196. Tron: Legacy (2010)


*The Warlock opens the door to his lair. He’s wearing a black leather jacket, white t-shirt, blue jeans, white sneakers and gargoyle shades. He’s holding a Progresso soup can of Root Beer*

Warlock: Welcome to my lair….welcome I don’t think so, but enter. Enter my lair if you dare. I’m your host The Warlock.

*Warlock shoots fire into the sky before entering*

Warlock: Yesterday Thug D and I paid tribute to the Intellivision by watching Tron. An amazing sci-fi movie starring Jeff Bridges. Today we are watching the sequel, Tron: Legacy.

*Thug D is in the recliner wearing a jean jacket of band patches, Iron Maiden t-shirt, black jeans, sneakers and Oaklies shades*

D: This one is gonna be great too, dude.

Warlock: I’m hoping so. Its been sitting on my shelf for 2 1/2 years almost.

*Warlock takes his seat in the middle of the couch*

Warlock: So let’s get started with Tron: Legacy.


Directed by Joseph Kosinski

Written by Edward Kitsis, Adam Horowitz, Brian Klugman, Lee Sternthal, Steven Lisberger and Bonnie MacBird


*The Warlock reads the tag-line*

Warlock: “The son of a virtual world designer goes looking for his father and ends up inside the digital world that his father designed. He meets his father’s corrupted creation and a unique ally who was born inside the digital world.”

D: Doesn’t sound complicated.


*Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) does a voice-over about the grid. The digital frontier.

Warlock: These are the voyages of the Tron.


*Young Sam Flynn (Owen Best) is being tucked in bed. The graphic reads 1989*

D: I was 4 years old.

Warlock: I was 3.


*Kevin tells the story of the first movie to Sam. Then he says a miracle happened*

Warlock: Look at the CGI face of Jeff Bridges to make him young.


*Kevin says he’ll take Sam to the Grid one day. He has to go to work. “We’re always on the same team”

Warlock: He looks like Albert Brooks with that CGI face.


*Montage of Kevin Flynn disappearing. He took control of ENCOM in 1982 but his wife (Amy Esterle) died in 1985. With Flynn missing, ENCOM engaged a hostile takeover from Flynn’s partner Alan Bradley (Bruce Boxleitner). Alan says Flynn is in the Grid. Grandma and Grandpa Flynn (Donnelly Rhodes and Belinda Montgomery) are taking custody of Sam*

Warlock: So the storyline is he’s gone missing for 20 years? Damn.


*Sam rides his bicycle and we cut to older Sam (Garrett Hedlund) riding a motorcycle and getting chased by police*

Warlock: Yeah he really accomplished much in his life.


*Sam hacks into ENCOM like Kevin did in the first movie*

Warlock: Anyone got the combination?

D: That’s my line.


*Richard Mackey (Jeffrey Nordling) is introduced as Chairman of ENCOM*

Warlock: Hey look its Coach Orion from Mighty Ducks 3

D: Oh yeah.


*Mackey says Ed Dillinger Jr (Cillian Murphy) is responsible for the new software design. Stock will be on trade 24/7*

Warlock: Ha, nice continuity.


*Alan protests Dillinger and Mackey selling software instead of giving it away. Meanwhile Sam hacks into the system with a fat guard on patrol*

Warlock: He can outrun this guy easily.


*Sam hacks ENCOM 12 and puts it on the web for free. Hackets get it much to Mackey’s dismay. Dillinger says consider it a free gift, Alan laughs at Mackey*

Warlock: HA!


*Sam is on the roof of ENCOM*

D: Batman overlooking the city.


*The guard chases Sam to the roof where he reveals he owns the company and he parachutes off the roof*

Warlock: So he owns it?

D: Yeah, sort of.


*Sam gets the parchute stuck on a lampost and drops on a cab. The driver says “No free ride! You pay!”

Warlock: Hahaha


*Sam gets arrested but posts bail the next day. He takes his bike to his pad where Alan is waiting. Alan shares a laugh with Sam over the prank. Alan then gets serious and says he got a page from Kevin’s office at the arcade that’s been disconnected for 20 years. 2 nights before he disappeared he told Alan that he cracked it. Sam scoffs at him and says Kevin is either dead or chillin in Costa Rica. He says he’s tired, smells like jail and says let’s reconvene in a couple of years. Alan tosses him the keys to the arcade and says he should go there*

Warlock: This is a Disney movie right?

D: Right.

Warlock: So he can’t shoot the dog?

D: No.


*Sam rides to Flynn’s Arcade which is all boarded up, machines covered with dust and sheets. Journey plays on the Jukebox*

Warlock: So that’s what you meant?

D: Separate Ways…yup.


*Sam plops a quarter into the Tron machine but it spits it back out. He then pushes the machine aside to reveal a hidden doorway. He takes the secret path as the jukebox plays Sweet Dreams Are Made of These by The Eurethmics*

Warlock: Sweet dreams are made of cheese.

D: Aww come on dude.


*Sam finds Kevin’s secret office. Then tries to hack into his computer system. Sam then turns on the laser control that zaps him into the Grid*

Warlock: Well that was easy.


*Sam runs around the Grid and is captured, thrown into a pod because he has no disc*

Warlock: Oh great.


*Some Vulcan looking dude sceams “Erase meeeee” and jumps to his death*

Warlock: Wow, so much for Spock Jr


*Sam is confronted by a group of Sirens (Serinda Swan, Yaya DeCosta, Elizabeth Mathis and Beau Garrett). They use flame fingers to remove his clothes and strap him with Grid gear*

Warlock: This can’t be good.


*Computer voiceover says if he removes his disk he could die*

Warlock: Wonderful.


*Sam fights off Warriors in Deadly Discs game*

Warlock: Nice continuity from the first movie.


*Sam beats both of his opponents. He fights off more before he has to face Rinzler (Anis Cheurfa) who gets a standing ovation*

Warlock: Is that even legal?


*Head honcho watches with his lackey behind him*

Warlock: Let me guess….Tron?


*Rinzler and Sam fight upside down*

Warlock: This is giving me a headache.


*Rinzler takes down Sam and sees real blood. He says “user” and pulls him up. Head honcho asks the program to identify himself. He says he’s not a program. He says he’s Sam Flynn. The crowd goes silent. Head honcho says bring him to me*

Warlock: That name carries weight.


*Sam is brought before the head honcho. He unmasks to be…..Kevin Flynn. Sam “Dad….”

D: NOT your father.


*Kevin asks how he got there. Sam “I got your message.” Kevin “So it’s just you?” Sam “You look the same.” Kevin says a lot has happened. Kevin looks at Sam’s disc showcasing his life. Kevin said he expected more. Kevin says he was trapped in here and now he’s in charge. Sam “Can we just go home now?” Kevin “Not in the cards, not for you.” Sam “That’s a hell of a way to treat your son” Kevin “I’m not your father, Sam, but I’m very very happy to see you.” Sam “Clu….where is he? What did you do to him?” Clu “Same thing I’m going to do to you….user.”

Warlock: Clu turns heel? Say it ain’t so.

D: I told you he wasn’t his father.


*Lackey is Jarvis (James Frain). Jarvis says Sam deserves the challenge of the grid. Jarvis hypes up Sam’s opponent as the defeater of the users, Clu. Clu walks out and says to Sam “I’ve been waiting for this for a long time” Jarvis hands a bar to Clu and one to Sam. Sam holds it like a lightsaber and asks what he’s supposed to do with it. Jarvis “Not that.”

D: Now he feels stupid.

Warlock: Hahahahaha


*Clu demonstrates how to use the bar, its a lightcycle*

Warlock: Nice effects.


*Sam “Now THIS I can do.” He creates his light bike and rides off. We get the light cycle game with Clu wiping out all 3 other racers, leaving Sam and someone else. Sam tells him they have to work together. They wipe out two of Clu’s men before Clu kills the third guy.  Suddenly another racer appears and picks up Sam. Driving off. Clu “Game on, old frend.” Rinzler is released to track the other racer. They drive off the grid to safety as Rinzler stare at them. The driver reveals herself to be Quorra (Olivia Wilde)*

Warlock: Woah.


*Sam asks her where they’re going. She says “Patience, all your questions will be answered soon.”

Warlock: Can we be anymore cryptic?


*Quorra rides to a garage off the grid. She takes Sam to see the real Kevin Flynn. He turns around and looks his age*

Warlock: Now that’s more like it.


*Kevin hugs Sam and cries. Kevin asks how he got there, he said Alan came over. He found his office under the arcade. Kevin hardly remembers that. He walks away as Sam cries too. Quorra “He never thought he’d see you again.” Sam “yeah” Kevin looks out at the light*

Warlock: Why can’t he leave?


*Quorra shows off the book collection. She likes Verne Jules the most. She asks if he does too*

Warlock: Sureeeee, I’ve seen Back To The Future 3.


*Clu looks out at the light and says “Your move Flynn, come on.” Quorra, Kevin and Sam have dinner. She asks what he does. He says he went to Caltech but dropped out. He doesn’t work and has a dog. He has only one question, why he never came home. Kevin says he was coming into the Grid. He needed partners to build the place. He had Tron and Clu to help out. He says he discovered ISO’s, not created, manifested. He says they just showed up out of nowhere.  His idea was to get rid of disease using the ISO’s code. Clu betrayed Tron and Kevin to create a perfect world where he could control the Grid. Clu killed Tron and all the ISO’s. The portal can only be opened from the outside, that’s why he never came home*

Warlock: Wow.


*Kevin can’t leave because if he tries to escape and fails, Clu can run the world by taking Kevin’s disc. If he gets it, the world is fucked. Sam says they have to move now. Kevin says Clu sent the message to Alan to bring Sam in as bait to lure Kevin. Kevin refuses to fight and Sam is pissed*

Warlock: Coward!


*Sam asks why Kevin doesn’t just fry Clu and Quorra says he’d die too. Sam says he’s gonna make a run to the portal because if he gets outside, he and Alan can fry Clu in one keystroke*

Warlock: Yeah really.


*Quorra walks into Sam’s room and tells him Zuse (Michael Sheen) can help if he leaves now. Kevin then has visions of going fishing with Sam when they were younger. He knocks on Sam’s door and he’s gone. Sam heads to the portal*

Warlock: One hour left, nowhere close to this being over.


*Sam runs into the first Siren named now named Gem he rolls with her as Flynn tells Quorra they have to go. Sam and Gem walk up to a bar. Castor (also Michael Sheen) tells Bartik (Conrad Coates) that Zuse can save the day. Castor wants to talk with Sam in private. He tells the DJ’s (Daft Punk) to play a tune for the rest of the club*

D: Daft Punk.

Warlock: Yes, the real Daft Punk.


*Clu, Rinzler, Jarvis and two guards find Flynn’s house and its empty. Jarvis knocks some items over and Clu looks at him*

Warlock: You EEDDIOT!!!


*Clu has flashbacks of how he was created and screams out in rage. Clu says “Let’s move.” Back with Castor, he admits that he IS Zuse. He reinvented himself after the ISO’s were exterminated. Sam says he wants to go to the portal*

Warlock: Look Barnaby, I just want to go home.


*Zuse asks who sent him, he says Quorra. Zuse says that was a long time ago. He says he needs a disguise, fake disc and transport to make it to the portal. Suddenly the guards attack and the resistance is wiped out. Quorra shows up with Daft Punk playing a new tune as she and Sam fight off the guards until Quorra loses an arm*

D: This song is so good.


*Suddenly Flynn shows up and the music stops. The guards are wiped out except one who swipes the disc off of Flynn’s back. He’s killed by Castor as Flynn gets Quorra and Sam to safety. Flynn says not to do anything. Then he says their only chance is to beat Clu to the portal. They hop a fright train*

D: More Daft Punk.


*Kevin reveals Quorra is the last ISO. They fix her arm and Kevin tells Sam to tell him a story*

Warlock: This one time…at band camp.


*Clu confronts Castor and tells Rinzler to find them. Meanwhile Sam tells Kevin the state of the world in 2010.”Celtics and Lakers are back at it”

Warlock: Yeah…Celtics won it all in 08, Lakers beat them in 2010.


*Kevin says Clu was his fault for chasing after perfection. Kevin says what he really should have cared about was Sam. He’d give it up for one day with him.Sam says he still has Kevin’s Ducati and when he’s done with it,it’ll run like new*

Warlock: Perfect.


*Castor wants control of the city if he gives up Kevin’s disc. Castor taunts him with the disc. Castor hands over the disc as Clu mixes him a disc. The bar blows, killing Gem and Castor*

D: That’s what happens when you’re a traitor.


*Sam asks how Quorra found Kevin. During the Purge she ran and Kevin found her. She claims she’s a rescue*

Warlock: Arf arf arf arf!


*A recognizer follows the train Kevin, Sam and Quorra are taking. They divert to a facility. Quorra finds dead programs. Kevin says Clu can’t create or destroy programs, he can only reuse them. Quorra hands her disc to Sam and Kevin. A guard attacks Quorra and Kevin recognizes its Tron*

Warlock: He’s ALIVEEEEEE.


*Clu plugs in Kevin’s disc and Jarvis asks what the disc does. Clu doesn’t answer. Kevin and Sam see a virtual army chanting Clu. Clu then taunts Quorra. She says he doesn’t belong with users. Clu has Quorra taken away as he addresses his new army. He calls Kevin a false deity and reveals his master plan. He’s going to take over the real world*

Warlock: Damn.


*Sam says meet him on the flight deck in 5 minutes and grab some wheels. He has a plan as Clu continues to rant and rave*

Warlock: Ready for the exciting conclusion?

D: Yup…


*Sam is going for the disc in Clu’s office. Sam wipes out the guards as Jarvis looks confused. Meanwhile Flynn confiscates a vehicle*

Warlock: You don’t need to see identity papers.


*Sam grabs the disc as its revealed Tron IS Rinzler. Sam knocks him down, frees Quorra and makes it to the flight deck to meet Kevin. Sam gives Kevin his disc back as Quorra has to fly them to safety. Clu barges into his office where Tron and Jarvis remain. He kills Jarvis and makes a light jet. He, Tron and his guards follow Kevin. Sam takes the turret and now we have an aerial battle. Sam shoots down most of the light jets*

Warlock: Mr. America would like this part.


*The last remaining jet is Rinzler. Kevin asks what he’s become. Clu tells him to take out Kevin but he starts disobeying. Rinzler becomes Tron “I fight for the users” and he slams into Clu, taking them both out. Rinzler and Clu fall and Clu steals Tron’s disc as he crashes beneath the water. Clu makes a makeshift jet and flies back. In the water, Kevin reprogams Rinzler back to Tron and we cut back to the portal. Clu is waiting for him. Kevin says he didn’t know perfection was impossible when he created Clu. Clu then fights Kevin one on one. Quorra and Sam go for the portal.Clu wins the fight. He rips Kevin’s disc off….and its not his, its Quorra’s. They pulled a switch. Sam and Quorra.fly through the portal. Clu jumps but Kevin stops him*

Warlock: Where do you think you’re going?


*Kevin sacifices himself to kill Clu, blow the Grid and end Sam and Quorra out to the real world. Sam walks out and Alan is waiting for him. He tells him Alan is chairman and he’s taking the company back*

Warlock: Talk about a change of heart.


*Sam walks out and Quorra asks what’s next. Sam says they’re supposed to change the world. He hops on the Ducati with Quorra and shows her the real world. End credits*

Warlock: Damn good movie.


Thug D’s Assessment:  7.5 out of 10, good sequel, not as good as the first. Really need to watch the first to understand.

The Warlock’s Assessment: I give it a 6.5.  liked the first better but this was still fun to watch. Wasn’t a big fan of the ending but they had to find a way to blow the Grid once and for all. The graphics and special effects are amazing so I still recommend seeing it.

Final Grade: 7 out of 10


*Warlock rises from the couch*

Warlock: Hard to top the first movie but this was still a good sequel. It had nice continuity and great character development even if the ending was weak. Tron itself wasn’t really highlighted but that’s just nitpicking. If you want to kick back and relax, I recommend this. That about wraps up another good adventure, have a pleasant evening.


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