129. A Few Good Men (1992)


*The Warlock opens the door to his lair.  He’s wearing an NCIS t-shirt, blue jean shorts, white sneakers and gargoyle shades. He’s holding a mug of pepsi*

Warlock: Welcome to my lair…welcome I don’t think so, but enter. Enter my lair if you dare. I’m your host The Warlock *

*Warlock thrusts his arm and lightning cracks in the yard. He walks inside*

Warlock: With NCIS Appreciation Month coming to a close,  I saved the best for last.

*Neyzor Blades is in the recliner. She’s wearing a black and white striped dress*

Neyz: I don’t care what you say, GI Jane is the best.

Warlock: Maybe, but maybe tonight’s movie is supposed to be an all time classic.

Neyz: And that is?

Warlock: A Few Good Men.

Neyz: The Tom Cruise movie?

Warlock: That’s the one.

*Warlock sits in the middle of the couch*

Neyz: Your taste is improving.

Warlock: So let’s get started with A Few Good Men.


*The Warlock reads the tag-line*

Warlock: “Neo military lawyer Kaffee defends marines accused of murder; they contend they were acting under orders.”

Neyz: I think I’ve seen this.


*Movie opens at the naval base on Guantanamo Bay*

Warlock: You don’t want to go there.


*2 marines gag and tie up another*

Neyz: Did they just rape him?

Warlock: I wouldn’t doubt it.


*Opening credits with a marching band*

Neyz: Impeccable trumpets.


*Drill team performs*

Neyz: ROTC pro’s.


*Drill team is outstanding*

Warlock: Damn that’s good.


*Lt Commander JoAnne Galloway (Demi Moore) walks into Captain West (John M Jackson). She reports 2 marines, Lance Corporal Harold Dawson (Wolfgang Bodison) and Private Louden Downey (James Marshall) assaulted and killed Private Santiago (Michael DeLorenzo). The NIS Agent says they beat him to death to silence him in a Code Red. She wants to be the lead investigator. West says to go get coffee and she says she’s fine. He says leave so they can talk about her behind her back. She leaves*

Warlock: Hahahaha


*West says no, she’s off the case. He says they’ll get the right guy for the job. We switch to Lt Daniel Kaffee (Tom Cruise) hitting ground balls to Lt Sherby (Geoffrey Nauffts). David (Matthew Saks) shouts at Kaffee and threatens to charge a client of his. Kaffee bargains for 15 days confinement while wearing a Red Sox hat*

Warlock: I like his hat.


*A roundtable meeting has Lt Sam Weinberg (Kevin Pollak) saying his child is almost talking. Captain Whitaker (Xander Berkeley) tells Kaffee the story. Dawson illegally fired a round over the fenceline and into Cuban territory. Santiago said he’d rat him out to NIS*

Neyz: What’s NIS?

Warlock: Actually that was NCIS before it was called NCIS, they just called it NIS in the early 90’s.


*The rag Downey and Dawson used was poisoned but they claim they had no idea. Whitaker assigns a maligned Weinberg to co-counsel with Kaffee. He asks what he’s going to do and Whitaker says “Doing various administrative…things” Weinberg “So I have nothing to do” Whitaker “Yes” Weinberg “My kind of case”

Warlock: Ha! Things.


*Kaffee and Weinberg visit Galloway in her office*

Neyz: Damn he’s a mess.


*”I’m Sam Weinberg, I have no responsibilities here whatsoever”

Warlock: Heh.


*Galloway doesn’t think much of Kaffee. Dawson’s Aunt Ginny (Maud Winchester) is the next of kin and she’ll contact her. Colonel Nathan Jessup (Jack Nicholsen) is namedropped and Kaffee makes a scared face*

Neyz: I’d make that face about Jack Nicholsen too.


*Weinberg says Jessup is up for promotion. Meanwhile Santiago says he was going to rat out Dawson in exchange for transfer out of Gitmo. Galloway says her jurisdiction is in his face*

Neyz: Haha…


*Galloway warns Weinberg that the marines down there are fantatics. Santiago’s voice reads a letter about him being mistreated and wanting out of Gitmo. The voice changes to Jessup’s voice. “Who the fuck is PFC William T Santiago?”

Warlock and Neyz: Haha.


*Lt Jonathan Kendrick (Kiefer Sutherland) reports to Jessup*

Warlock: Kiefer!


*Jessup tells Kendrick and Matthew Markinson (JT Walsh) to handle the situation. Jessup wants to now what to do. Markinson says to give Santiago what he wants. Jessup bullshits them about that idea and tells Tom (Joshua Malina) to get the president on the phone. Tom goes to do it and Jessup has to tell him he’s only kidding*

Warlock: Hahaha President Bush…help!

Neyz: That was Bush?

Warlock: Senior…not junior.


*Jessup says the transfer might not be the American way. He says Santiago stays and they’ll train him. Kendrick is in charge and tells him that if Santiago doesn’t shape up, he’ll be killed. Markinson protests and Jessup talks to him in private. Jessup tells Markinson that Kendrick is a weasel but he’s a damn good officer. Jessup says taking Santiago and transferring him because he can’t handle it puts lives in danger. Jessup says they go way back but he’s still in charge. He says don’t question him in front of another officer*

Neyz: Uh oh.


*Downey and Dawson are led by Hal to the base. Galloway tells Kaffee that his clients are in town and Kaffee initially doesn’t remember them. Galloway grills him on why he’s there instead of defending them. He jokes but she gives him his life story. She runs him down and gives him an epic speech*

Neyz: Hear hear.


*Kaffee “I see what you’re saying, it was Professor Plum in the Library in the Candlestick”

Warlock: Heh.


*Galloway asks Kaffee if he knows what a Code Red is. He perks up*

Warlock: That got his attention.


*Kaffee and Weinberg meet Dawson and Downey. Kaffee introduces everyone and asks what a Code Red. They say its a disciplinary action. Kaffee grills Downey and Downey says they stopped the Code Red when they saw he was bleeding.  Weinberg asks why he fired over the fenceline. He bullshits and Kaffee asks why the Code Red and Dawson says he did it for the code. Kaffee says he’s the only friend Dawson has*

Neyz: They have to be robots.


*Captain Jack Ross (Kevin Bacon) visits Kaffee. Kaffee says he’s going to get them 12 years, not 20.  Ross off the record says Kendrick told Dawson and Downey not to touch anyone.  Kaffee “Jo, if you ever talk to my client again without my permission, I’ll have you disbarred.” Galloway says she’s going to Cuba with him tomorrow. Kaffee “And the hits keep on coming”

Warlock: Cubaaaaaaaaaa


*Luther (Harry Caesar) greets Kaffee. Kaffee buys a magazine from him.Meanwhile Weinberg pushes his daughter’s stroller*

Neyz: Look how many leaves have fallen.


*Weinberg “Pa look, a mailbox!”

Warlock: Hahahaha


*Weinberg says he believes the marines’ story and they still should go to jail for life. Kaffee says he gets sick when he flies because he’s afraid of crashing into a mountain*

Warlock: Ironic, the actor who plays Santiago was in Alive, a movie about a soccer team crashing into a mountain.


*Kaffee tells Weinberg that Ross told him that Kendrick told the marines not to touch Santiago. Kaffee smells a rat by saying he never mentioned or knows Kendrick. Weinberg has no answer*

Warlock: He’s confused about Kevin Bacon.


*The plane flies to Cuba*

Warlock: It crashes….movie’s over.

Neyz: No.


*Corporal Barnes (Noah Wyle) introduces himself to Galloway, Weinberg and Kaffee*

Warlock: Heh, its Noah Wyle before ER.


*Barnes tells them to put jackets on because the Cubans might take a shot at them. They have to take a boat and Kaffee doesn’t like it. Galloway protests Kaffee and Kaffee says nobody likes Galloway causing Barnes to crack up. Next scene is Jessup, Kendrick and Markinson meeting Galloway, Weinberg and Kaffee*

Warlock: Look at this all-star cast.


*Markinson admits Kaffee’s father is a legendary lawyer that spoke at his high school. Jessup says Lionel Kaffee was a pioneer for integration in Kendrick’s home town. Jessup “How is your father Kaffee?” Kaffee “He died 7 years ago sir” Jessup “Don’t I feel like a fuckin asshole.”

Warlock: Haha.


*Jessup asks what he can do, Kaffee says this is just a formality. Jessup says John can take them out to sightsee, they can have lunch later. Kendrick drives them around and says Santiago wasn’t to be harmed, the private meeting was at 4 AM*

Warlock: Hmmmm, everyone is hush hush.


*Kendrick lead the trio of Kaffee, Sam and JoAnne to Santiago’s room. Kaffee checks the closet and all his clothes are there. Kaffee says to Sam they should be sent to his family*

Neyz: Out of respect.


*Kaffe asks if he can call Kendrick “John” and he says no. He explains how Santiago is dead because God was watching and Santiago had no code. Kaffee says to move on and JoAnne questions his motivation*

Neyz: Yeah really.


*Jessup, Kendrick, Marknson, Sam, Kaffee and JoAnne sit and have lunch. Kaffee asks Jessup about the fenceline shooting. He asks about the meeting he had with Kendrick and Markinson. Jessup lies and says Santiago was to be transferred on the first available flight which was 6 in the morning. Kaffee says that’s all he wants to know and Kendrick says Corporal Barnes is waiting with the jeep. Kaffee gets up to leave but Galloway stops him and says she has more questions. Kaffee tries to talk her out of it but she asks if he met with Dr Stone (Christopher Guest) between 3 and 5 AM. She asks about the term Code Red and he admits he used the term. He received a memo that Code Reds are now illegal. JoAnne continues to badger Jessup about the Code Red’s. He then goes on a sexist rant about Galloway before saying he says he believes in Code Red’s off the record. He says Galloway doesn’t scare him. Kaffee nonchalantly asks for Santiago’s transfer order. Jessup suddenly turns on Kaffee and calls him a faggot with no courtesy*

Warlock: Why did he turn on him? Kaffee was on his side until that point?


*Back at Kaffee’s apartment, Kaffee watches baseball when JoAnne barges in and says Markinson has disappeared. She says she’s officially on the case now and thinks Kendrick ordered the Code Red. Kaffee says “Let’s go”

Neyz: Time to kick some ass.


*Kaffee confronts Dawson and Downey and they admit Kendrick ordered the Code Red. Kaffee “FUCK YOU HAROLD!”

Warlock: Geez.


*Dawson admits Kendrick ordered the platoon to leave Santiago aside, but Kendrick pulled them aside at 4:20 AM and ordered the Code Red. Next frame has Kaffee confronting Jack about the Code Red. Jack and Kaffee go nose to nose and Jack says Markinson is CIA, he won’t be found. Jack says he’ll knock the charge down to Murder 2 and give them 2 years, out in 6 months on good behavior. Galloway says no deal and Jack says Kaffee knows better than to challenge him. He either takes the deal or Jack throws the book at Dawson and Downey. Kaffee gives Dawson and Downey the scoop and they say nothing. Dawson doesn’t want to take the deal, he doesn’t want the dishonorable discharge. Kaffee pleads with them to take the deal. Dawson stands and shouts if he takes it then his career is over and he won’t let that happen*

Warlock: A man of the people.

Neyz: But he still killed someone, intentional or not.


*Kaffee wants Dawson alone so the others leave. Dawson calls Kaffee a coward and Kaffee says he’s going to jail for the rest of his life. Dawson refuses to salute Kaffee when he leaves*

Neyz: What an ungrateful bastard.


*Kaffee says he wants to quit. Galloway gives a pep talk but Kaffee is indignant. Galloway then calls him a used car salsemen, ambulance chaser and nothing*

Warlock: Tell him how you really feel?


*Next say in court, Sam and JoAnne are by themselves without Kaffee. Suddenly Daniel walks in as Judge Randolph (J.A. Preston) enters the courtroom. Jack reads the itinerary*

Warlock: He’ll have 3 burgers, 2 fries and…

Neyz: Idiot, he’s not reading a food menu, that’s the list of charges.


*Randolph asks how Kaffee pleads for his clients in the face of 1st degree murder. Kaffee says “Not guilty” to the surprise of all*

Warlock: Bacon’s like “Oh great, now I actually have to work.”


*Randolph says the trial will be in 3 weeks. Kaffee asks why he was assigned to the case, he realizes that they didn’t expect him to fight. He rallies Sam and JoAnne and say they’re going to work at his apartment to win this thing*

Warlock: He’s rolling.


*Sam says they have no chance to find Markinson. Sam asks why he’s still there and Kaffee says he needs him to help him research and prepare witnesses. JoAnne walks in with medical reports and chinese food*

Warlock: Why don’t they eat the medical reports and study the chinese food?

Neyz: You’re an idiot.


*The trio work hard to find clues and prepare their defense. Kaffee goes on a rant*

Warlock: Don’t scribble furiously.


*Kaffee tries to tell JoAnne how she feels about him but she rejects him by saying he needs to wear matching socks tomorrow*

Warlock: What about unmatching shoes?

Neyz: Not in a military court.


*Kaffee by himself says he has no chance. Aunt Ginny, Mr Dawson (Gene Whittington) and Mrs Dawson are there. Mr. Dawson says to save his son while Kaffee makes an ass out of himself by saying he expected Ginny to be older*

Warlock: Way to not get the sympathy vote.


*Judge Randolph begins the trial as the bailiff (Lawrence Lowe) announces to proceed. Jack’s opening statement makes Dawson and Downey look like cold blooded killers. He also tries to kill Kaffee’s defense before it starts by saying to watch out for the Code Red. Jack ends his statement and Kaffee begins his counter argument by sitting in his chair and saying there was no poison on the rag*

Warlock: The judge from my cousin Vinny would throw him in jail for contempt for that.

Neyz: Wrong movie.


*Kaffee’s opening statement is Dawson and Downey were following orders and they’re not allowed to disobey orders. Jack’s first witness is RC McGuire (Arthur Senzy). He testifies that he’s with NIS*

Warlock: Its Gibbs! Or at least this movie’s equivalent.


*McGuire testifies that Dawson illegally fired over the fenceline and McGuire confirmed it. Kaffee counters by asking for evidence to support charging Dawson for that and McGuire admits he has none. Jack asks how that is and McGuire says Santiago was the only witness so now they’ll never know. Next up is Corporal Carl Hammaker (Cuba Gooding Jr)

Warlock: Nice to see Cuba make a cameo.

Neyz: The hell is he doing here?


*Hammaker testifies that Kendrick said nobody was to touch Santiago. Kaffee asks if Hammaker was there for the private meeting between Kendrick, Dawson and Downey, he says no. Ross wants the entire platoon to testify and Kaffee is willing to conceed their testimony as the same as Hammaker if it will speed things up*

Warlock: Yeah really, this movie would be 3 hours if that would happen and Kaffee would die of boredom.


*Randolph says that’s enough for today and the scene shifts to Kaffee’s apartment. JoAnne wonders how the doctor could examine at Santiago and have no idea what killed him then after meeting Jessup, says its poison*

Warlock: I don’t think forensics was THAT far behind in 1992.


*Kaffee “Oh that’s a relief. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to use the “liar liar pants on fire” defense. We can’t prove coercion”

Warlock: Better than the Chewbacca defense?

Neyz: Huh?


*Dr Stone testifies that lactic acidosis killed Santiago. Kaffee objects but the judge says to wait until cross-examination*

Warlock: Hold your horses.


*Dr. Stone says there are dozens of known toxins which would cause lactic acidosis. Kaffee cross-examins by asking if a medical condition could speed up the process, Stone says yes. Stone says a coronary or cerebral condition could cause it. Kaffee speculates that if he had a condition and a clean rag was placed in his mouth, he’d suffer anyway. Stone says he’d need to have a serious condition to have that happen. Kaffee brings up how Santiago was to be put on restrictive duty by Stone himself. Stone reads his own report that Santiago was suffering from the same symptoms he just described could cause lactic acidosis. Kaffee speculates that Dr. Stone gave him a clean bill of health to cover his own ass and Jack objects*

Warlock: Boom, the jury heard every word of that.


*Jack tries to put over Dr.Stone to the jury and JoAnne stands up to object the entire testimony. Randolph overrules her but she persists. He continues to overrule her and she sits down in a huff. Jack feeds off her anger and once again puts over Stone. He says the government rests until Monday the 19th when the defense witnesses are allowed to testify. Sam gives JoAnne the business for “strenuously objecting” Kaffee tells Sam to back off. JoAnne asks why he hates Dawson and Downey so much and Sam says its because they beat up on a weakling*

Warlock: Hard to call any marine a weakling but he does have a point.


*Sam goes on a rant and Kaffee says to take the night off since they’ve been working so hard. Kaffee “Jo go do….whatever it is you go do”

Warlock: Doing that thing you dooooo


*Sam asks why Jo likes them so much because they stand on a wall and say “Nothing’s gonna hurt you tonight, not on my watch”

Warlock: Wonderful, still beat up on a weakling.


*Kaffee watches baseball and thinks about the case. He gets a knock on the door and its Jo. She asks him out without actually saying so and he plays along*

Neyz: Awww they’re so cute.


*They share bonding moments over lobster. Then Kaffee gets serious and says basically they’re screwed. Jo says they’ll find Markinson. Kaffee says they’re still going to lose. Scene shifts back to court where Corporal Barnes is Kaffee’s first witness. He testifies that he’s gotten Code Red’s and its still practiced there. Barnes reveals before this all started that he wanted to give a Code Red to Santiago but Dawson wouldn’t allow it. Jack cross-examines by driving home the point the Code Red isn’t in the marine guidelines or set of regulations to perform a Code Red. Kaffee counters that the location to the mess hall isn’t in the guidelines either. Jack gives a look that says “Well played”*

Warlock: Great move.


*Next frame Kaffee visits Luther and shoots the shit about the case. He gets back in the car and Markinson is in the back-seat. Kaffee nearly crashes the car*

Neyz: Gahhh!


*Markinson reveals Kendrick gave the order for the Code Red and that Santiago was never supposed to be transferred. Markinson says the transfer orders were filled out the day Kaffee arrived, not when Santiago was alive.  He brings Markinson to a guarded motel and goes back to his team. Kaffee wants the log books while Daniel chats with Jack at the bar. He tells Jack what he knows*

Neyz: Why is he giving away all the information?

Warlock: He has to. Its called disclosure. Remember My Cousin Vinny?


*Jack says if he accuses Jessup of anything then he himself will be court martialed. Before Jack leaves he taunts Kaffee who shouts “YOU’RE A LOUSY FUCKING SOFTBALL PLAYER JACK!”

Warlock: What kind of comeback was that?


*Next day in court, Kendrick is on the stand. Kaffee notes Kendrick fucked Dawson out of a promotion. He mentions a Private Bell was caught stealing but didn’t write him up, instead he said it was to be handled internally. He ordered Dawson to starve Bell and Dawson snuck food to him. Kendrick says Dawson committed a crime by disobeying orders. Kaffee tries to defend Dawson’s character by saying if he got screwed out of a promotion for disobeying an order, why would he do it again when Kendrick supposedly ordered Santiago untouched*



*Jack cross-examines and Kendrick testifies that he didn’t order a Code Red. That night at Kaffee’s, Sam brings the news that the logbooks all coincide with Jessup’s testimony. Kaffee confronts Markinson and Markinson says he had the logbooks fixed. Kaffee storms out and says be ready to testify. Kaffee goes back to his team and says Markinson’s testimony should be enough. Meanwhile Jo contiues to prepare Downey. Downey asks if he gets off, he’ll get back to his platoon, Jo says yes*

Warlock: Wow, she lied to him.

Neyz: She had to.


*Markinson in a voice over reads a suicide note over a montage of him getting in his dress uniform. He puts a .45 in his mouth and pulls the trigger*

Warlock: Wowwwwww

Neyz: And there goes the case.


*Kaffee questions Downey but Jack cross-examines him with facts and Downey freaks out, calling for Dawson to help. Jo put him on the stand and Jack exposed him. Kaffee is angry*

Warlock: Oh he’s gonna be even angrier later.


*Kaffee stumbles into his apartment drunk as fuck. He found out Markinson was dead and he gives up. Kaffee goes on a drunken rant condemning Jo and saying the case is over. He continues to insult Jo, throwing shit around until she leaves. Sam tries to clean up but Kaffee tells him not to. Sam takes a drink and Kaffee goes on another rant about himself and Sam says he’d rather have Kaffee over his father because he’ll go the extra mile his father wouldn’t. Sam wouldn’t put Jessup on the stand and neither would Daniel’s father, but Daniel would. Next frame is Daniel trying to apologize to Jo and say he’ll put Jessup on the stand*

Warlock: Oh sure, of course she believes him.


*Kaffee is excited the next day. Sam “Oh look, last night he was swimming in Jack Daniels, now he can leap tall buildings in a single bound.” Kaffee says he can get Jessup to admit he ordered the Code Red by riling him up. Sam asks how he’s gonna do that and Kaffee says he doesn’t know. He goes to get his bat because he thinks better with it, then spots something in there. He then leaves. Sam “He does think better with that bat”*

Warlock: Ohhhhh I get it.

Neyz: What?

Warlock: Notice the dress whites?

Neyz: Yeah.


*Kaffee calls Sam and asks him to go to Andrews Air Force Base*

Warlock: I’ve been there before.


*As Kaffee goes to court, he runs into Jo who says Sam’s not there yet. In private, Jo tells him if he can’t Jessup to confess, don’t bother. In court, Kaffee calls Jessup to the stand who walks in stoicly*

Warlock: Nice camera work.


*Kaffee works on Jessup as Sam shows up with 2 men from Andrews. Jessup testifies that he told Kendrick that Santiago wasn’t to be touched and for Markinson to transfer him off the base. Kaffee asks why and Jessup says Santiago wasn’t in danger.  Kaffee says the first flight out was at 6 AM and Jessup agrees. Kaffee basically asks if Jessup packed for his short trip to Washington and Kaffee reveals that if Santiago was to be transfered, why wasn’t he packed? Why didn’t he write home or call anyone he was coming home*

Warlock: BOOM!


*The jury looks at each other and Kaffee speculates that there was never a transfer order. Jack objects to the line of questioning, he wants Kaffee reprimanded and Jessup excused. Judge Randolph overrules him and notes his objection*

Warlock: Even he wants in on this.


*Jessup goes on a rant saying he has no idea why he wasn’t packed, why he didn’t call anyone and that he was set to leave at 6 AM. Jessup says he hopes Kaffee hasn’t pinned his hopes on a phone bill. Jessup asks if there are anymore questions, Kaffee looks around and Sam shakes his head as if to say “Don’t do it.” Jessup goes to leave but Kaffee says he’s not through yet. He orders Jessup to sit down. Jessup is mad he didn’t address him as Colonel or Sir*

Neyz: What a dick.


*Judge agrees with Jessup that he should be referred to with seniority and Jessup taunts him, Judge Randolph tells Jessup to address HIM with seniority. Kaffee goes for it and implies there was a flight leaving 7 hours earlier that landed at 2 AM.  He admits the logbooks as evidence as well as the flight officers as witnesses. Jack objects but Jo counters that causes Randolph to side with her.  Jessup is irritated and Kaffee goes for broke by asking if Kendrick forgot the direct order. Jessup says no. Kaffee asks if the platoon forgot the direct order and Jessup goes on a rant saying orders are followed or people die. Kaffee asks one last time, if Santiago was ordered not to be in touched and everyone follows his orders, why would Santiago be in grave danger and be transferred out of there?*

Warlock: Reel in the fish.


*Jessup answers Santiago was a substandard marine, but Kaffee cuts him off.  He jabs at Jessup saying if Santiago wasn’t to be touched then why the transfer. Jessup calls him a snotty little bastard. Jack motions for a recess but Randolph makes Jessup answer. Kaffee persists and then goes off on a rant accusing Jessup of sabotage, doctoring the logbook and turning his back on Dawson and Downey. Jack objects and tries to shut up Kaffee but he continues. Jack “Damn it Kaffee!” Randolph charges Kaffee with contempt and says Jessup doesn’t have to answer when Kaffee shouts “DID YOU ORDER THE CODE RED?” Jessup “You want answers?” Kaffee “I want the truth.” Jessup “You can’t handle the truth!”

Neyz: Oh so that’s where it came from.

Warlock: Yeah, wow.


*Jessup goes on a rant about how marines are unappreciated and Santiago’s death saved lives. His existence saves lives. Jessup continues to rant and Kaffee cuts him off “Did you order the Code Red?” Jessup “I did the job…” Kaffee “DID YOU ORDER THE CODE RED?” Jessup “YOU GOD DAMN RIGHT I DID!”

Warlock: He shoots he scoressssss!!!!!


*The whole rooms looks around as Jessup calms down and realizes what he did. Kaffee orders the charges dropped and for Jessup to be placed under arrest. Randolph asks Jack what he wants to do. Jack agrees with Kaffee. Jessup is oblivious and gets up to leave but Randolph has him detained by the M.P.’s. Jack places Jessup under arrest and he freaks. He goes to attack Kaffee but he’s restrained by the MP’s.  Jessup “You fucked with the wrong marine!”

Neyz: Calm down, will ya?


*Jessup “All you did today was weaken the country, you put people’s lives in danger, son.” Kaffee “Don’t call me son. I’m a lawyer and an officer of the United States navy, and you’re under arrest you son of a bitch.”

Neyz: Yeah!!


*Kaffee excuses Jessup and he leaves. Next frame is the verdict. Downey and Dawson are cleared of murder but are guilty of conduct unbecoming of an officer. They are to serve 6 months at Leavenworth and are to be dishonorably discharged*

Warlock: Ooooh the realistic ending.


*Dawson is sad but Downey starts freaking out.  Downey pleads that he did nothing wrong but Dawson calmly says it was wrong for them to hurt Santiago when they should have been protecting them.  Before Dawson leaves, Kaffee says he doesn’t need to have a patch on his arm to have honor. Dawson salutes Kaffee before he leaves*

Warlock: Nice symbolism.


*Kaffee looks at Jo who walks away. Jack asks what the two airman was going to say and Kaffee admits they didn’t know anything. Jack “Strong witnesses”

Warlock: Hahaha.


*Jack says he’s going to go arrest Kendrick and Kaffee tells him that he says hi*

Neyz: Yeah, fuck him.


*The End*

Warlock: Wow, its over.


Neyzor Blades Assessment: 8 out of 10

The Warlock’s Assessment: 9 out of 10

Final Grade: 8.5 out of 10 – Outstanding


*Warlock rises from the couch*

Warlock: That certainly was an all-time classic. It had drama, an amazing cast and an incredible story. It was mostly realistic and very highly recommended. Well Neyz, you’re officially done with NCIS Appreciation Month.

Neyz: Thank god, I’ve been through enough torture.

Warlock: But there’s still one more movie left to do.

Neyz: Let Mr. America suffer through it, I’m done.

Warlock: Oh I plan on that, have a pleasant evening.


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