67. Home Alone 2 (1992)


*When we last left off, The Warlock had a very eventful Christmas Eve. He was almost dumped by Neyzor Blades, was visited by the spirit of his late friend J-Magic and was shown his past by the Ghost of Christmas Past. Warlock awakes in his bed with all the lights on again*

Warlock: I swear to god Mr. America…

*A figure stands in the doorway wearing green bedsheets as a cloak and hood*

Mr. Wallstreet: Greetings Warlock! It is I the Ghost of Christmas Present!

Warlock: Did you seriously go through my closet and steal my other bed sheets?

Wallstreet: That’s not important old boy. What is important is I am here to show you CHRISTMAS MORNING!! FOLLOW ME!

*Wallstreet holds his arms out and runs out of the room like an airplane, making noises as he leaves*

Warlock: There’s no need to…hey wait…

*Warlock walks into the viewing room, notices he’s wearing 19th century white tent pajamas and a white sleeping cap with slippers*

Warlock: What the hell? How the hell am I wearing this ridiculous get up?

Wallstreet: It wasn’t easy getting you in that.

Warlock: Wait, what?

Wallstreet: Nevermind…I am here to show you CHRISTMAS MORNING!


Wallstreet: Take your own advice. Anyway, this is what everyone else is doing on their CHRISTMAS MORNING!

*Wallstreet flaps his arms like a bird and says OGABOOGABOOGAOOGABOOGA. He then picks up the tv remote and turns on both the tv and DVD player*

Warlock: At least you simply used the remote.

*The tv turns on and Mr. America is shown having Christmas with his family. Hes smiling and opening presents*

Warlock: Wow, he’s smiling.

Wallstreet: Yessss. Amazing what happens when he’s not around you.

Warlock: Hey that’s low.

*The tv then shows Lady T on screen opening presents with her husband and children. She’s smiling and laughing.*

Warlock: Wow, she’s not as insane as I thought.

Wallstreet: Yes, once again without you around.

Warlock: Hey I thought this was Scrooge, not a reverse Its a Wonderful Life.

Wallstreet: What does that tell you my good sir? It means you’re driving everyone crazy with your bad movies.

Warlock: Alright your turn. What are you doing this Christmas?

Wallstreet: Well actually I’m. ..oh wait. I am here giving you guidance as the Ghost of Christmas Present!

Warlock: Riiight…anyway that just leaves Neyzor Blades.

Wallstreet: Au contraire…you too.

Warlock: What?

Wallstreet: And you too. Neyzor Blades is with you.

Warlock: What are you talking about?

*Wallstreet starts making plane noises and rotating his arms*

Warlock: Oh come on…

*Suddenly the camera starts rotating too and does a 360*

Warlock : Hey hey how you doing that?

*The camera stops rotating and the scene shifts to Warlock snuggling on a couch in front of a fire. There’s a christmas tree decorated and a big screen tv with a blu ray player underneath. Both Warlock and Neyz are in standard attire snuggling on a large couch. In the corner, Ghost Wallstreet and Real Warlock watch over.*

Warlock: What the hell is this?

Wallstreet: This is you on Christmas morning.

Warlock: How can that be me if I’m standing here?

Wallstreet: No, this is what Christmas morning SHOULD be for you.  If you hadn’t wasted all that money all those years on crappy movies, this is where you’d be. You’d be with Neyzor Blades watching a GOOD movie on Christmas Day.

Warlock: Elf?

Wallstreet: No, just watch.

*The camera shifts to Warlock and Neyz*

Warlock: I love you so much honey. Mush mush mush.

*They kiss*

Neyz: Ohhh…mush mush mushhhh

*They kiss again*

Warlock: You’re my queen mush mush

*Kissing again*

Neyz: Ohhh..baaaabe

*They kiss again, meanwhile Real Warlock and Ghost Wallstreet are in the corner*

Warlock: Alright can we skip the mushy stuff?

Wallstreet: I agree. *He holds his hand to his mouth* GET ON WITH IT!

*Corner Warlock jumps, startled as the scene shifts back to Couch Warlock*

Warlock: So you ready for the movie my dear?

Neyz: Yes I am.

Warlock: So without further adieu its time for Home Alone 2: Lost in New York!


*Warlock reads the tag-line*

Warlock: “One year after Kevin was left home alone and had to defeat a pair of bumbling burglars, he accidentally finds himself in New York City, and the same criminals are not far behind.”

Neyz: Sounds like Home Alone 2

Warlock: Duh…


*Movie opens with opening credits set to the theme from the first movie*

Neyz: Never heard of half of these people.

Warlock: Tim Curry, Rob Schenider, Joe Pesci, Daniel Stern….good god.


*Its bedlam at the McCallister house again. Peter (John Heard), Kate (Catherine O’Hara), Buzz (Devin Ratray), Megan (Hillary Wolf), Linnie (Maureen Elisabeth Shay), Jeff (Michael C Maronna), Uncle Frank (Gary Bamman), Aunt Leslie (Terrie Snell), Rod (Jedidiah Cohen), Tracy (Senta Moses Mikan), Sondra (Diana Rein), Fuller (Kieran Culkin) and Brooke (Anna Slotky) run around and get ready for another family Christmas trip. Before that is the big Christmas pageant Buzz and Kevin (Macauley Culkin) are partaking in. Kevin is playing with a Talkboy*

Warlock: I had one of those.

Neyz: Me too.


*Kate tells Kevin his grandma sent him an inflatable clown. Kevin wants to know why they’re going to Florida, they don’t have Christmas trees*

Neyz: Oh to be growing up in the 90’s, we were lucky.


*Peter looks for the batter to his camcorder. He accidentally unplugs the alarm clock when he pulls the plug for his charger*

Warlock: Here we go again.


*Peter tells Kevin to get his tie. Kevin says Frank is taking a shower and won’t let him in. Peter says be discreet about it and don’t look at anything. Frank sings horribly as Kevin walks in and records him with the talkboy. Frank notices him and says “Get out of here you nosy little pervert or I’m gonna slap you silly!” Kevin beats a hasty retreat.

Neyz and Warlock: Bahahahaha


*At the Christmas pageant a few of the boys are in it including Jeff, Kevin and Buzz. Kevin sings a solo and Buzz makes fun of him behind his back. The crowd laughs and Kevin turns around to see Buzz grinning. Kevin shoves him which causes a chain reaction to everyone falling down and a huge cardboard Christmas tree wipes out the piano player. Kate stands and shouts “Kevin!”

Warlock: Buzz had it coming.


*Buzz then pulls off a horribly done yet hilarious apology for his actions. When Kevin gets up to apologize Buzz taunts him under his breath and Kevin gets pissed. Kevin cuts a heel promo on his whole family and Peter tells him to go upstairs to the third floor and this time Kevin is defiant. Frank calls him an ungrateful sourpuss and Kevin calls him a cheapskate*

Warlock: He got him!


*Kate visits Kevin on the third floor and says this is how it started last year. Kevin cuts another heel promo saying he doesn’t need anyone and Kate says he’ll get his wish again*

Warlock: I’m with Kate on this one.


*We have a repeat of the first movie where the statue gets knocked over, Kate and Peter scream they did it again and we have more mayhem set to Peter Tchaikovsky’s Dance. Everybody piles into the vans and wonder where Kevin is. He’s riding shotgun and he says he’s glad he has his own ticket.  Kevin runs behind Peter at the airport who’s wearing a beige jacket. Kevin is carrying Peter’s bag with all the cash in it. Kevin stops to put batteries in his Talkboy. As soon as Kevin gets them in, another man in a beige jacket runs in front of him and Kevin mistakes him for his dad. The whole family goes to gate H while Kevin follows the other guy to gate K.  Kevin runs into the ticket taker and drops his boarding pass amongst the ones the taker was holding. Kevin is let on the plane going to New York. Kevin asks the gentleman next to him (Andre Lachaumette) if he’s ever been to Florida and the man answers in French that he’s a food and beverage connoisseur which bores Kevin into listening to Tom Petty.

Neyz: This guy? Ugh

Warlock: I’d listen to Tom Petty too


*Kevin gets off the plane and can’t find anyone. After a bit he realizes he’s in New York. At baggage claim, they figure out Kevin’s not with them. Peter screams “What!!??” Kate screams again “KEVIN!”*

Neyz: That was the best scream yet, his ‘what’ was priceless though.


*Kevin asks the lady where he is, she says New York. Kevin figures out they’re in Florida and he’s in New York. He grins*

Warlock: Got what he wanted again.


*We get a montage of Kevin running around New York. He eventually makes it to the top of the World Trade Center*

Warlock: Won’t see that no more.

Neyz: Can’t believe people jumped from there.


*Meanwhile at the police station Kate and Peter crack jokes as the police guy isn’t friendly. The cop says its most likely he’s back in Chicago. Meanwhile on the fish docks in New York, Marv (Daniel Stern) and Harry (Joe Pesci) pop up. They escaped from prison. Harry “You smell that?” Marv “Yeah, fish”

Neyz: Ha!


*Marv robs a donation change stand and Harry says “Real smart, you’re going to rob 14 cents from Santa?* Marv “We’re the Sticky Bandits!”

Warlock: Hahaha


*Kevin runs into Pidgeon Lady (Brenda Fricker) and runs away. He casually walks by Marv and Harry, Harry bumps into him. Marv runs into a blonde girl and says “Pardon-moi mon cherie” and she slaps him. Harry “Serves you right, let’s go”

Warlock: Bahahaha.


*Kevin makes it to the Plaza Hotel and asks Donald Trump (himself) where the lobby is. Donald answers down the hall and to the left*

Warlock: Donald Trump.

Neyz: Oh my god, yes it is.


*Kevin listens to the Talkboy and records himself asking for a hotel room. When he calls the receptionist he slows down the voice on the Talkboy to make it sound like his father. The receptionist buys it*

Warlock: I used to do that but the sound was never that clear.


*Kevin goes to check in but the Concierge (Tim Curry) spots him. The receptionist is cold to him and Kevin checks in with his dad’s credit card. Meanwhile back at the police station Peter remembers Kevin has his bag and wallet. The cop tells him if he uses the credit card, i


*Concierge tells Cedric (Rob Schneider) not to count his tips in public and to keep an eye on Kevin. Cedric leads Kevin to his hotel room. He holds his hand out for a tip and Kevin gives him gum. Cedric walks away mad*

Neyz: Hahaha


*Kevin hits the pool in his father’s bathing suit. Kevin cannonballs in and notices the trunks floating away. “Yikes”!

Neyz: Bahahaha


*Kevin watches Angels With Filthier Souls. Johnny (Ralph Foody) yells at his girlfriend (Clare Hoak) for kissing his brother. Johnny: “Snuffy, Al, Leo, Little Moe with the gimpy leg, Cheeks, Bony Bob and Cliff!” He says he believes her…BUT HIS TOMMY GUN DON’T! “I’m gonna give ya to the count of three to get Lousy, lying, low-done floor flushing carcas out my door.” After he blows her away “Merry Christmas ya filthy animal….and a happy new year”

Warlock: Classic.


*Outside shot of NYC*

Neyz: Look its pretty.


*The Concierge knocks on Kevin’s door and he retreats to the bathroom. Kevin uses the inflatable clown and the recording of Frank signing to scare him away*



*Meanwhile in Miami, the family is bummed out in a rainy, cheap motel. Back at the Plaza Hotel, Kevin finds out his uncle Rob lives in New York. Kevin finds his dad’s wallet with a picture of the family. Kevin remorses and looks out the window. “Good night mom”. Down in Florida Kate says “Goodnight Kevin”

Neyz: Awwww


*Cedric drops off smaller bathing trunks to Kevin’s door. Kevin asks if he wants a tip. Cedric pulls out the gum he was chewing and says he has tip left over. Kevin pulls out a huge wad of 50 dollar bills and says “No tip? Ok.” Cedric’s face drops as Kevin shuts the door. Once downstairs, Concierge asks Kevin if his father is still mad. Kevin says he’s furious. Concierge checks on the credit card as Kevin leaves in the limo he asked for. The driver and Cedric see him off with a pizza*

Neyz: That’s you Warlock.


*Kevin asks the limo driver if he knows any good toy stores. Meanwhile the Concierge finds out the credit card is stolen and smiles like the Grinch. Harry beats pidgeons with his newspaper as Marv skates around central park. Marv shows up and Harry says they’re going to rob Duncan’s Toy Chest because toy stores carry cash on them on Christmas Eve*

Warlock: It does sound like a plan.


*Kevin visits Duncan’s Toy Chest and its a huge toy store. Marv and Harry hide out. E.F. Duncan (Eddie Bracken) comes up to Kevin and share a chat. Duncan is a really nice guy that is donating that day’s receipts and a huge chest of money to charity. Kevin pulls out a 20 and hands it to Duncan saying give it to the kids. Duncan takes two turtledoves off a tree and hands them to Kevin. He says to give one half to a special person and keep the other half as a symbol of friendship*

Warlock: See, two turtledoves are important.


*Kevin figures out who Mr Duncan was and leaves the store. Harry and Marv spot Kevin and go to kidnap him. Kevin screams and nobody cares. They chase him through the streets and Kevin drops them with well placed necklace beads. Kevin runs to the hotel and says to Concierge that two guys are after him. He grins evily and says “What’s the matter, store wouldn’t accept your STOLEN CREDIT CARD?” Concierge threatens to call the cops as Kevin runs inside the hotel. Marv and Harry says to get him. Concierge calls the receptionist and Cedric to get Kevin and they all crash into each other. Concierge drags Cedric on the ground and asks for security. Kevin goes to his room and prepares to leave by grabbing cookies and such. He puts on the movie as Cedric, Receptionist, Cedric and two security guards, one named Cliff barge into the room.  The movie says “I believe ya, but my Tommygun don’t! Get down on your knees and tell me you love me.” They all get on their knees and say they love him.  The tommygun goes off and Kevin lip-syncs “Merry christmas ya filthy animal, and a happy new year!” The group army crawls away as Concierge shouts at the guests “STAY IN YOUR ROOMS! THIS IS AN EMERGENCY! THERE’S AN INSANE GUEST, WITH A GUN!”

Neyz and Warlock: Bahahhaahaha


Kevin jumps out the back door where Marv and Harry Harry says they spent 9 months in jail and Kevin records them saying they’re going to rob Duncan’s Toy Chest at midnight. Harry tells Marv to shut up and Marv says not to worry because he won’t be able to talk. Harry says he’s got a gun. They go for a stroll but have to stop at a crosswalk. Kevin pinches the behind of the attractive girl from before and she turns around. Marv “Well hello.” She punches him down. Kevin points to Harry “He did it!” She punches him out too. Kevin thanks her and he runs off into Central Park. Kevin escapes in a horse and carriage*

Neyz: There’s so many people.

Warlock: Its New York City, nobody cares.


*Harry laments losing Kevin. Marv says this time Kevin is in trouble because he’s there alone. Harry “Grown men walk into the park and don’t walk out alive.”

Warlock: He’s right.


*The family watches Its a Wonderful Life in Spanish as Kate gets a phone call. The police say Kevin is in New York City and he ran from the hotel when they questioned him about Peter’s credit card. Peter asks if Kevin is smart enough to go to his uncle’s house. Unfortunately for Kevin, the relatives are in Paris and the place is being renovated*


Neyz: “Uncle Rob is there early and Kevin runs up. Rob takes him in and says they’ll watch him until they can locate the parents. Kevin places a call to the police to be at Duncan’s Toy Chest at midnight. They show up and arrest Marv and Harry on sight”

Warlock: THE END


*Kevin shows up to his uncle Rob’s place but nobody is there. Kevin walks through the streets at night and runs into the local dregs. Kevin calls for a taxi but the driver (Mario Tordisco) scares the daylights out of him. Kevin runs to the park where he’s surrounded by the pigeons. Kevin sees Pigeon Lady and screams. His foot in the caught in the rock and the Lady sets him free. Kevin runs but then stops himself. He walks back to her and apologizes for screaming at her. He says the birds are nice. “They’re all over you because they like you.”

Neyz: That’s meeeeeeeee.


*Kevin asks if the pigeons come back or does she have to call them. She hands him seeds and say they can hear it. He throws the seed and the pigeons come flocking. Kevin asks if she wants to go for hot cocoa with him and she agrees. She takes him to the attic of an Opera House. She has heard the finest musicians play there. She says she doesn’t have human friends, only the birds. Kevin says he’s the pigeon of the house. Lady says she once had a job and loved ones but her husband ran out on her. She says she can’t trust anyone anymore and Kevin pulls off an epic speech using roller blades as an example. He tells her to take a chance and love again. “Your heart may be broken, but it isn’t gone. You wouldn’t be this nice.”

Warlock: So here’s the Old Man Marley of the second movie.


*Pigeon Lady says to go do a good deed to erase any bad deeds he had done. Kevin says he’ll go do that*

Neyz: She doesn’t realize this is a 10 year old kid all alone?

Warlock: Only a movie


*Kevin says he’ll promise to see her again and she can trust him. Lady “Don’t make promises you can’t keep.” Kevin walks out and remembers that Marv and Harry are going to rob Duncan’s Toy Chest. Kevin says his good deed will be to stop them. Its 9 PM when Kevin runs to his Uncle’s place to set up traps.

Warlock: How did he know….what….nevermind.

Neyz: It makes you wonder what the hell they’re doing to the house if it looks THAT bad renovating.


*Kevin’s family walks up to the hotel and the Concierge gets a tongue lashing from Kate and Peter. Kate “The way I’m feeling, no mugger or murderer is gonna mess with me.” Concierge goes to talk her out of it and she slaps him. “Its cold outside, please bundle up before going outside.”

Warlock: Hahaha


*Midnight tolls as Marv and Harry wake up inside Duncan’s. They rob the place blind as Harry says “Merry christmas Harry.” Marv cracks up the chest “Happy Hanukkah Marv”  Kevin spots them and takes pictures of them. He then tosses a brick with a note for Mr. Duncan attached to set the alarm off. Harry “He took our picture.” Marv “How did my hair look?”

Warlock Hahaha


*Marv packs up as much cash as he can carry and Harry jumps out the window onto a see-saw. Marv jumps out and Harry goes flying, crashing ontop of a car*

Warlock: A. He wouldn’t go up that high, B. He’d be dead.


*Kevin runs from the duo as Kate just misses him. Kevin makes it to the roof of Rob’s place and taunts them. Marv says to get him and Harry says to hold up. He says not to underestimate him and Marv says its not his house and he’s running scared. Harry “May I do the thinking, please?” Marv’s face is priceless.

Neyz and Warlock: Hahahaha


*Harry tries to make a deal with Kevin to toss him the camera and he’ll go away. Kevin tosses bricks that hit Marv in the head 3 times*

Warlock: He’d be dead.


*One last brick nails Marv and Harry says he’s going around back, Marv take the front. Marv “Hawwwyyyyy”

Neyz: That’s my favorite.


*Marv pulls the front doorknob that ignites a nail gun that hits Marv in the ass*

Warlock: He won’t be able to sit for a week.


*Another nail hits Marv in the gonads*

Warlock: Owwww


*The final nail hits Marv in the cheek. Meanwhile Harry out back goes to climb the ladder but its covered in goo. He falls and speaks gibberish*

Warlock: Behwgaeleaahebaraggegaga.


*Marv walks in “Harry, I’ve reached the top!” He falls twenty feet to the ground. He cracks his neck and passes out*

Neyz: Hahahahaha


*Harry mumbles to himself as Harry barges in the back door who gets nailed by a giant bag of tools. Meawhile Marv stands up “Wow….what a hole!”

Warlock: My favorite line.


*Marv slips on green slime and crashes into the paint shelf, it all falls on him. Harry turns a light on inside and narrowly avoids a hole*

Neyz: There are holes everywhere randomly. They’re not renovating, they’re tearing it down.


*Marv gets up in technicolor and goes to turn a water faucet on but Kevin’s got it hooked to a car battery. Marv fries as a stunt double of a skeleton is inserted for comedic effect*

Warlock: He’d be dead….again.

Neyz: He’s got nine lives.


*Harry turns on the bathroom light and the blowtorch sets the top of his head on fire. He goes to stick his head in the toilet but its full of gasoline….BANG*

Warlock: He’d be dead too.

Neyz: Its only a movie.


*Marv gets up looking like Larry Fine. “Ha..Harryyyyyy”. He tugs on a rope a bunch of times and it doesn’t move. Marv goes to climb it but the ropes down with a sugar sack attached to it. Marv covered in sugar “I’m gonna murder that kid…ACHOO!”

Warlock: Yes!


*Marv climbes out of his hole and spots Kevin. Kevin “Don’t you know a kid always wins against two idiots?” Kevin climbs a ladder to escape and when he makes it, the ladder collapses with Harry on top of it. Marv picks him up and Kevin says to try the stairs. They go to the stairs and Harry stops Marv and says to remember last year. They fake walking up the stairs as Kevin tosses two paint cans that miss. Marv “Ow, right in the schnozz!” Marv and Harry then figure Kevin’s done and go up the stairs as Kevin tosses a banister down that crack Marv and Harry in the face, dropping them down the hole. The banister comes down the hole and lands on them*

Warlock: They’d be dead.


*Kevin asks if they give up, Marv “NEVER!!!”

Warlock: Bahahahaha


*Marv: I hope your parents got you a tombstone for Christmas!”

Warlock: Another great line.


*Kevin rolls the Craftsman toolbox on wheels down the stairs that smush Marv and Harry. Kevin “Yes!” Kevin  ties a rope to the roof and climbs down. He calls Marv a big horses ass. Marv “Suck brick kid!” He tosses a brick at Kevin and misses.

Neyz: My favorite line.


*Marv and Harry climb down the rope and wonder why they’re smelling kerosene. Kevin lights the rope on fire as Harry shouts to go back up. They fall off the rope, crashing through wood with cans of sticky wood finish falling on them. Kevin runs to a payphone, calls the cops and tells them the Bandits will be in Central Park West and they have a gun. Marv and Harry chase Kevin who slips on black ice and falls. Marv and Harry pick him up and say to go for a nice stroll in the park. Harry brings him under a tunnel and takes the pictures of them robbing the place. Harry pulls out a gun covered in goo and points it at Kevin. The pigeons begin to show as Marv gets scared. Harry “I never made it to the 6th grade and it doesn’t like you’re going to either.” Pigeon Lady shows up and tells Kevin to run. Harry tries to shoot her but can’t because the gun is too slippery and Lady douses them with pigeon seed. The pigeons attack and stop the bandits as Kevin lights the fireworks he bought earlier*

Warlock: Oooh….ahhhhh….ooooh….ahhhh


*The cops show up and arrest Marv and Harry. Marv tells the cops everything as Harry keeps kicking him as they’re led away. Marv can’t spell Sticky”

Neyz: Hahhahaha


*Back at Mr. Duncan’s, the police say they got the money back and the suspects are in custody. Mr. Duncan reads the note its Kevin apologizing for breaking the window and says he’ll pay for it when he gets back to Chicago. Duncan smiles. Kate chats with a veteran cop who calms her down and says to put herself in his shoes. Kate then realizes where he is and says she has to get Rockefeller Center. Kevin is at the tree and asks for his mom*

Warlock: Awww he wants his mommy, c’mon.


*Kevin says he needs to tell his mom he’s sorry and Kate shows up*

Neyz: Isn’t that just weird?


*Kevin and Kate apologize and embrace each other*

Warlock: Mushy

Neyz: Mush mush mushhhhh


*Kate says he knew where to find him because of his love for Christmas Trees*

Warlock: Better detective work than the cops.


*Next morning Fuller awakes first surrounded by empty coke cans. “Holy smokes its Christmas morning.” Kevin “Don’t get your hopes up.” Fuller invites everyone upstairs where there are Christmas presents everywhere. They have no idea where they came from. Buzz figures out they were from Mr. Duncan. He says its only fair that Kevin opens the first present. Kevin spots the turtle doves and sneaks outside while everyone opens the presents. Kevin runs to the park and says Merry Christmas to Pigeon Lady. He hands one of the turtle doves to her and say they’ll be friends forever. Lady “Oh Kevin. Thank you.” Kevin “I won’t forget you, trust me.” They embrace*

Neyz: Awww look at the birds!


*Cedric knocks on the door and hands Buzz the room service bill. He holds his hand out for tip and Buzz gives him his chewing gum he had in his mouth.  Buzz reads the bill and its for 967 dollars “Oh daddddddd.”  Peter “KEVIN, YOU SPENT NINE HUNDRED SIXTY SEVEN DOLLARS ON ROOM SERVICE!!!???”

Warlock: Better run.

*Neyz is silent*

Warlock: Nevermind.

Neyz: What?


*End credits*

Warlock: Classic movie.



Neyzor Blades assessment: 9.5 out of 10 for the sappy factor, but it is a Christmas movie. Point five off is because its much too sappy.

Warlock’s assessment: I give it 9 out of 10. It was almost the exact same movie with Pigeon Lady replacing Old Man Marley. I will say I’ll give an extra point five because the one liners were funnier and we got a little bit of background from Marv and Harry

Final Grade: 9 out of 10 – Classic


*Warlock remains on the couch snuggled up*

Warlock: That was awesome. In its own way it was superior to the first although the magic of the first can’t really be duplicated. All in all its a Christmas classic and should be viewed ny everyone.

*They kiss*

Neyz : Merry Christmas mush mush

*They kiss again*

Warlock: mushmusush…Have a pleasant evening.

*The screen fades and when it comes back, Warlock is standing in his own doorway still wearing the tent pjs and sleeping cap*

Warlock: That could have been me huh? I could be living it up and having fun if I chose to respect her feelings. Maybe I should have watched Elf after all. I should give Neyz a ring in the morn…

*All of a sudden the lights go out and Warlock’s laptop buzzes. An incoming skype call awaits*

Warlock: Now what?





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