, Ernest yells at him to get out. Johnny goes to Aaron (William Bassett) and says he needs a gun. Aaron quotes Henry the 5th and Ernest tells him to knock it off.  Ernest gives more shit to Johnny who finally gives it to him back and says they’re doing it his way so Julie doesn’t get hurt. Ernest says he has potential. Aaron gives them a farewell*

Warlock: This clown is the best character in the movie.


*A Shadow Warrior is brought before Kalin. Predator takes him on this time. The guy puts up a good fight but Predator ultimately wins by killing him with a throat punch*

Warlock: Predator wins….flawless victory.


*Brad’s crew encounters the Shadow Warriors and wipe the floor with them in short order*

Warlock: These gangs suck.


*Johnny and Ernest encounter the Nightrats (Jimmy Smith, Antonio Palucusy, Greg Duimovich, Steve Clark, Tommy Bull, Dwayne Alexande) as the DJ gives the update report*

Warlock: This is literally a direct ripoff of The Warriors with that DJ.


*Johnny and Ernest beat the crap out of the Nightrats*

Warlock: 50 minutes into the movie and there’s been more fighting than the entire first Ring of Fire movie.


*Ernest said that was the last gang before they get to Kalin. Johnny asks him if he was a veteran, why is he down here? Ernest doesn’t really answer, he just goes on a rant about not finding a job. He yells that Johnny has no idea what the real world is like. Johnny yells back that he doesn’t know about him. Johnny and Ernest press on as DJ reports that Brad’s crew. 5 grand a head on each of them good*

Warlock: Somebody kick this DJ in the head too.


*Brad’s crew fights the banged up Nightrats and kick the crap out of them*

Warlock: They were already banged up from the Johnny and Ernest beating.


*Kwong sets two of the Nightrats on fire with a hydraulic leak. Brad, Li, and Chuck get separated when Kwong is on the wrong side of the fire. Meanwhile Ernest and Johnny take a rest. Johnny asks again why he’s there. Ernest said all his life he wanted to be a soldier, at 17 he did a tour in Vietnam, got court martialed and did 20 years in Leavenworth.  Ernest said his commanding officer was shot in the back. Johnny looks at Ernest’s leg and says he can fix it when they’re up top. Ernest doesn’t want to get out of there*

Warlock: Yeah, homeless veterans don’t get treated very well in 1993.


*One of Predator’s henchmen beats up another gang member. Kalin sends Predator to see how Johnny is doing*

Warlock: This is a decent fight bout it would be nice to identify who these two guys are.


*Predator’s guy wins the fight by snapping the other guy’s neck*

Warlock: Great.


*Ernest said Predator is Kalin’s number 2 man*

Warlock: Who’s number 1?


*Ernest wants Kalin’s head because the army taught him right from wrong. Chuck, Li and Brad stumble upon the Bad Girl gang (Carrie Wescott, Ashlie Rhey, Tammy Marcel, Tracye Jo Logan, Marzina Goet Kowski, Mary Kircher, Lauren Hays, Christine Chesser), Chuck and Li are excited*

Warlock: And here come the Lizzy’s.


*Li pats the ass of a roided up girl. She turns around and Li backs off*

Warlock: He’s gonna pay for that.


*Teez (Elena Sahagun) explains that they have a truce with other gangs so they’re not bothered. We cut to Kwong by himself fighting off 3 gang members successfully*

Warlock: I like the direction this is going. The plot is really 45 minutes if that, the rest is straight up fighting, I can go with this.


*Teez tells Brad they’re really bad. Brad tries to tell Li and Chuck they have to find Johnny.  Teez reveals that Kalin wants them and the trio all fall asleep*

Warlock: Must have drugged them somehow.


*Kwong encounters the roided up bodybuilder (Leilani Dalumpines) and starts hitting on her. She and Kwong get into a one on fight while Kwong hits on her the whole time. Kwong “I think I’m in love. You really look sexy when you throw one of those spinnykick”

Warlock: That was mildly amusing.


*Brad, Chuck and Li are brought before Kalin and Predator. Julie claims she’s never seen them before. Kalin says he’ll have them fight to the death. Julie spits in Kalin’s face. Kalin “My kind of girl.” and he forces a kiss*

Warlock: Ok enough monkey shines, we got about 24 minutes left.


*Ernest leads Johnny to the exit, but Johnny goes back to rescue Julie.  Back in the cage Brad fights one of Kalin’s men. Johnny makes his way toward the cage. Brad gets beat from pillar to post but makes the big comeback. Johnny sneaks around to untie Chuck and Li.  Predator and Teez cheer on the big henchmen. Brad finishes off the big goon to win the fight. The crowd chants for Brad to kill the guy and Brad refuses. Johnny shows up and Kalin holds a knife to Julie’s throat. Predator wants to fight Johnny but Kalin says Johnny would annihilate him. Predator wants him anyway. Ernest wipes out a guard nearby and steals some explosives*

Warlock: Yay, the big finale.


*Predator fights Johnny one on one. Johnny wins the fight and calls out Kalin. All of a sudden Ernest enters strapped with guns and he starts shooting Kalin’s men, clearing out the crowd. Johnny manages to free Julie, Brad, Chuck and Li. Tooz smacks Predator and tells them he’s getting away. Johnny tells Brad, Julie, Chuck and Li to take off, he’s going back for Ernest. Ernest then runs up and sets a time bomb. Johnny and Ernest run for it as it wipes out two goons chasing behind*

Warlock: That was easy.


*Kalin’s gang attacks Brad’s crew. Brad’s crew wipe the floor wth them as Johnny and Ernest try to catch up. Johnny and Ernest join the fight and wipe out the rest of Kalin’s men*

Warlock: Still not over Brad and Chuck playing babyfaces after killing Terry and slapping Julie around in the last movie.


*Kalin’s men surround Johnny’s team and Johnny’s team beats the crap out of them.  Johnny asks Ernest how do they get out. Ernest says to crawl through a hole. They all do it and make their way outside*

Warlock: Wow….this can’t be it, there’s 10 minutes left.


*Everyone but Kwong makes it outside….and then Kwong makes his appearance. Kwong introduces the bodybuilder as his friend and they walk off. Suddenly Kalin and Predator drive up and exit a car*

Warlock: Ernest, Bodybuilder, Julie, Li, Kwong, Johnny, Brad and Chuck…..8 against 2.


*Kalin has a gun and says Johnny destroyed their Underground and he wants Johnny one on one. Kalin caps Li in the shoulder and says if Johnny doesn’t fight, he’ll kill them one by one. Johnny accepts. Kalin hands Predator the gun and says if he loses, no one lives. Predator “You won’t lose.” Johnny looks at Julie before turning his attention to Kalin. The music picks up*

Warlock: Final round….fight!


*Johnny gets the early advantage and Kwong says “Holy enchilada!” Johnny drops Kalin a second time and Predator screams to get up. Kalin drops Johnny and Julie runs to aid him. Kalin grabs her which prompts the others to run up only for Predator to pull the gun and say back off. Kalin forces a kiss on Julie and throws her to Chuck, enraging Johnny*

Warlock: This is gonna be an ass kicking.


*Johnny beats the crap out of Kalin and Predator pulls the gun. Johnny finishes off Kalin then dispatches Predator in short order, knocking him out against the wall. Everyone celebrates and walks away. Johnny says to Ernest to come with them. He says “Nah, too much sunlight.” They go to make their goodbyes when suddenly Predator and Kalin drive up and run over Brad*

Warlock: Haven’t these assholes had enough?


*Kalin punches out the windshield, grabs Ernest’s bag and jumps on their car. Johnny barely hangs on but arms a bomb and jumps off the car…..KABOOOOOOOOM!*

Warlock: That aughtta do it.


*Johnny holds Julie and looks at his friends. He asks where Ernest is and Julie says he went back. From the entrance way Ernest smiles before going back Underground. A huge explosion goes off as DJ brings an update. “Mr K has taken a snooze this morning. Our contest is over, we’ve been busted.” DJ gives respect and says if Julie leaves him, give him a call. End credits*

Warlock: Ohhhhhhhhhhhh…kay.


The Warlock’s Assessment: Believe it or not, I liked this better than the first movie. The first one was a love triangle wrapped around fighting, this was straight up fighting for 94 minutes. With movies like this, less plot and more fighting can be a good thing. In this case, that was a good thing. Even if some of the fights were pointless, action is still better than inaction. I give this a 6 out of 10 and recommend it for at least a one time viewing if you’re into fighting movies.

Final Grade: 6 out of 10 – Good


*Warlock rises from the couch*

Warlock: That was a pleasant surprise, rarely is the second movie better than the first but this pulled it off. It was somewhat of a The Warriors ripoff but it was still entertaining. At least they kept the action scenes going in this compared to the first. I recommend it, especially if you can get it for free. This was the second movie in the series, stay tuned for part 3. Have a pleasant evening.








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