215. Fracture (2007)


*The Warlock opens the door to his lair and sprints outside. He’s wearing a black leather jacket, LETHAL WEAPON t-shirt, blue jeans, white sneakers and gargoyle shades. He runs in a circle as the Ultimate Warrior theme plays before sprinting to catch Darnell The Deliveryman who takes one look and runs the other way. Warlock turns around and sprints back inside. He shuts off the stereo*

Warlock: Remember a while back I bought 3 movies from 7-11? Well tonight I’m taking a look at the third movie. Thats right its another IT CAME FROM SEVEN-ELEVEN! Its a crime drama from 2007 called FRACTURE. Unfortunately I’ll be doing it by myself with Mr. America and Thug D off punching nazis in the face.

*camera pants to empty recliner and couch*

Warlock: This may actually be a good movie as it stars Anthony Hopkins and Ryan Gosling.

*Warlock takes his seat in the recliner*

Warlock: So let’s get started with Fracture.


Directed by: Gregory Hoblit

Written by: Daniel Pyne and Glenn Gers


*The Warlock reads the tag-line*

Warlock: “An attorney, intent on climbing the career ladder toward success, finds an unlikely opponent in a manipulative criminal he is trying to prosecute.”

Warlock: So more or less Devil’s Advocate with the Pacino role as the criminal instead of the advisor.


*Movie opens with piano theme and man making love to woman*

Warlock: Wow….wasting no time making this not the worst movie of all time.


*Ted Crawford (Anthony Hopkins) builds a machine*



*Ted’s secretary (Monica Garcia) says the NTSB Guy (Peter Breitmayer) is here*

Warlock: “Dammit Monica, tell him I’m taking a dump!”


*Ted walks through an airplane hanger*

Warlock: I can drive that forklift.


*Ted walks up, points at a picture and says “There” and leaves*

Warlock: I like this movie already, not wasting any time.


*Jennifer Crawford (Embeth Davidtz) is having an affair with Lt Rob Nunally (Billy Burke) who has no idea what her real name is*

Warlock: Oh boy, establishing motive for the murder, nice.


*Rob wants to know where Jennifer lives, she pats his chest and says “I live in here”

Warlock: Awwww isn’t that sweet.


*Ted calls the PD and asks for Rob while standing outside Rob’s hotel. The dispatcher says he’s not on duty until 6 PM. Ted watches Jennifer and Rob walk by on the patio and Rob tells the dispatcher that he’ll see him later*

Warlock: He knows…he knowssssssssss


*Ted watches Jennifer and Rob frolic in the hotel pool as he uses a keycard to enter a room. He notices the bed untidy and leaves*

Warlock: “God damn maid should be fired for this.”


*Ciro (Carlos Cervantes) does the yard work as Jennifer returns home*

Warlock: Is she gonna fuck him too?


*Jennifer walks around inside as Ted watches from outside. Ted starts a very slow burn heel turn. “What’s the sound of a feeling?” He says “I love you” Jennifer “I know.”

Warlock: Didn’t even say it back.


*Jennifer goes to leave and Ted asks “Does he?…..Mrs Smith”*

Warlock: Busted!


*She says she’s sorry and Ted says don’t be. He’s used to pain….although he claims he gets little pleasures out of dealing it back. He pulls a gun and shoots her in the face*

Warlock: Cheating bitch


*Ted polices his brass and wipes the gun clean. Ciro comes to the door and Ted starts shooting the windows out to scare off Ciro. He then drags her body, moves the shell casings around and burns his clothes*

Warlock: Had this planned a while didn’t he?


*Ted takes a shower in the sink*

Warlock: I know he likes to save money but that’s ridiculous.


*The entire police force shows up including Rob and Detective Flores (Cliff Curtis). Flores fills Rob in on the situation. Rob calls Ted and says he’s a hostage negotiator. Ted allows Rob in on his own with no SWAT teamers. Rob and Ted have a one on one talk as Ted says vampires are out there*

Warlock: Establishing an insanity plea, nice.


*Ted says he’ll put his gun down if Rob does as well. Rob says Ted first. Ted complies and then Rob. Rob asks where Jennifer is and Ted doesn’t answer. Ted nonchalantly says he shot her in the head. Rob finally figures out it was his mistress that was killed. He freaks out and tries to revive her as Ted tells him nonchalantly how to do it*

Warlock: I don’t get it, he just admitted first degree murder. Why police your brass if you’re going to say you did it anyway?


*Rob tackles Rob as the SWAT teams barges in. Rob punches down Ted until he’s pried off. The paramedic (Lou Reyes) says Jennifer still has a pulse*

Warlock: Shot her in the face instead of the head because he wanted to see her suffer.


*Paramedic tries to revive her as Flores leads Rob away. Ted is taken into custody. Rob stares at him and Ted smiles. Rob wants to go over the crime scene personally before he passes it to the DA*

Warlock: Flores is like “Uhhhhhh, why?”


*Willy Beachum (Ryan Gosling) pulls up ready for work*

Warlock: Lousy cornerback, great driver.


*Willy massages his own foot while as he shuts down some loser. He then takes a call from Wooten Sims as Norman Foster (Josh Stamberg) calls him an asshole playfully. Willy is moving up to a bigger firm. He asks Mona (Zoe Kazan) to get him a tux because Burt Wooten is holding a black tie opera gala*

Warlock: Show up in a green nehru suit, really make an impression.


*Mona gets a call and its from District Attorney Joe Lobruto (David Strathaim). Willy meets him in his office led by Joe’s secretary (Kaily Smith). Joe says Willy has a 97% conviction rate*

Warlock: Any time David Strathaim is in a movie, it becomes 100 times better.


*Willy reveals his mother doesn’t have a maiden name. Willy respectfully tells Joe that he didn’t work that hard to stay where he is. Joe congratulates him and says he’ll see him courtside at Laker games*

Warlock: Something tells me we haven’t seen the last of him.


*Mona fits Willy for his tux and Willy promptly spills coffee all over his current suit. Norman calls Willy and tells him about the Ted Crawford case. The arraignment is at 3 PM with Judge Moran (Xander Berkeley). Willy says get someone else but Norman says Willy still works there and he’s to get over there. Norman is confident it won’t go to trial because they have all the evidence*

Warlock: There would be no movie if it was that easy.


*Willy shows up to the arraignment in his tux. Judge Moran gives him shit for it and even Ted looks at him funny*

Warlock: Hahahahaha “Mr Gambini…are you mockin me with that outfit?”


*The bailiff (Mirron E Willis) announces Ted vs the State*

Warlock: Get your popcorn ready.


*Public Defender (Cooper Thornton) says he will secure private counsel. Judge asks how does he plead. Ted says not guilty and he fires the Public Defender. He waives his right for counsel and Moran says he can’t file an appeal once the counsel right is waived. Willy says they have a signed confession from Ted so he strongly advises retaining counsel. Judge Moran calls Willy “007” and says unfortunately Ted has the right to do it*

Warlock: Hahahahaha


*Ted then waives his right for a preliminary hearing and wants to go to trial as soon as possible. Moran says when that happens, Willy won’t be there. Ted then requests that Willy be the prosecutor when the time comes. Willy “That’s terrific.” Moran says its his call and Willy says sure.”

Warlock: He thinks its a slam dunk.


*Rob walks up to Willy outside and Willy asks who the hell he is. Rob reveals he took the confession. Rob wants to know if Willy is all in on this and warns him to take it seriously. Willy blows him off if there’s already a signed confession. He then enters the opera gala in tux. He asks the bartender for a bourbon as Nikki Gardner (Rosamund Pike) asks if he’s a shark*

Warlock: “Do see any shark fins on my back lady? Who the hell are you?”


*Nikki says he’s been circling the lobby for an hour now*

Warlock: Ah dammit, no English accent.


*Nikki introduces herself as his new boss. Willy is too chickenshit to say hi to Burt.(David Purdham). Nikki says she’ll be in charge of the junior associates and steer him through the office politics. Willy “Like a mentor?” Nikki “Like a probation officer.” Willy “Oh, you’re trying to scare me?”

Warlock: Well at least he didn’t shit his pants and run away screaming holding his ass.


*Nikki reveals he was hired because Willy went up against one of their senior associates and won. The guy was fired and Willy starts in two weeks. Willy says the guy came to him with a deal, Willy lied and said he’d take it. The guy went to court thinking he had it made and Willy went to town on him, getting maximum conviction. Next day Wooten wanted a meeting*

Warlock: Oh you lying bastard.


*Willy gets a call from Flores, the gun is no good. Flores can’t use it as evidence because its never been fired. Willy said Ted never left the house so there must be another gun in the house.  The opera singer (Vivica Genaux) belts out a tune*

Warlock: JG Wentworthhhhh…Eight Seven Seven Cash Nowwwwwwwwwww


*Willy watches Nikki more than the opera. Next day he’s on the phone with Nikki as Flores looks at him funny. Willy is walking around around Ted’s house looking at various gadgets. Even Flores has no idea what half the stuff is. Flores then gets serious and says they found the case for the Glock. There are 4 bullets missing and there were four shots fired. Yet the shell casings were wiped clean, the gun was never fired and the handprints are gone. “The guy is screwing with us, he’s stacking the deck.”

Warlock: Ingenious plan actually.


*Willy chills on the couch and says Jennifer is pretty. Flores rolls his eyes*

Warlock: He thought about shooting him right there but then he realized how much “officer involved shooting” paperwork there would be and thought better of it.


*Willy is convinced the gun is still in the house and walks out. Next frame is Willy with Karla.(Sandra Prosper) when Nikki walks in. Nikki wants Willy to walk with her. 2 weeks from that day, they have a huge case in Chicago. Willy is so confident about it*

Warlock: That is hilarious.


*Willy’s whole case file says NO written in marker on it*

Warlock: I think one would have been sufficient.


*Willy meets with Ted one on one. Ted asks how Jennifer is, Willy says she’s doing better. Ted knows all about the big case in Chicago. Ted knows Willy’s entire backstory because he hired a private eye to follow him*

Warlock: Spenser for hire just got hired.


*The case file was actually the state obligated disclosure files that are legally awarded to the defendant to use in his defense. Ted says he doesn’t need them. Ted says he wants Willy to be his lawyer, he’ll pay lots of money. Ted is so confident he’ll walk that he wants Willy on his side before he gets humiliated. Willy politely refuses jumping ship and says keep the case files. Ted says he’s not gonna call any witnesses, that’s up to Willy. He says “Innocent until proven guilty”

Warlock: Gotta love the justice system.


*Ted says his grandfather was an egg farmer and when he was little, his grandfather had him look at eggs closely for imperfections. The ones with impefections were to be sent to a bakery while the good ones were to be kept there. Ted put all of them in the bakery bucket and his grandfather was stunned. Ted says he found an imperfection in every single one of them. The point is that if you look closely enough you’ll find a weak spot where it can break sooner or later. Ted says he already found Willy’s weak spot, he’s a winner*

Warlock: This is a decent set up.


*Useless montage of Willy showering and preparing for the day*

Warlock: Yeah, integral part of the day.


*Willy has Ciro on the witness stand. Ciro gives his testimony and Judge Robinson (Fiona Shaw) says Ted has to cross-examinate*

Warlock: Aunt Petunia laying down the law.


*Ted refuses to cross-examinate. He doodles on his notepad as a SWAT team guy gives his testimony. Again, no cross-examination. Dr. Marian Kang (Petrea Burchard) gives her testimony of how Jennifer was shot. Willy says it was intended to kill. Robinson asks Ted to object, Ted refuses*

Warlock: No judge would do that, come on.


*Ted fucks with Willy by ripping notepad paper continuously*

Warlock: Getting inside his head.


*Willy has Rob on the stand. Rob says Ted confessed to the shooting with full mental control. Ted objects. Ted doesn’t know the legal term for what he’s about to say. Robinson says to use layman’s terms. Ted “Fucking the victim” A gasp in the crowd*

Warlock: Boomshakalaka.


*Willy “Your honor…” Ted “I’m sorry but what would you call it, legally, when the officer who arrested you was having sexual intercourse with your wife? I think its objectionable.” Rob gets up and Willy wants to talk to him, Rob then runs and tackles Ted*

Warlock: Hahahaha sacked at the 5 yard line. Talk about a hostile witness.


*Flores grabs Rob “You lying son of a bitch.” Ted just stares a hole in Willy*

Warlock: This is a very visual movie, the words don’t have to be said to know what’s going on.


*Robinson calls Ted and Willy in for a private meeting. Robinson asks Willy if the allegations are true and Willy says this is the first he’s heard of it. Ted “My dick has evidence.” Robinson “Excuse me?” Ted “My dick, my private investigator.”

Warlock: Hahahahahaha


*Ted says his investigator has evidence Rob was having an affair. Willy says so what. Ted hits the knockout blow that he was assaulted by Rob and forced to confess. Willy says the confession was made long after the arrest, Ted counters by saying Rob was there with all his friends and was in fear for his life. Robinson says if that’s true, the confession is stricken from the evidence*

Warlock: Didn’t see that one coming did you Willy?


*Robinson says Willy has a few days to find new evidence or else Ted goes home. They will meet again on Monday*

Warlock: Yeah, the big game is Sunday. Don’t want to miss that.


*Willy returns to his office dejected. Joe is waiting for him. Joe wants him off the case but Willy says he’ll find new evidence, Joe scoffs. Joe says he wasn’t paying attention to Rob because he was too busy moving up to the big time. Joe gives him a tongue lashing and says they’ll clean up after him. Next scene Willy finds Nikki at a party and she grills him about his mishap. Willy says he’s been taken off the case and Nikki says its damage control. Willy puts over Ted as clever and Nikki says she had to fight with Burt not to fire him before he even started. Willy shrugs it off. Nikki says to go home and call her later*

Warlock: That confused the daylights out of him.


*Next frame is Willy putting his clothes on with Nikki in bed sleeping. He leans in and kisses her*

Warlock: Gee, wonder what happened….


*Nikki invites him to her Thanksgiving, Willy accepts*

Warlock: She doesn’t want to watch the Lions by herself.


*Willy returs home with another car parked and waiting for him. He gets a package*

Warlock: Is it anthrax?


*The package contained cracked eggshells. He storms into Joe’s office the next day and says he wants the case back. He apologizes for the sloppyness and says he’s not doing it for ego so much as Ted has been so smug about it. Joe “That’s not evidence.” Willy says someone has to put him away. Willy says if there’s a way, he’ll find it. Joe says if he walks away now, he can go up to the big time no problem. Joe then counters by saying if he takes the case and loses, Burt will fire him for sure and Joe will have to as well because its a public office*

Warlock: What’s it gonna be Willy, your career would be on the line!


*Willy gets a call from Flores. They searched the house and couldn’t find the gun. Willy “What he do, tie it to a helium balloon and let it float away”

Warlock: Hahahahaha


*Willy insults Flores by saying he’s not handling the case well. He wants one more search. Flores says sure. Next frame is Willy with Rob. Rob admits his wife took the kids to her mom’s and the media is all over his front lawn. Willy gives him shit for lying. Rob admits he had no idea what her real name was and where she lived. They met at the Miramar twice a week and her rules was no real names. Willy grills him about it and Rob claims he warned him. Willy “You told me he was smart, you didn’t tell me you were stupid.” Rob “Fuck you punk.” Willy “Oh you already did that.”

Warlock: Burn.


*Willy investigates the hotel room. The assistant manager (Garz Chan) says she’ll do what she can to get the hotel tapes. Willy then investigates Ted’s office. Ted calls Willy who’s sitting at Ted’s desk. Ted knows Willy has new evidence but counters by saying he had two tickets to travel with Jennifer and asks him to cancel them because she’s not gonna make it. Willy hangs up*

Warlock: That’s just cold.


*Back at Ted’s house, Flores says they couldn’t find the gun*

Warlock: Wait a minute, maybe Ted switched his with Rob’s. Maybe Rob has it.


*Willy finds a box of stuff as Jennifer lies in a coma. Willy reads “Places You Will Go” by Dr. Seuss to Jennifer*

Warlock: Next he’ll read Old Hat, New Hat.


*The resident nurse (Judith Scott) chills with Willy next to Jennifer. She explains what happens if she wakes up and she may not ever be the same. Willy looks distraught*

Warlock: How you gonna crack the case? You got 46 minutes to do it.


*Willy goes to Thanksgiving with Nikki’s family.  Peg (Valerie Dillman) and Larry (Lee Gardner) and her father Judge Gardner (Bob Gunton). They all get subtle digs at Willy including Larry. Willy counters by saying the Crawford case isn’t over. Nikki says he’s off the case and Judge says good. Willy says he’s ON the case which is news to Nikki. Nikki wants Willy outside, now. Willy looks around the dinner table looking mock scared*

Warlock: He turns to the little girl “Hold my watch just in case I die”


*Nikki doesn’t care about the case, the problem is that it looks to Burt that she’s not in charge if Willy is off doing his own thing and not listening to anyone. Nikki said to Burt it was over with the case and Willy said he didn’t tell her to do that. Judge Gardner gives him a pep talk about “putting a fucking stake through a bad guy’s heart” and Willy thanks him*

Warlock: A surprise pep talk.


*Willy meets with Rob*

Warlock: He pulls out a gun and shoots him, movie’s over.


*Rob says they need to find the gun. Willy says they can’t. Rob then suggests calling in a favor with an evidence locker cop to swap guns out so it makes it look like ballistics match*

Warlock: Ohhhhh, win by cheating. Make your choice Willy.


*Willy tells Rob to go home and walks inside*

Warlock: He won’t do it.


*Willy hears a message from Nikki saying they need to talk, he also gets a message from Stephanie the hotel manager saying they have the security tapes. Willy watches the tapes with Flores and they spot Ted on them. Willy says they know its him but the face is blurred. Willy goes berserk and says he doesn’t have shit which is why he wanted out of criminal work. Willy says he should have had a signed confession and a weapon and he blames Rob for it. Flores says Rob lied to him. Willy leaves and Flores calls him an asshole*

Warlock: Flores is right.


*Willy gets a call from Rob saying he made the switch*

Warlock: Oh great, if he gets caught, he goes to jail for evidence tampering.


*Willy is by Jennifer’s side again. He then walks into his office and asks for Mona. She asks if he’s alright and he shakes his head. He then has a special mission for her. Sit outside the courtroom with a cell phone because he might call her. If he does, she’s to walk inside and tell him they found the murder weapon. She says he found it, he says he hasn’t decided yet*

Warlock: Oh great, get her in trouble too? Give me a break.


*Willy walks into the courthouse and Rob is standing outside with Mona. As court begins, Ted makes a motion for acquittal on the grounds Willy has no evidence. Wily says he’s about to present new evidence. Joe walks in the court as Ted says the witnesses will all say the same thing. He then gives a legal reason for acquittal and Robinson asks what Willy does next. Willy goes to call Mona and decides not to.

Warlock: Good thinking.


*Willy admits he has no new evidence, Ted wins the case. Rob and Willy sit dejected. Ted tells Rob to take it easy*

Warlock: Well this got interesting.


*Willy gets a call from Nikki. She just heard about the case and wants to take him to get drunk. Suddenly a gunshot rings out. Willy runs out and they find Rob dead from a gunshot to the head. Ted smiles at Willy and walks away*

Warlock: Even if he could get the case back, there goes your witness.


*Ted goes free back to his house*

Warlock: 28 minutes left, what’s the point of continuing?


*Ted puts his gun back in the case and plays with his marble machine*

Warlock: Ok then, now what?


*Willy visits Jennifer again as Ted looks at the picture of her. Willy wakes up to Ted mocking him next to Jennifer’s bed. Ted says Willy needs to be nice to him now, Ted pretty much threatens to pull the plug on Jennifer without actually saying so. Willy runs to Nikki about getting a restraining order on Ted or else he’ll pull the plug. Willy stops her from using the elevator and says he’s gonna kill her, Nikki says its got nothing to do with her firm*

Warlock: Damn.


*Willy goes to Joe to ask for a civil judge but Joe says Ted beat him to the punch and had a restraining order put out against Willy. Joe said Willy blew it and Willy asks about Jennifer, Joe says to take care of himself. Willy says he’s done that already. Meanwhile Ted stands outside Jennifer’s bed. Willy then goes to Judge Gardner for help. Gardner says it won’t hold up. Ted then signs a document at the hospital. Willy races over there*

Warlock: Oh boy, a race against time.


*Willy runs into the hospital just as they’re about to pull the plug. Willy rushes in but is tackled and arrested as Jennifer flatlines*

Warlock: Ted wins again, what the fuck is with this movie?


*Joe meets Willy at Willy’s house. Willy is moving out. Joe says he belongs in a prosecutor’s office. Willy says what happened to “heads are gonna roll”. Joe says its still his office until the next election. Willy says thanks but no thanks. Willy says he let a man get away with murder, how’s he supposed to live with that?*

Warlock: Good point.


*Willy shakes Joe’s hand and Joe says he let a man get away with “attempted murder”. Willy gets a brainstorm and looks up the Double Jeopardy rule*

Warlock: Can’t convict a person of the same crime twice….then again he wasn’t convicted.


*Willy is with Flores. Willy looks over Rob’s case when they get their phones mixed up. Flores answers Willy’s phone for him then hands it to Willy, its Ted. Ted called to say goodbye, he’s leaving for that honeymoon that night. He left something for Willy but taunts him from getting fired from Wooten Sims and the DA’s office. Willy opens a case file in front of Flores and without saying anything, Flores looks shocked. Next frame is Willy meeting Ted at his house*

Warlock: 15 minutes left, now what?


*Ted locks all the doors and Willy looks at the machine. Willy grabs the gun from the case and Ted admits he shot his wife. Willy then hits Ted with the big reveal. Willy figured out Rob and Ted had the exact same gun, and when Ted went to the hotel room, he switched the guns. Then during the standoff after Jennifer was shot, Rob took his gun back*

Warlock: SEE? SEE! WHAT DID I TELL YA! I called it!


*Ted gloats about how he fooled everyone. Willy says he’s got the bullet now. The one from Jennifer’s head that they couldn’t remove while she was alive. The ballistics would match Rob’s gun. Ted “Nicely done Willy.” Ted taunts Willy about how he watched Jennifer suffer and how because of Rob’s insanity, he took both of them out with one bullet. Ted brings up the Double Jeopardy rule. Willy counters by saying she was still alive when he was arrested for ATTEMPTED murder. By pulling the plug, now he can bring him up on 1ST DEGREE murder which means new charges, new evidence, brand new case and trial. Ted “Get the fuck out of my house.”

Warlock: He’s got him.


*Willy says he should have let it go, she would have outlived them all. Ted walks outside and Flores is waiting with handcuffs. Ted is taken into custody. Next frame is at the new trial. Judge Pincus (Joe Spano) walks in*

Warlock: Heh, its Fornell from NCIS.


*Willy taunts Ted before the new trial. The trial starts….end credits*

Warlock: Awww man, we don’t get the satisfaction of the guilty verdict? No Nikki? Eh….still not the worst ending.


*Warlock watches the deleted scenes*

Warlock: So Willy gets locked in his own house…whoopie.  Willy fucks Nikki….yay.  Willy fucks Nikki again….why? Willy carries Nikki downstairs….who cares? Willy visits Jennifer at the hospital and talks to her about wanting her to get better. He apologizing…..ok, kind of useless but good for development.


*Warlock watches alternate ending one*

Warlock: Ok, ending one….first preview screening.  Ok, Willy finds the gun has been switched by himself without Flores. Willy sneaks into Ted’s house uninvited instead of being allowed in. Willy gets trapped as Ted hits the alarm. Ted says he’s trespassing and Willy has a gun. Willy says its Rob’s gun. He reveals that the bullets in Rob’s gun has Ted’s fingerprints all over them. Willy drops the gun into a machine and Ted goes berserk on the machine with a red hot poker. Ted grabs the gun and wipes off all the bullets. Willy then opens the gun case and reveals he lied. He had Ted’s gun all along, Rob’s gun is at the lab. He walks out….end. Ok, that ending had Ted go berserk and showed a more human side, but it also showed Willy trespassing. The real ending made Ted still look stoic even in defeat and Willy didn’t have to trespass, he still did everything by the book.

*Warlock watches alternate ending two*

Warlock: Willy finds out about the gun switch without Flores. Willy trespasses again. Willy finds the gun drawer. Ted traps him and hits the alarm. Ted tells him he’s trespassing and Willy has a gun. Willy says its Rob’s gun. He reveals that the bullets in Rob’s gun has Ted’s fingerprints all over them. Willy drops the gun into the machine as the cops arrive. Ted goes berserk on the machine and retrieves the gun. He wipes the prints off the bullets. Willy reveals Rob’s gun was at the lab the whole time. Willy walks out and tells the cops that Ted is in there. Willy walks out, end credits.  Same shit, made Ted look more human and Willy has to trespass. I like the real ending better.


The Warlock’s Assessment: I give it a 8 out of 10. It was an incredible story with a great cast and great performances all around. The only two things I didn’t like was Nikki was never resolved and we didn’t get so see a guilty verdict. A guilty verdict and Ted being led away staring a hole in a smiling Willy would have been satisfying. So one point off for no Nikki resolution and another point off for the unsatisfying ending. Still a great, great movie. Highly recommended.


*Warlock rises from the couch*

Warlock: That was damn good. It was a great thriller with a great cast and it didn’t disappoint until the end. Still, it was worth a watch. You should see it, especially if you can find it at 7-11 like I did. That about wraps up another great adventure, have a pleasant evening.




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