189. Edge of Darkness (2010)


*Previously on Warlock’s Movie Realm, The Warlock had purchased three movies during a snack raid before the Patriots game against the Miami Dolphins. Following the 35-14 victory by the Patriots over the Dolphins, Warlock pulls out the second movie*

Warlock: Ok then….ready for the second movie?

America: Second movie?

Warlock: Yeah, remember Repo Men? Well I have another.

America: Why am I suddenly scared now?

Warlock: Oh come on, it won’t be that bad.

America: I don’t even know what we’re watching yet.

Warlock: Edge of Darkness. Mel Gibson plays a Boston cop who thinks an assassin’s bullet was meant for him instead of his daughter, but then we supposedly find out that’s not the case.

*Warlock tosses America the blu ray*

America: Oh, this may actually work.

*America puts the blu ray in the player, he takes his seat in the recliner as Warlock sits in the middle of the couch*

Warlock: So let’s get started with Edge of Darkness


*Warlock reads the tag-line*

Warlock: “As homicide detective Thomas Craven (Mel Gibson) investigates the death of his activist daughter, he uncovers not only her secret life, but a corporate cover-up and government collusion that attracts an agent tasked with cleaning up the evidence.”

America: You killed the main character’s kid, you fucked up.


*Movie opens on a river where bodies pop up in it*

Warlock: Scuba Steeeeeve!

America: The hell?


*Thomas Craven films his young daughter Emma (Gabrielle Popa) playing in the sand at a beach*

America: Let me know when you strike oil.


*Back in present time, Thomas waits for Emma (Bojana Nokakovic). They embrace and he says the train wasn’t on time*

Warlock: Shoot the conductor.


*Emma throws up all over the street*

Warlock: Food in Boston isn’t THAT bad!


*Thomas asks if she’s pregnant without actually saying so, she says no. She is seeing someone and she wishes HE was seeing someone. He says “I may have a honey stashed somewhere?*

America: Heh.


*Jazz music plays on a record*

Warlock: Talk about behind the times, at least get a cassette player.


*Thomas cooks in the kitchen*

America: Don’t burn your hands!


*Thomas asks how’s work, she says she’s a glorified intern that wanted to come home. She says she’s tired and has a bug. He tells her to go lie down*

America: Pretty soon she’ll get lead poisoning.


*Her nose bleeds and she pukes on her plate. She says she needs to see a doctor. Thomas rushes her out the door where an assassin blows her away with a shotgun*

Warlock: Woahhhhh….holy shit.


*She dies in Thomas’ arms*

Warlock: Wowwwwwwww


*Detective Jones (Gbenga Akinnagbe) tells Detective Whitehouse (Jay O Sanders) the suspects height and make. Whitehouse chats with Thomas for awhile. Thomas is slowly going nuts and throws everyone out*

Warlock: This is gonna get ugly.


*Thomas cleans off his daughter’s blood with a rag which he places in a cup. He watches the rest of it go down the drain*

Warlock: Nice symbolism.


*Thomas looks in his daughter’s room. Her phone goes off and he answers…click*

Warlock: One way to eliminate boyfriends.


*Thomas hears Emma’s voice asking if he’s alright. He says he’s fine*

Warlock: He’s gone schizo.


*Thomas wakes from a nightmare and thrashes. He listens to the radio on the mass pike the next day about the murder the night before. He walks into the BPD and Jones tells the other officers to turn the news off*

Warlock: Why is he living in Roslindale?


*Thomas hands Jones the phone and tells him to trace it. He says Janet (Celeste Oliva) will get on it. Thomas goes to see the Chief (Wayne Duvall) and Whitehouse is there. Chief says this is an internal matter and Thomas needs to take a leave of absence but Thomas refuses. Thomas says they need him for the investigation. Whitehouse agrees. Thomas walks with Whitehouse and he says he needs his case files brought up. Whitehouse says to go home and think about it*

Warlock: Glad they have some character development.


*The coroner tells Thomas the cause of death*

Warlock: No shit!


*The coroner’s assistant goes to cover the body and Thomas barks to leave her alone. He grabs scissors and cuts a lock of her hair off. He walks through Boston Common with it*

Warlock: Ok…..starting to lose it.


*Thomas hallucinates young Emma is nearby. He hears Emma’s voice talking to him. He doesn’t know if he can make it. Later on he tells Whitehouse to leave the flatfoots home and stop pissing in his bushes*

Warlock: Hahahahaha


*Thomas walks on a beach and spreads Emma’s ashes in the water. He hallucinates young Emma is calling him to play with her*

Warlock: Well at least they’re establishing him as a sympathetic character.


*Thomas goes through Emma’s stuff in her room. He finds a loaded gun in her nightstand*

Warlock: HE’S GOT A GUNNNNNN!!!!!!


*Thomas traces the gun, its registered to David Burnham (Shawn Roberts). He goes to find David but Whitehouse tells him they found a skimask with hair on it nearby. Thomas tells him to keep him posted and he drives off down the mass pike*

Warlock: That’s the mass pike.

America: I KNOW its the mass pike!


*David spots Thomas coming and grabs a combat knife*

Warlock: Its Wesker from the Resident Evil movie.

America: Oh.


*Thomas picks the lock to get in and David attacks him. They rumble for it*

Warlock: David should have cut his hand off.

*Thomas subdues him after tearing the place up. He finds a picture and figures out HE’S Emma’s boyfriend. David says he needs to get the fuck out of there. Thomas pulls out the gun and David admits he gave her the gun. David says she’s dead and there’s no way to help her and two guys are probably listening to them right now. He says to leave or he’s dead. David says he has to give him something as Thomas goes to the window and notices a stakeout. David hands him the keys to Emma’s place and a bag of her things. Thomas gives David his card and says when he’s ready to talk, he’ll listen*

Warlock: Wow, that was settled gentlemanly.

*Thomas goes to Emma’s residence. He finds a record player*

Warlock: Like father, like daughter.

*Thomas finds a picture of Emma and David. “You were right, I don’t like him.” Thomas then finds computer cables but no computer attached. The window lock is broken*

Warlock: Somebody came into the window.

*Thomas finds a Geiger counter that beeps like crazy on her hair*

Warlock: No wonder she was sick, radiation poisoning.

America: Yup.


*Millroy (David Aaron Baker) runs into Jedburgh (Ray Winstone)*

Warlock: That’s Mac from Crystal Skull.


*Millroy says Emma was apart of a disaster at a Nuclear facility. Jedburgh wants to know who killed Emma. Millroy says that’s not his concern. Millroy says Jedburgh needs to clean the mess up. Jedburgh says Millroy needs to be absolutely sure he wants him*

Warlock: Setting this up nicely.

*Thomas calls Melissa (Caterina Scorsone) and asks how she knows Emma, she nervously says she’ll meet him*

Warlock: Something…

America: Is afoot.


*Thomas hits up John Bennett (Danny Huston) at Northmoor*

Warlock: Stryker from the Wolverine movie.

*Thomas asks Bennett what goes on at Northmoor. John says this is a R & D facility. Thomas wants to know what Emma’s job was. John refuses to tell him and dances around the issue. John says he’ll cooperate with the investigation but asks Thomas what the pain feels like*

Warlock: Jesus.


*Thomas gets a call from Whitehouse. The DNA match from the ski mask came back. The SWAT team barges in and the hitman is dead. Thomas smells a rat and says this was a cover up.*

Warlock: Something’s wrong.


*Thomas burns Emma’a clothes in a barrel outside his house. He turns around with a gun and Jedburgh is there*

America: Ok, in Rossy people are gonna freak out. Its a freaking oil drum fire in Boston. That’s the kind of shit you pull in western Mass, not Rossy.


*Jedburgh admits he works for DARPA. Thomas and Jedburgh exchange words in latin and Thomas searches him. Jedburgh admits Emma was flagged as a terrorist. Somebody nearby then yells out the window about the barrel of fire*

Warlock: Wow, good call.


*Thomas says Jedburgh is smoking his cigar to tell the interloper to buzz off*

Warlock: Ha.


*Thomas invites Jedburgh into his house. Thomas pulls out Crown Royal and Jedburgh pulls out photos. They were the 3 others involved in the break-in at Northmoor*

America: Those were the bodies we saw at the beginning.

Warlock: Glad they explained that.


*Jedburgh says the apartment was tossed and computer stolen. Thomas lies and admits he didn’t know that. Jedburgh calls him a smart fucker. Jedburgh says Emma was involved with the activist organization known as Nightflower. Thomas doesn’t buy it. Jedburgh says he’s gonna report back to his elders that he’s going to let Thomas work. Thomas says he plans on not making any arrest. He asks if Jedburgh will stop him, Jedburgh says it depends. He gets up and leaves*

Warlock: Well that was interesting.


*David comes home*

America: Well you’re about to die or be interrogated.


*David shouts at him and Thomas shoves him down. David yells at him and Thomas notices the big cigar in the ashtray*

Warlock: Jedburgh was there.


*David admits he’s a scientist. Thomas asks him about Nightflower. David says he’s not involved, he only knows about it through Emma. David says he’s gonna lose his job if he talks to him. Thomas asks how Emma got Nightflower through a classified R & D facility. David says Emma was writing to Senator Pine (Damian Young) and some lawyer named Sanderman (Peter Hermann) was in the way. Emma got her in through the cooling tunnels and Thomas asks how she was exposed to radiation. David says its impossible she was exposed because she didn’t go with the others. The others were exposed because they went in. Thomas says he’ll help him if he’ll talk but David says he can’t*

Warlock: He didn’t know Emma was infected.

America: If they release radiation, that’s how.


*Thomas hands David his gun back. David says that’s illegal. Thomas “Everything’s illegal in Massachusetts”

America: Heh, he’s got that right.


*Thomas tails Bennett coming out of Northmoor. Thomas notices he’s being tailed too*

Warlock: Probably Jedburgh.


*Thomas leaves his car at  a rest stop and two guys follow him in*

Warlock: I was wrong.


*Thomas busts through the window as the two men walk in. Thomas drives away*

Warlock: What happened?

America: I fool youuuuuuuuuuuu

*Thomas heads over the Zakim Bridge and through the I-93 South tunnel*

Warlock: I’ve been there too many times.


*Thomas pulls over Bennett’s car. He punches out the driver and holds Jack at gunpoint. He cocks the gun*

Warlock: Great, you made him piss himself.


*Thomas asks what it feels like. Jack gets a cell phone call*

America: That would be the phone call of your people saying “We lost him.”


*Thomas leaves. Meanwhile Jedburgh and David watch Senator Pine on the news at different locations*

Warlock: Isn’t this riveting?

America: Mmmhmmm.


*Pine says nuclear R & D is pivotal as we’re shown Burnham is dead with a gunshot wound to the head*

Warlock: So much for him.

America: Where’s the exit wound?


*Jedburgh and Thomas talk at a pier in Boston. He asks Jedburgh what he thinks of his daughter’s murder. Jedburgh says cases like this are never solved. He’s the guy that stops crimes from being solved. He asks if Jedburgh is on his side. He says he’s not sure. Thomas says he’d rather have a child then to not have one at all. Thomas “Thanks for not killing me.” Jedburgh doesn’t answer*

Warlock: He might try.


*Reporter from Fox 25 News asks what Thoma thinks of the suspect in custody. He tells her to go home*

Warlock: Wow, he didn’t shoot her.

America: Why would he do that?


*Mr Sanderman is grilled by Thomas. Thomas asked how the date with her went*

Warlock and America: HA!


*Thomas badgers him about his involvement in Northmoor. Sanderman says he’s not gonna talk. Thomas says he’ll go to the press and get him in big trouble. Sanderman says “Who the fuck do you think you are?” Thomas “I’m a man with nothing to lose and who doesn’t fucking give a shit.” He says he wants Senator Pine and to fasten his seatbelt*

Warlock: I was expecting the car to blow.


*Melissa meets Thomas in his car. Melissa says she’s the one who got her into the activist group Nightflower.  Melissa says Emma was looking for help and the Senator stoned her cold. Emma was going to blow the whistle on something big. Melissa hands a package to Thomas and he tells her to go home and he never saw her*

Warlock: We just imagined the whole thing.


*Melissa “I got to tell you something else.”

Warlock: I’m pregnant.

America: Ha! Wrong movie.


*Melissa says Emma was poisoned. Thomas then wants to know who her contact was. Someone named Robinson (Rick Avery). She goes to exit the car when she’s annihilated by an onrushing car*

Warlock and America: OHHHHHHHHHHH

Warlock: Did NOT see that one coming.


*The car doubles back to run over Thomas and Thomas shoots the driver and the wheel. The car flips into the Charles River*

Warlock: Ohhhh yeah.


*At the hospital, the doctor says they had to amputate Melissa’s leg and she’s in a coma…but she’s alive*

Warlock: What, she lived???


*Thomas opens the package, its two dvd’s. One of them is a vlog by Emma saying Northmoor is making nukes with foreign design so when they’re used, they’ll be traced back to other countries. The second disc is the evidence*

Warlock: So Northmoor is making untraceable nukes to use against other countries.

America: Thomas just realized how big of a mess he’s in.


*Back at Emma’s shack, he looks out at Northmoor. A chopper approaches*

America: A-Star.


*Pine meets with Bennett. Pine says the whole situation is fucked up. Bennett says the driver was a Bosnian who’s supposed to be alive and well in London. Pine is pissed that Bennett left too many loose ends. Bennett saying Pine is in more trouble than he is since he work for the government. Bennett says as far as the public is concerned, none of this ever happened*

Warlock: Can we shoot these guys now.


*Pine asks if Robinson is keeping his part of the bargain. Right on cue Thomas beats the living shit out of Robinson*

Warlock: Hahaha


*Thomas asks if Robinson was the leader of the activist group and why didn’t he protect them. He wants to know why they’re all dead and not him. He wants to know everything*

Warlock: Browbeating a witness?


*Thomas uses a Geiger counter to detect the radiation in Emma’s milk. Hadley Falls Dairy is the company that makes the milk. Millroy  interrogates Bennett with Pine nearby. Millroy says Craven is dead meat if he gets poisoned. Meanwhile Jedburgh visits the doctor who implies he’s dying*

Warlock: Oh great, he’s not gonna make it either.


*Jedburgh “I know the facts. We live a little while and then die sooner than we planned.”

America: Is he gonna be the change of heart to save the day?

Warlock: Of course.


*Thomas visits Pine. They talk about Thomas in Vietnam taking command at 20 because everyone else is dead*

Warlock: Attrition.


*Thomas knows why Pine brought him there. Pine continues to bullshit him. Thomas puts the dead kids pictures in front of him and says his daughter was poisoned by Bennett. He wants Pine to do his job and take down Bennett. He says Pine may not have known Bennett and Northmoor killed people but he does now and there’s no excuse. He leaves*

Warlock: Well we already know what side Pine is on.


*A mini-van follows Thomas, he backs into it and pulls his gun. The two men in suits get out of the car. The beat cops pull up and ask Thomas what’s up. Thomas says these two men rear ended him. The next frame is Jedburgh watching the news where the two men are blasted. Pine calls Benett and says to abort. Bennett says too late*

Warlock: We got 26 minutes left, this can’t be the end.

America: Shit is about to hit the fan.


*Thomas hallucinates shaving with Young Emma*

Warlock: This would be cute, but its kinda creepy.


*Whitehouse visits Thomas at his house. Whitehouse says he’s being charged with the death of Burnham. It doesn’t matter if he’s innocent, the public will always think he did. Thomas asks what they’re offering Whitehouse. He then pukes in the sink*

Warlock: Just like Emma.


*Thomas goes on a rant about basic principles. The two shooters from earlier walk in and Whitehouse leaves. They use a taser on him and bring him to Northmoor*

Warlock: Why didn’t they just kill him?

America: They don’t know what he knows.

Warlock: Also, yeah, killing a Boston cop that’s all over the news won’t help their cause.


*Thomas frees himself but pretends he’s still held down when some guy in a radiation suit walks in. Thomas knocks him out and coughs everywhere*

Warlock: He needs the antidote.


*He commandeers a researcher’s car and drives back home*

Warlock: He looks like shit.

America: Yeah, he’s poisoned.


*Thomas arms himself and heads to Bennett’s house. Thomas staggers up and shoots the guard in the eye. The other shooter runs up and Thomas shoots him in the knee. He figures out he’s the one that shot his daughter and he executes him*

Warlock: Street justice.


*Bennett shoots Thomas and Thomas tags him. Both are hit in the chest. Thomas pours the poisoned milk down his throat. Bennett shoves him off and goes to the get the pills. Thomas stops him. “Deep down, you know you deserve this.” Thomas shoots him in the throat, killing him*

Warlock: One down, one to go.


*Pine and Milloy talk and Jedburgh overhears it. Jedburgh says they can make it sound like Emma poisoned him and he went berserk. Jedburgh says Thomas will come for Pine next, Jedburgh says to make the front page “Senator escapes assassination”. Milloy says Craven is terminal and incapable of speech. Pine asks why Jedburgh didn’t kill Craven, Jedburgh says its not up to him to decide what he does. Jedburgh then kills Milloy, the aide and Pine. A beat cop runs in and Jedburgh decides not to shoot him, the Cop shoots him dead in return*

Warlock: We;; that takes care of everybody.


*Thomas sends the DVD’s to the reporter from earlier exposing Northmoor. Meanwhile Craven is dying in the hospital. He hallucinates Emma coming to see him*

Warlock: Another hallucination?

America: Yeah, looks like it.


*Its really a nurse that checked on Thomas. He still hallucinates that its Emma. Various cops wait outside as we see Emma and Thomas walking hand in hand into the light*

Warlock: I guess that implies that he didn’t make it.

America: You do know the meaning of terminal right?

Warlock: I was hoping the crooked cop walked in, Thomas shoots him and THEN he dies.

America: Thank god you didn’t write the script.


*End credits*

Warlock: Wow, that movie was dark.


Mr. America’s Assessment: I give it a 6. It was a good movie that developed plot and characters, but it was too much of a slow burn for me.

The Warlock’s Assessment: I’ll give it a 7. I agree on those points and counter that the slow burn set up the big finish. Good call on the Jedburgh face turn.

Final Grade: 6.5 out of 10 – Very Good.


*Warlock rises from the couch*

Warlock: That was dark but damn good. The acting was superb, some of the action scenes were good and some jump scares actually worked. Decent story even if it took too long to develop sometimes. No complaints right?

America: Right..

Warlock: Well that was movie number 2 of IT CAME FROM SEVEN ELEVEN. Just one to go. Now its time for…

*Mr. America gets up and runs out the door screaming “no no no no no”*

Warlock: …everyone to have a pleasant evening. Whats with him?


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