185. Creed (2015)


*The graphic T-H-E-W-A-R-L-O-C-K scrolls by to the Rocky theme as The Warlock sprints down the street. He’s wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt, maroon work out shorts and white sneakers. He runs up his steps and into the lair. He frantically massages his shoulders*


*Neyzor Blades is in the recliner wearing standard attire*

Neyz: What the hell’s the matter with you?

Warlock: I tried going for a run but its 35 degrees outside.

Neyz: You’re the idiot for running outside in December in shorts.

*Warlock flicks his wrist and flame appears in his hand, he holds it towards vital areas to warm himself up*

Neyz: So what piece of garbage are you going to make me suffer through this time?

Warlock: Actually its not a piece of garbage, we’re doing something good.

Neyz: I still don’t trust you.

Warlock: Here.

*Warlock walks over to the TV and tosses a blu ray case to Neyz*

Neyz: Creed?

Warlock: Yup. Tonight’s movie is a tribute to the FORTY year anniversary of the release of the original Rocky. We’re doing Rocky 7…..otherwise known as Creed. A now elderly Rocky Balboa trains the bastard son of Apollo Creed.

Neyz: He’s not a bastard, he knows both his parents.

*Warlock takes his seat in the middle of the couch*

Warlock: Let’s get this party started with Creed.


*The Warlock reads the tag-line*

Warlock:  “The former world heavyweight champion Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone) serves as a trainer and mentor to Adonis Johnson (Michael B Jordan), the son of his late friend and former rival Apollo Creed”

Neyz: Hadn’t we had enough of Rocky movies?


*Movie opens with MGM*

Warlock: AHHHH!

Neyz: Oh for Christ sakes Warlock.


*Graphic “Los Angeles California: 1998*

Warlock: Didn’t Apollo die in 85?


*Juvenile center has young Adonis beating the crap out of another kid*

Warlock: “My dad was the best of all time!”


*Mary Anne Creed (Phylicia Rashad) visits Adonis*

Warlock: They replaced the first Mary Anne with Mrs. Cosby


*Mary Anne tries to get through to Adonis that Apollo Creed is his father. Adonis “Nigga said something about my ma so I beat his ass”

Warlock: Can’t fault him for that.


*Mary Anne “He passed before you were born but he HAD a father” Adonis “What was his name?” Opening graphic CREED*

Warlock: That’s his name.


*Older Adonis gets taped up to fight in Mexico*

Neyz: Ooooh look at that body.


*Folk music plays as Adonis makes his way to the ring*

Warlock: Not exactly fitting.


*Referee is white and bald*

Warlock: Is that Mills Lane? Damn he’s fallen off.


*Adonis knocks his opponent cold in the first round*

Warlock: First round knockout


*Adonis is typing out his letter of resignation for his office job 12 hours later*

Neyz: He’d be in a lot of pain.


*The boss asks Adonis what he’s going to do after quitting. Adonis blows him off*

Warlock: Damn, that was fast.


*Adonis watches his father Apollo (Carl Weathers) fight Rocky Balboa in the rematch. He shadow boxes like Apollo*

Neyz: We need a large big sceen.


*Adonis hits up Delphi Boxing Academy where Apollo used to train. Duke Burton Jr (Wood Harris) tells him his father died in the ring. Duke refuses to train him to protect him and wants to make sure no one else does either*

Neyz: Why is he being a jerk?

Warlock: Adonis is supposed to be a rich kid working in an office, these are street kids that NEED to fight to stay out of trouble. Think of Mike Tyson coming up through the streets and Malcolm-Jamal Warner decides to leave The Cosby Show to fight him.


*Adonis puts up the keys to his Mustang if anyone can knock him out. Kevin “The Bank” Grier steps up to take the bet. Adonis drops him and says “Who’s next?”

Warlock: Is he Goldberg?


*Danny “Stuntman” Wheeler (Andre Ward) steps up next. He’s a world ranked fighter*

Warlock: Andre Ward in the house. The legitimate world class boxer.


*Wheeler knocks out Adonis and Duke taunts him*

Warlock: What did he expect?


*Mary Anne confronts Adonis about his black eye. He admits he quit his job and wants to be a fighter. Mary gives an epic speech “You know how many times I had to carry your father up these stairs because he couldn’t? To wipe his ass because he couldn’t use his hands?” Adonis is adamant about fighting and thanks Mary for all she’s done. She tells him not to call her*

Neyz: That sucks.


*Adonis takes a cab to Philadelphia*

Warlock: How do you take a cab from LA to Philly?

Neyz: He probably took a train or a plane you dope.


*Family takes pictures in front of the Rocky statue*

Neyz: They moved it?

Warlock: Yep.

Neyz: Why?

Warlock: The art museum felt it wasn’t real art and demanded it be removed.

Neyz: Yes it was, its performance art. Who are those scumbag geek squads that demanded it be moved?


*Adonis hits up Adrian’s*

Warlock: Can we eat there?

Neyz: No, I don’t think they’re open.


*Rocky “How you doin?”

Neyz: Hey its him!


*Adonis asks Rocky who won the closed door fight. Rocky initially refuses. Adonis asks how he beat Apollo if he was the best. Rocky says time beat him, time is undefeated*

Warlock: That is true.


*Adonis pulls out more information nobody should know and Rocky gets suspicious. “What are you a cousin?” Adonis says he hasn’t talked to Mary Anne since Apollo’s funeral. Rocky starts to believe him. Adonis wants Rocky to train him. Rocky asks why he wants a fighter’s life when he had one. Adonis says its all he knows. Rocky says his father got killed because he didn’t stop the fight, Adonis counters with “That’s what he wanted.”

Warlock: Great dialogue.


*Adonis says he’s going to Mickey’s Gym tomorrow, Rocky says he hasn’t been there in a while. He asks who won the secret fight, Rocky says Apollo did*

Warlock: End of Rocky 3 revealed.


*”Pretty” Ricky Conlan (Tony Bellew) is about to serve prison time but has one last fight, he’s going to fight Danny Wheeler. Danny holds up an olympic medal*

Warlock: That’s Andre Ward’s real medal.


*Adonis can’t sleep because someone’s playing loud music. He says “Kick this dude’s ass”

Neyz: That’s me yelling at you.


*Adonis bangs on the door, Bianca (Tessa Thompson) answers. He goes lovestruck and says “I’m Donnie” Bianca blows him off*

Warlock: He’s awkward as hell.


*Adonis hits up Mickey’s Gym which is completely restored and modernized*

Warlock: Not exactly the same is it?

Neyz: Nope.


*Pete Sporino (Ritchie Cosner) trains his son Leo :”The Lion” Sporino (Gabe Rosado). Adonis signs up and asks if he knew Rocky, he says they grew up together. While jogging Adonis spots Bianca’s poster on a telephone pole, she’s a singer*

Warlock: Heh.


*Bianca sings “Grip”

Warlock: Drip…..drip…..sink…..drip

Neyz: Cut it out.


*Adonis watches her awestruck*

Warlock: Pip…..pip…..squeak


*Adonis watches on TV the news of Conlan punching out Wheeler at the weigh-in. Wheeler says he plans to sue Conlan and the WBC for suffering a broken jaw. The superfight is now on hold*

Warlock: There’s your storyline.


*Adonis visits Rocky getting supplies for the restaurant. Adonis calls him “Unc” and Rocky is puzzled. Adonis “It was that or OG” Rocky “What’s an OG?” Adonis “Old ass Gangsta” Rocky “Unc” is good*

Warlock: Heh.


*Adonis asks Rocky for some tips because Pete spends more time with Leo. Rocky asks if they know he’s a Creed. Adonis says no, he goes by his birth name because he wants to make it on his own. Rocky still refuses to train but Adonis asks for some drills. Rocky writes drills on a piece of paper. Adonis snaps a picture of it and walks away. Rocky “Don’t you need this?” Adonis holds up his phone “I got it in the cloud!” Rocky looks up “What cloud?”

Warlock and Neyz: Hahahahahahahahaha


*Adonis calls Mary Anne and says he misses her and he’s doing well on his own. He hears Bianca’s music again and knocks on her door and asks her out. Bianca is skeptical but she goes out anyway*

Warlock: Not exactly Rocky and Adrian.


*Bianca puts in her hearing aid and walks out. She takes him to a steak shop named Max’s. They share bonding moments*

Warlock: Yay, character development.


*Adonis asks why the hearing aid, she has progressive hearing loss. Eventually she’ll be deaf*

Warlock: That’s powerful.


*She teaches him “Bullshit” in sign language*

Warlock:  I need to steal that.


*Bianca asks why he wants to fight. He says his father was a fighter. He asks why she wants to sing. She says it makes her feel alive. He wants to come to her next show*

Warlock: Awww isn’t that nice.


*Rocky visits Adrian and Paulie’s graves. Paulie died in 2013. Rocky starts reading the newspaper and talking as if they were there*

Warlock: Killing off the old guard one by one. Tony Burton died after this was made.

Neyz: Who?

Warlock: Apollo’s trainer.


*Rocky hits up Mickey’s Gym to see Adonis. He gets a heroes welcome when he walks in the door. Rocky without saying so blows off Leo to look for Adonis. Leo is 17-0. Adonis walks up and Pete asks how they know each other. Adonis says he met at the restaurant*

Warlock: Trying his best to make it on his own.


*Rocky pulls him aside and says Adonis needs to work harder than he ever has. We get a funny training montage with Rocky doing nothing and Adonis doing all the work. He catches the chicken easily. Rocky “Chickens are slowing down”

Warlock and Neyz: Hahahahhaa


*Rocky makes Adonis stand in front of a mirror and says its his toughest opponent in boxing and in life. He teaches him how to slip a jab because when he throws a punch in the mirror, the mirror throws one back*

Warlock: Great life advice.


*Adonis hits up Bianca and freestyles badly*

Warlock: I can do better than that.


*Bianca and Adonis lay on the ground together, he kisse sher cheek*

Neyz: Ruh roh.


*They kiss for real*

Warlock: Awww, isn’t that sweet?


*Rocky trains Adonis in Mickey’s gym as Pete watches on visibly miffed. He wants Adonis to fight Leo in a warmup fight. Rocky says they’ll think about it. Adonis is mad that he won’t let him fight. Adonis says they got 6 weeks to train, he’ll move into Rocky’s house. Rocky admits he doesn’t walk around naked. Adonis says that’s fine and he gets in the van*

Neyz: Poor Rocky got roped.


*Rocky “You better not walk around naked either”

Neyz: That’s for sure.


*Adonis moves out of the apartment as Bianca watches. Adonis says Rocky is his uncle. Bianca says he’s white. Rocky “Yeah, a long time”

Warlock: Hahahaha


*Adonis moves into Paulie’s old room.There’s a picture of Rocky and his son. Rocky says he moved to Vancouver and he rarely hears from him*

Warlock: In real life, Sage died a few years before and this was how Sylvester grieved, said it helped alot.


*Adonis picks up one of Paulie’s old dirty magazines. Adonis “Alright Paulie!”

Warlock: Hahahaha


*Adonis is woken up by Rocky singing and dancing*

Warlock: Hahahaha

Neyz: He’s so cute


*Rocky says they’re gonna train at the Front Street Gym, it makes no sense to train at the same spot as his opponent. Rocky drives in the van and Adonis runs alongside*

Neyz: 3 hours later…


*The gym is in Frankford, Rocky says Philly guys are the toughest fighters in the world. The street bikes are a Philly thing. The gym is dilapidated but Rocky and Adonis like it that way. Rocky introduces Padman, Elvis Grant, Amir and Stitch (Jacob Duran). Amir (Malik Bazille) spars with Adonis and we get a training montage. Adonis and Amir get into a shoving and shouting match. Rocky “You’re not learning if you’re talking. You’re not listening if you’re talking.”

Warlock: Good advice.


*Adonis and Amir touch gloves and say they’re cool. We get a second montage with Adonis getting it*

Warlock: Not the same without the Rocky theme.


*Rocky and Adonis hit the speedbag together*

Neyz: That’s so cool.


*Pete pulls Rocky aside before the Adonis/Leo fight and says he knows Adonis is Creed’s son.Rocky asks Pete to keep it under wraps because Adonis wants to make it on his own. Pete “Secret’s safe with me.”

Warlock: Bullshit


*The fight is at the Blue Horizon*

Warlock: Always wanted to go there.


*Adonis needs his gloves cut off because he’s got to take a shit. He retreats to the bathroom. Stitch “That’s a first for me”*

Neyz: That’s so funny.


*The ref gives instructions to Leo and Adonis. They jab at each other when the fight begins*

Neyz: So he’s never fought before?

Warlock: Self taught himself to fight in Mexico.


*Adonis eats a jab and a hook before the crowd chants for Leo. Adonis keeps his elbows up and Leo tags him with a body blow*

Warlock: He telegraphed that one.


*Leo beats him from pillar to post to end the first round. Adonis is cut*

Warlock: He’s cut already.


*Leo fires up the crowd as the second round begins*

Neyz: I wonder if he’s a real fighter.

Warlock: Gabe Rosado? Yeah, he’s a middleweight.


*Adonis knocks out Leo and he jumps in Rocky’s arms. Rocky goes to shake Leo’s hand out of respect and Leo says “Lucky shot!”

Warlock: Nice.


*Adonis celebrates with Bianca and Rocky and says they’re gonna tear the city apart tonight. The next frame is Adonis and Bianca passed out with Rocky watching Skyfall on the couch*

Neyz: Hahaha few hours later

Warlock: More like 20 minutes later.


*Rocky puts a blanket on them and goes upstairs. Bianca wakes up and shows Adonis a mixtape she made. He makes out with Bianca on the couch and says Rocky’s asleep*

Neyz: I’d be pissed. I’d say at least move it to the bedroom,


*Cuff and Link are shown*

Warlock: Its probably them, turtles have a long life span.

Neyz: What about Butkus?

Warlock: Dogs don’t live that long.


*Rocky makes breakfast the next day. Bianca looks up Adonis’ fight and shoots him a glare*

Neyz: Ruh roh.


*An online news article shows Adonis is Apollo Creed’s son. Bianca is mad at him for not being honest. Adonis admits Apollo had an affair with his mom, she died when he was young. He bounced around foster care and juvi before Mary Anne picked him up. Adonis and Bianca make up*

Neyz: Awwww


*PTI has Tony Kornheiser talking about Adonis being Apollo’s son. Michael Wilbon says its a stretch that he can fight like Apollo can*

Warlock: Even in a movie Kornheiser is a dick.


*Tommy Holiday (Graham McTavish) is Ricky’s trainer. He says they need to fight Adonis for one last pay day. Ricky scoffs and says no one cares about Balboa anymore. Tommy says he has no choice because of his criminal behavior and his kids need a roof over his head*

Warlock: His mind is in the right place.


*Tommy calls up Rocky and requests a 30 minute business meeting. Rocky says sure and groans after*

Neyz: Awww shit.


*Tommy sits with Rocky and Adonis at Adrian’s. Rocky says Tommy is here because he knows Adonis is a sure thing. Tommy says the real reason is its Ricky’s last fight and he needs a big payoff. The only stipulation is Adonis has to change his fighting name from “Hollywood” Donnie Johnson to Adonis Creed just for the fight poster. Adonis refuses and Tommy says take a day to think about it*

Warlock: Its like a reverse Rocky 1.


*Adonis says he’s afraid of taking on his father’s name and losing. He doesn’t want to be a fake Creed. Bianca says he IS Apollo’s son, so use the name*

Warlock: She’s got a point.


*Adonis hits up Adrian’s and tells Rocky he wants to fight Conlan. He says Conlan is taller, has more reach, is faster and has more experience. He has to bring the fight to Conlan like he did with Apollo. Rocky says he doesn’t know if HE’S ready to be in the corner. Adonis says the only reason he’s taking the fight is Rocky is in the corner*

Warlock: Awww isn’t that a tearjerker.



Warlock: There’s no need to shout.


*Rocky spars with Adonis for a bit. Rocky pukes then collapses and needs to be rushed to the hospital*

Neyz: Oh noooooo


*Rocky wants to go but Adonis and the doctor says to rest up. Next day Adonis and Bianca make dinner for Rocky. Rocky says he’s never had anything but Italian food*

Warlock: Cent’anni


*Rocky continues to train Adonis before he gets a phone call. He needs to see the doctor immediately. The doctor tells him he has Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma….a treatable form of cancer. The doc says they caught it early so he can begin treatment. He says Adrian tried that and it didn’t work.  Rocky refuses treatment and tells her not to tell anyone although she hands him brochures*

Neyz: That’s so sad.


*Back at the gym Rocky says he wouldn’t believe the traffic. Adonis “What, the senior bus ran late?” Rocky “That’s a cheapshot”

Warlock: Trying to make the best of it.


*Rocky says Adonis needs to look after himself. In the locker-room, Adonis finds the brochures and confronts Rocky about it. Rocky says he accepts what will happen but Adonis is pissed. Rocky gives a speech that he’s lost everything and he belongs in the past. Rocky “We’re not a real family”

Neyz: That’s fucked up.


*Rocky admits to himself that he shouldn’t have said that. Adonis visits Bianca who’s with Tone Trump (himself). Adonis is visibly miffed as Trump called him Baby Creed. Adonis tells him not to call him that and Trump doesn’t back down. Adonis says not to talk tough and Trump says he’ll give him a VIP seat next to his old man and Adonis drops him with a right hand and ends up jailed*

Neyz: He shouldn’t have said that.


*Adonis is in his own cell as Rocky comes to bail him out because he was fighting other inmates*

Neyz: Fighting the inmates, fighting the neighbors, fighting kids on the street.


*Rocky comes to apologize but Adonis screams at him and says he got his real family killed. Rocky says he’s not leaving until he explains himself. Rocky gives him a pep talk saying he’s mad at Apollo, not him. Forgive Apollo and forgive yourself. Adonis tells him to leave and Rocky walks out. Adonis cries*

Neyz: That sucks. He definitely needs a big timeout.


*Adonis is let go and he visits Bianca. She initially blows him off until he says Rocky is sick with cancer. “They want him to start chemo but he’s too macho for that shit.”  Bianca blows him off anyway and he’s pissed*

Warlock: He’s got abandonment issues and she pulls that shit? Get a new girl. She’s worse than that Black Chyna bitch or whatever her name is.

Neyz: Oh shut up.


*Adonis goes to the gym the next day but its closed. Some kid on a dirtbike says “That’s whatsup” and rides off. Adonis comes home to Rocky’s and Rocky says he saw cancer fighting with Adrian. Adonis doesn’t care “I fight, you fight.” Rocky puts his fist out, Adonis puts his out*

Neyz: *hums the Rocky theme*


*We get a montage of Rocky going through chemo with Adonis training in the hospital. An orderly checks on Rocky “Don’t hit the lady Adonis, she’ll probably drop you”

Neyz: Ha.


*Rocky throws up due to the chemo and as to wear a hat to cover his head. We are also shown Conlan training his ass off*

Warlock: Good, shows Adonis will have to beat Ricky on his best day.


*Rocky looks awful going through chemo but still trains Adonis anyway he can. Adonis runs with the dirtbike gang riding with him*

Warlock: The new generation.


*Adonis has the gang popping wheelies outside the gym giving a salute to Rocky. Meanwhile at the press conference Rocky warns Adonis that the fight starts when Conlan walks in, he’s going to start on him. The conference begins when Conlan walks in. Conlan trashes him but puts over Rocky, saying HE’S in Rocky’s cloth not Adonis. They nearly come to blows and have to be separated*

Warlock: Always something isn’t it?


*Rocky asks Adonis for a favor when the fight is over. Rocky keeps looking at the door, confusing Adonis. “You hear something?” Adonis finally hears a knock and opens the door, its Bianca*

Warlock: “Go away” CLICK!

Neyz: Shut up.


*Rocky leaves them alone but he says “legs”

Warlock: Hahahaha women weaken legs.


*Adonis walks into the dressing room at the fight venue. He has a gift package waiting for him. Bianca says its not from her. Its from Mary Anne. Its a pair of USA colored trunks with Creed on the front, Johnson on the back with a tag “Build your own legacy” Rocky “That’s gonna bring him luck*

Warlock: Perfect

Neyz: Oh yeah.


*Rocky gives a speech saying to do it for himself, not for Apollo or Rocky, himself. Adonis makes his way to ringside in the middle of the huge soccer stadium. Rocky says he’s never fought in front of that many people so use it*

Warlock: Yeah really.


*Adonis enters to a chorus of boos with Tupac as his theme*

Neyz: Word


*Michael Buffer (himself) claps for Adonis as the Liverpool crowd chants for Conlan. He enters to “Don’t Waste My Time”

Warlock: Isn’t this your favorite song?

Neyz: No.


*Conlan enters with a midget shooting fire in a cloud of blue smoke*

Neyz: What’s with the leprechaun?


*Max Kellerman (himself) asks if he can fight*

Warlock: What do you think?


*Buffer introduces the two fighters as Mary Anne watches at home. Adonis is 16-0, Conlan is 36-0*

Warlock: Somebodies 0 has got to go.


*They touch gloves and Conlan taunts him saying his father should be in his trunks, not him. Rocky says shut his big mouth*

Warlock: Here we go.


*Round 1 begins with Jim Lampley (himself) calling the action. Conlan beats him from pillar to post and drops him with an uppercut. Adonis takes the standing 8 count as the bell rings that busts open Adonis. Ricky “Is that real for you?” Ricky to Tommy “Gonna knock his ass out” Tommy “Don’t wait”

Warlock: Wouldn’t be much of a movie.


*Second round has Conlan on the run as Adonis begins to fight back, he busts open Ricky. They trade haymakers before the bell rings. Conlan and Adonis trash talk each other*

Warlock: Once again, there’s no way a fight like this goes the distance. You can’t pulverize each other that hard for that long before someone goes down.


*Conlan pounds Adonis in the third round and Adonis goes in the wrong corner*

Warlock: Over here fool!


*Montage has the rounds going by with Adonis making up ground. Adonis is taking a beating but he’s still standing. Rocky “Its you against you, he’s in the way, get him out of the way.”

Warlock: Good line.


*Various zoom ins of blood splatter, ice cracking, bell ringing, blows landing. Rocky says to pound the body and the head will fall*

Warlock: That’s how Ali beat Frazier in the third fight, Joe couldn’t move by the end.


*Conlan parries a jab and drops Adonis with a right hook. Adonis uses the slow motion effect to get up as Conlan celebrates thinking he’s done. Adonis gets up and Conlan is confused*

Warlock: Right out of the first movie.


*Adonis gets pounded in the 11th round. His left eye is swollen shut but the ref lets him go. Rocky says he’s gonna stop the fight. Adonis says hell no. Rocky says he never got a chance to thank Apollo after Mickey died so he’s thanking him now for giving him the will to live. When he goes home he’s gonna fight the cancer, but he’s gotta fight this round for him. “I fight, you fight.”

Warlock; Hell Yeah.


*Going the distance by Bill Conti plays as Adonis beats the ever loving shit out of Conland in the 12th round. Mary Anne “Knock his ass out!” Adonis drops Conlan, Mary Anne “That’s what I’m talkin about” Conlan makes it up at the end and the fight ends with Conlan still standing. Jim Lampley says he won respect. Buffer announces Conlan the winner by split decision. Conlan says Adonis is the future of this division and wear the name proud. Adonis thanks Mary Anne, Rocky, Bianca and the entourage. Max Kellerman asks Adonis if Apollo was there, what would he say? Adonis says he loves him and he’s proud to be a Creed*

Neyz: Why do reporters always gotta make it worse? He looks like Sloth from the Goonies with his eye like that.


*Kellerman “Conlan wins the fight, Creed wins the night”

Warlock: The proper ending.


*Rocky and Adonis hit up the art museum*

Neyz: Couldn’t they at least moved the statue back just for the movie?


*Rocky says he first ran up the steps when he was 12. Rocky “When you get to the top, you think you can fly.” Rocky has trouble walking up the steps but Adonis coaches him on. “One step at a time” Rocky “Who taught you that?” Adonis “Some old guy.” Rocky “I think they added a few more steps”

Warlock: Heh.


*Rocky and Adonis look out at the city at the top of the steps as the movie ends. End credits*

Neyz: Awww good movie.


*End credit: In Memory of Robert Chartoff 1933-2015*

Neyz: Who’s that?

Warlock: He produced all the Rocky movies and Raging Bull. Legendary producer.


Neyzor Blades’ Assessment: 9.5 out of 10. Its not a crap movie, good story, I love that Rocky is still adorable.

The Warlock’s Assessment: 9 out of 10. I thought this movie was just as good as the first movie and in some cases its better. It had amazing acting, amazing story and the fight scenes were done great. Stallone didn’t want to initially do the movie but he did it to grieve for his son. The only thing stopping me from saying this movie is better than the first was if Apollo died in 85, that would have made Adonis 30 at the time of the movie…that’s too old to start boxing. That’s trivial though. I highly recommend this movie and is a must see.

Final Grade: 9 out of 10 – Instant Classic


*The Warlock rises from the couch*

Warlock: How fitting is it that 40 years after the first Rocky comes Creed which pays tribute by being just as good as the first. The original Rocky had the underdog, rags to riches story but this one kept up with family legacy and fighting for more than just in ring bouts. Honor your family how you can and be true to yourself. That about wraps up another instant classic adventure, have a pleasant evening.

*Warlock jumps up and is frozen as Eye of the Tiger plays*

Neyz: Will you cut that out?


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