55. Rocky (1976)


*Opening graphic of a scrolling T-H-E W-A-R-L-O-C-K with the Rocky theme. Next frame shows Warlock running down his street. He’s wearing maroon shorts, gray t-shirt soaked in sweat, sneakers. He completes his run by running up his steps and raises both hands in the air. One of the neighbors looks at him, shakes his head and walks inside their residence. Warlock turns to the camera looking unfazed*

Warlock: Welcome to my lair….welcome I don’t think so, but enter. Enter my lair if you dare. I’m your host The Warlock.

*Warlock unleashes a series of right jabs and a left hook before walking into the lair*

Warlock: With the Thanksgiving release of Creed AKA Rocky 7, I figured it would be a good time to re-visit the first movie. One of the all time classic movies, Rocky.

*Neyzor Blades is sitting in the recliner wearing standard attire*

Neyz: This better be good.

Warlock: How could you say such a thing? I told you it was. Don’t you trust me?

Neyz: Hell no!

Warlock: Good. For the 3 nerds reading this that have never seen this, Rocky is a story about a lousy boxer that gets a once in a lifetime chance to fight the heavyweight champion of the world.

Neyz: Sounds better than Mr. Wrong.

Warlock: It is.

*Warlock sits on the couch*

Warlock: So without further delay, its time for Rocky.


*Warlock reads the tag-line*

Warlock: “Rocky Balboa, a small-time boxer gets a supremely rare chance to fight the heavyweight champion, Apollo Creed, in a bout in which he strives to go the distance for his self-respect.”

Neyz: Before it got cliche?


*Movie opens with a scrolling graphic ROCKY to the Rocky theme. We cut to what appears to be a church rec center in Philadelphia on November 25, 1975. Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone) is fighting Spider Rico (Pedro Lovell) and is getting his face smashed in. The referee (Frankie Van) lets Spider get away with a few cheap shots. The bell rings and Rocky heads to his corner*

Warlock: The hecklers in the crowd would prefer this over the “boxers” of today dancing around for 12 rounds making millions.


*Rocky’s cornerman (Simmy Bow) tells him he fights like a bum. He tries to give Rocky advice but Rocky doesn’t listen. Meanwhile some guy comes up to Rocky and says he bet on Rocky to win in 3 rounds*

Warlock: I should have made that bet.

Neyz: This was 40 years ago!


*Round 2 bell rings. A female fan in the crowd yells at Rocky as fans toss garbage into the ring. Spider continues to use Rocky’s head as a punching bag and lands an illegal head butt. Rocky’s fan complains and the ref just admonishes him. Rocky gets enraged and beats Rico down until the ref pries him off and declares him the winner. His fan celebrates*

Warlock: He won the fight, can ya believe it?

Neyz: Isn’t that illegal?

Warlock: Guess not.


*The announcer (Billy Sands) doesn’t even declare Rocky the winner. He just says the next bout will be between Kid Brooks and Sugar Johnson (Paris Eagle). Rocky hugs Sugar on his way out of the ring with a towel over his eye*

Warlock: Look at this dog and pony show, no cut-man, no Mick, he’s virtually by himself.


*As Rocky leaves, he bums a cigarette off a guy in the crowd as that female fan calls him a bum*

Neyz: No lady, you’re a bum!


*Rocky in the back puts on his robe that says Italian Stallion on it. Spider Rico is sipping a beer and tells him he really got lucky. The announcer comes to the back and tells Spider his share of the purse was 40 dollars minus 15 dollars for locker and corner, 5 dollars for shower and towel, 7 percent tax and the final total is $17.20*

Warlock: Look at that, damn near got his brains beat in for 17 dollars. Even in 1975 that was chump change.


*Rocky’s share of the purse is 65 dollars, minus 15 dollars locker and cornerman, 5 dollars shower and towel, 7 percent tax. Total is $40.55*

Warlock: That wouldn’t cover a dinner for two at Ninety-Nine’s now.


*Rocky asks when he fights next, the guy says maybe two weeks. The doctor should be there in about 20 minutes. Rocky and Spider look dejected*

Neyz: He has to live off that for two weeks?

Warlock: No, a lot of these guys had real jobs and fought on the side. Then again, 40 dollars in 1975 with inflation is about 180 dollars now.


*Rocky walks down the street whistling until he stops to look at some puppies*

Neyz: Awww they’re the babies.


*Rocky walks by the Street Corner Band singing Take Me Back. Rocky tells their leader (Frank Stallone) that they’re getting better every year.*

Warlock: Frank Stallone, Rocky’s real life brother.


*Graphic reads Writer- Sylvester Stallone*

Neyz: Wait, he wrote this?

Warlock: Yup, this was his baby.


*Rocky heads to his apartment. He puts on a record, feeds and talks to Mr.and Mrs Turtle. He has a huge poster of Rocky Marciano on the mantle. He brings a fishbowl containing Moby Dick and puts it next to the turtle bowl. He says if they all could sing and dance, he wouldn’t be doing this.*

Warlock: What a show that would be. Singing fish and turtles.


*Rocky looks at the turtle food in front of his mirror. On the mirror are his real life pictures of him as a young boy*

Warlock: Heh, that’s really him.

Neyz: No way.


*Rocky takes ice out of the icebox and holds it to his wound. Next frame Rocky visits Adrian (Talia Shire) at the pet shop she works at. Her boss (Jane Marla Robbins) walks by. Rocky tells a really bad joke and Butkus (Butkus Stallone) barks at him. Rocky does a Tarzan yell*

Neyz: Aww the babies.


*Rocky and Adrian lock eyes before Rocky walks away. Next frame is at the shipyard where Rocky corners Chiptooth (Christopher Avildsen) and is supposed to break his thumbs because he hasn’t paid the $200 he owes Gazzo (Joe Spinell) the local loan-shark. The dude gives 130 to Rocky and says take his coat as collateral. Rocky shows mercy on him and lets him go with the coat, no thumb is broken*

Warlock: Wow, what a loser.

Neyz: He’s a good guy, he doesn’t want to do the job.


*Gazzo pulls up in his Rolls Royce with his bodyguard (Joe Sorbello) driving. Rocky gets in the back. Rocky hands him the 130 and Gazzo hands him a 20*

Warlock: So in 24 hours he made 60 dollars…that’s about 270 now.

Neyz: We’re living in the wrong time.


*Gazzo asks to collect from Del Rio tomorrow, he’s 3 weeks late and Gazzo doesn’t like it.*

Warlock: Watch out Alberto!


*Gazzo asks how Rocky did and Rocky answers “Real good.” Bodyguard asks if Rocky got the license number of the truck that ran over his face.*

Warlock: Ow…that one hurt.


*Gazzo pulls Rocky aside and admonishes him for not breaking the dude’s thumb. Rocky “How did you know?” Gazzo “You don’t think I hear things?” Gazzo tells him to break the thumb because if he doesn’t do what’s asked, its bad for his reputation. Bodyguard calls him a leafbag as they drive off. Rocky “I shoulda broke YOUR thumb!”

Warlock: Too little too late.


*Rocky walks up to Mighty Mick’s gym. Mike (Jimmy Gambina) is outside sweeping and Rocky blows him off*

Warlock: Wow, what an asshole.


*Rocky goes to open his locker, it won’t open. He gets a fire extinguisher and smashes the lock off. Someone else’s stuff is in there. Mike shows up and says its not Rocky’s locker anymore. Mickey (Burgess Meredith) ordered Mike to give it to Dipper Brown (Stan Shaw). Rocky is angered that his stuff is now bagged on skid row*

Warlock: If only the movie had the natural fight between Rocky and Dipper.

Neyz: What’s skid row?

Warlock: Basically when a fighter is all washed up or not that good, he’s discarded.


*Rocky confronts Mickey who tells him to shut up*

Neyz: Hahaha


*Rocky asks why he gave his locker away. Mickey says Dipper is a climber and a contender, Rocky is just a tomato. Rocky says he knocked out Spider Rico in the second round and Mickey laughs and calls him a bum. Rocky says “You think everybody I fight is a bum.” Mickey “Well ain’t they? You got heart but you fight like a god-damned ape. You never had your nose busted, leave it that way.” Rocky tells him he should have seen him, Mickey says big deal. Mickey “Ever think about retiring?” Rocky “No” Mickey “Well think about it.”  Dipper then pipes in “Hey yo Rock, I dig your locker man.”

Neyz: Is Mick drunk?

Warlock: Nah, he’s just a jerk.


*Rocky walks out of Mick’s gym and heads to the pet shop later on that night. He talks to Adrian who’s feeding birds*

Neyz: Aww they’re the gizzards.


*Rocky asks Adrian if she wants to go to the Spectrum to watch the Sixers*

Warlock: They went to the NBA Finals a year later.


*Rocky asks if she wants him to walk her home. She says no.”

Warlock: Can he not take a hint?

Neyz: Why is she so weird?

Warlock: Part of the character.


*Rocky helps a drunk (Lloyd Kaufman) into the bar. The bartender (Don Sherman) tells him Paulie (Burt Young) is in the bathroom. Paulie “I’d like to kill the freakin moron who broke the mirror” Rocky asks Paulie why his sister is such a prude. Adrian is Paulie’s sister*

Neyz: Haha


*Paulie “She’s pushin 30! If she doesn’t shape up she’s gonna die an old maid.”  Rocky “I’M pushing 30”  Paulie “YOU’RE gonna die an old maid”

Warlock: Hahahaha


*Paulie invites Rocky over for Thanksgiving the next day. Paulie leaves without paying for his beer*

Warlock: What a dumbass


*Rocky and the bartender watches Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers) on tv who walks with his wife Mary-Anne (Lavelle Roby). His bodyguard (Michael Dorn) looks on as the reporter asks him what’s going to happen. Apollo says he’s going to drop his opponent in their upcoming fight. The bartender insults Apollo and Rocky defends Apollo.  Rocky “What shot did you ever take?” Bartender “Want me to take a shot? I’ll take a shot.” He picks up a shot glass.*

Neyz and Warlock: Hahaha


*Rocky spots his friend Marie (Jodi Letizia)  hanging out with the local riff raff. Rocky takes her away from the crowd and tries to tell her to shape up. He walks her home and at the end, she flips him off and says “Screw you creepo.”

Warlock: Its a thankless job.

Neyz: Hmmmm.


*Rocky shadow boxes a street sign*

Warlock: That street sign won best supporting actor.


*Apollo talks with the promoter Jergens (Thayer David) with his trainer Duke (Tony Burton) apparently his opponent broke his hand in training. Apollo wants another contender but Jergens says none of them wants to take the fight on 5 weeks notice. Jergens doesn’t know what to do.Apollo then figures out that if he can’t find a ranked contender, he’ll find a local fighter and give him a once in a lifetime shot.*

Warlock: And there’s your storyline.


*Rocky gets out of Gazzo’s car and goes over who he collects from. Gazzo asks Rocky who he’s going out with tomorrow and Rocky says Adrian. Buddy the Bodyguard makes fun of Rocky and Adrian and Rocky says he’s gonna break his shoulders.”

Warlock: Do it!


*Apollo is going over a list of local Philly fighters and both Duke and Jergens say they’re all garbage. Shirley (Shirley O’Hara) the secretary offers Creed coffee. Apollo then spots something, a name. “The Italian Stallion.” He says he wants Rocky Balboa because of the name. The fight will promote itself. Apollo Creed meets the Italian Stallion. Duke says not to mess with him because Rocky’s a southpaw. Apollo “Southpaw nothin, I’ll drop him in 3.”

Warlock: The arrogance is what makes him a heel.


*Rocky and Paulie walk down the street. Paulie wants a job with Gazzo and Rocky doesn’t want to give him one. Rocky asks Paulie if she knows he’s coming, he says sure. They walk in and Adrian acts shy and awkward. Paulie and Adrian yell at each other. Paulie wants her to go out with Rocky but she’s got a turkey in the oven. Paulie “Oh you want the bird?” He pulls the turkey out of the oven and throws it outside “Go out in the alley and eat the bird!” Adrian storms off crying and Paulie calls her a loser. Rocky knocks on her door and says “Yo Adrian.”

Warlock: A classic line is born.


*Rocky: “I never talked to no door before. I look like an idiot”

Neyz: Haha


*Rocky doesn’t move. “Hey Adrian its Rocky again.”

Neyz: Heh, he’s adorable.


*Rocky asks out Adrian and she’s ready to go out. Rocky asks Paulie what she likes to do. Paulie says she likes to ice skate. Rocky takes her to the local ice rink. The attendant (George Memmoli) tells them to get lost. Rocky bribes for 10 minutes of ice time.*

Warlock: He sucks at negotiating.


*Rocky and Adrian share bonding moments. She skates while he tries to follow along*

Warlock: I can’t skate either.

Neyz: This is awkward.


*Adrian: “Why do you want to fight?” Rocky “I can’t sing or dance.”

Warlock: That’s pretty sad yet truthful of the time period.


*Rocky walks Adrian to his home while smoking. He tells some random guy “Get a job ya bum!*

Warlock: Wow.


*Rocky: “You gotta be a moron to want to be a fighter. You end up a bum.”

Warlock: A lost art these days. Pro boxing pretty much died off.


*Rocky asks Adrian in and she refuses. Adrian “I gotta go.” Rocky “I gotta go to, gotta go to the bathroom”

Warlock: What do you think of the dialogue?

Neyz: He’s funny, she’s corny.


*Adrian relents and follows Rocky into the apartment*

Neyz: She’s like me, she’s very shy.


*Rocky strips down to a wifebeater, showing off his physique. He turns on the record player and names his turtles Cuff and Link. Adrian reminds him that she sold them to him*

Warlock: What do you think of the name Cuff and Link?

Neyz: Cute.


*Rocky makes Adrian laugh and she notices his picture collage, avoiding sitting with Rocky*

Neyz: Why doesn’t she want to jump his bones?

Warlock: She’s really shy.


*Adrian says she wants to call Paulie to let him know where she is.Rocky then shouts out the window that she’s here and he’ll call him*

Neyz: Hahahahaha


*Adrian starts getting cold feet and Rocky tries to calm her down. He corners her by the door*

Warlock: Uh oh.


*Rocky makes her take off her glasses. She does and he says she has nice eyes*

Warlock: That’s pretty good acting on her part to be that shy.


*Rocky starts hitting on her and she initially rejects it. Rocky says he wants to kiss her and she doesn’t have to kiss back*

Warlock: I’ve been there before.

Neyz: Me too.


*They start getting romantic with small kisses that turn into longer ones.*

Neyz: She’s like “fuck man, these muscles are getting to me”

Warlock: He awoke the sleeping giant.

Neyz: Yeah seriously.


*Rocky walks up to Mick’s gym, the dude outside says Mick was looking for him. Mick says Jergens wants to talk with him, possibly about sparring with Creed. Rocky walks away saying they must be looking for sparring partner for Creed. Mick “I said that before ya dumb dago!”

Neyz: What’s that mean?

Warlock: To Italians, dago means the same as the n word.


*Rocky wants to know why Mick is so hard on him. Mick says he doesn’t want to know. Rocky shouts that he does. Mick finally admits that Rocky had the talent to become a contender but instead became a legbreaker to “a cheap, second rate loan-shark!” Rocky “Its a living.” Mick “Its a WASTE of life.”

Warlock: See? He saw the talent in Rocky but he pissed it all away. That’s why Mick’s a dick to him.


*Rocky walks into Jergens’ office and says that he’ll be a good sparring partner. Jergens says Apollo isn’t looking for sparring partners, he wants to give Rocky a shot at the title. Rocky is skeptical but refuses because he’s a bum and Apollo is the best. Jergens convinces him to take the shot*

Warlock: Wow.


*Rocky,Paulie and Adrian watch a press conference with Apollo’s entourage and Rocky*

Warlock: Love how Michael Dorn is in the background.

Neyz: Who?

Warlock: Worf from Star Trek.

Neyz: Really?

Warlock: Yes,a young Worf.


*Apollo Creed is asked why he’s fighting a guy with no chance. Apollo says the American way means anyone can do anything. Paulie is skeptical and drinks his beer*

Neyz: Is he drinking Michelob?

Warlock: Oh yeahhhh, he is.

Neyz: My uncle used to drink that.

Warlock: It was the quintessential 80’s beer.

Neyz: You mean it wasn’t Budweiser?

Warlock: Budweiser has been enjoyed by people of all ages since it was created. I can’t think of anyone under the age of 30 who drinks Michelob.


*Apollo insults Rocky on tv and Paulie tells Rocky in real time to punch his lungs out. Rocky says he came up with the name Italian Stallion at dinner 8 years prior. The announcer says Rocky will make 150 grand. Paulie subtlety hints that he wants to help Rocky train but Rocky turns him down. Paulie gets mad and storms out*

Warlock: Why doesn’t he just give him a job? Jesus.


*Rocky talks to Gazzo who hands him 500 dollars and tells him to get in shape. He pulls the cigarette out of Rocky’s mouth and says he’s in training now*

Warlock: He’s right. Stop smoking you fool!


*Next scene Mick comes to see Rocky at his apartment. Mick tries to kiss his ass but Rocky is skeptical. Mick wants to manage him for the heavyweight championship fight but Rocky is pissed that Mick never cared about him before. Rocky goes to drink a beer and Mick tells him not to drink that. Mick continues to talk and Rocky pretty much ignores him. Mick wants to manage Rocky because he himself never had a manager. Rocky gets pissed and Mick says “I’m 76 years old now” and starts crying. Mick starts crying and leaves. Rocky goes on a rant screaming at Mick for treating him like shit for years. When he’s done, he runs downstairs, puts his arm around Mick and shakes his hand.*

Neyz: Awwww yayyyyy.

Warlock: I may start crying, shit….


*Next scene is Rocky waking up at 4 in the morning. He drinks 5 eggs*

Neyz: That’s so unsanitary.

Warlock: Nobody knew that then.

Neyz: That’s his protein. Now he’s gonna go throw up.


*Rocky runs through the streets of Philadelphia in a gray sweatsuit. Rocky barely makes it up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art*

Neyz: Nobody goes in there because who the hell wants to walk up those stairs. Look at him, he’s getting the fat kid cramp.

Warlock: Yeah, because he’s not in shape. All those years of smoking and drinking.


*Paulie takes Rocky in his meat locker that he works for. Rocky “This place looks like an animal morgue. Who killed all these things?”

Warlock: Wow.


*Paulie cuts up a slab of meat for Rocky and asks for a job from Gazzo. Rocky tells him no. Paulie “You screwing my sister?” Rocky tells him not to talk like that. Rocky “That’s why I can’t connect you with Gazzo, you know that Paulie? You got a big mouth, you talk too much.”  Paulie gets pissed and starts punching the raw meat. Rocky then notices and then uses the hanging steer as a punching bag*

Warlock: And that’s where the idea was born.


*Paulie calms down and says “You do that to Apollo Creed, they’ll put us in jail for murder.”

Neyz: Did he do that on purpose?

Warlock: Yeah, he saw what Paulie did and said “Hey what a good idea.”


*Adrian wants in Rocky’s pants but he’s too tired and says he’s in training*

Warlock: He wants in her pants the whole movie and now she wants in his pants and he rejects her.

Neyz: Is she pissed?

Warlock: No, he’s apologizing


*Next day Rocky is working the heavy bag with Mike when Mick stops him. He ties Rocky’s feet together and says it will help his balance. Rocky Marciano had the same problem and the string cured it. All of a sudden two girls want Rocky’s out of here. Mick “GET OUTTA HERE! Get your little chicken asses out of here.”  Mick then tells Rocky to get rid of Adrian and Rocky says he likes her. Mick “THEN LET HER TRAIN YA! Women weaken legs!” Rocky says no more fooling around*

Warlock: Yeah that’ll last about 5 minutes.


*Adrian shows up at Rocky’s door and brings him Butkus as a surprise. Rocky is ecstatic*

Neyz: Look he’s pumped!


*Rocky runs through the streets with Butkus on his way to the meat locker. Paulie called the news station to watch him train. Rocky is pissed. “You see that cigar, I’m gonna stick it in your ear!”

Warlock: Hahaha.


*The news reporter tells Paulie to get lost and asks Rocky how he trains. Rocky then pounds the hanging steer. Meanwhile, Duke watches on TV while Apollo schmoozes with his seconds*

Neyz: Heh, Paulie is photobombing.


*Duke: “Hey champ you may want to take a look at this, looks like he means business.” Apollo blows him off and Duke is concerned. Rocky finishes the session*

Warlock: Yeah, Apollo isn’t taking him seriously and Duke knows it.


*Paulie staggers home drunk and singing to himself*

Neyz: Oh god, he’s drunk.


*Paulie overhears Rocky and Adrian talking shit about him. Paulie gets pissed and tells Rocky to get out. Adrian says its not just his place. Paulie tells them both to get out. Paulie grabs a bat and goes to town on the furniture. He goes on a rant but then Adrian answers with a more powerful rant. He tells her she’s busted. She storms off screaming and Rocky grabs Paulie and goes to whack him but he cowers in fear*

Warlock: What a rant…


*Adrian asks Rocky if he wants a roomate. He says absolutely. Next frame, Rocky is training with Mike and Mick. “You’re gonna eat lighting and you’re gonna crap thunder! You’re gonna be a very dangerous poisen!” Al Silvani (himself) shows up and Mick says he’s the new cut man. He goes to take a shower and Mick tells Al that Rocky means business because he goes to the body like nobody. Paulie shows up and asks Rocky for an advertising favor*

Warlock: Remember that.


*Rocky runs through the streets of Philly only this time he has a montage sets to Gonna Fly Now. He runs up the steps of the art museum and raises his arms in victory*

Warlock: One of the most iconic images ever.


*Rocky can’t sleep and walks to the Spectrum where the fight will take place. He sees Creed’s painted picture and then sees his own. Jergens walks by and asks him what he’s doing. Rocky says the painting is wrong because his trunks are white, not red. Jergens says it doesn’t matter. Rocky is miffed*

Neyz: Why does it matter?

Warlock: Its a sign of disrespect. It shows they don’t really give a shit.


*Rocky walks home dejected then lays with Adrian. He says he can’t beat Creed and Adrian asks what he can do. Rocky says he’ll be a bum no matter what but he wants to go the distance. He says that nobody has ever gone the distance with Creed. If he can go the distance, he won’t be a bum anymore*

Neyz: Awww


*Next frame is fight night. Rocky gets taped up as Adrian looks on. Apollo gets a rub down. Apollo is wearing American flag trunks while Rocky wears white with a red stripe. Adrian waits for Rocky in the back. Rocky “How bout I wait here and YOU fight?”

Neyz: Haha.


*Rocky’s robe says Italian Stallion but as an ad for Shamrock Meat, Paulie’s company. Paulie meets him on the way to the ring and says his date (Kathleen Parker) cost 200 bucks*

Warlock: Hahahaha


*Apollo makes his appearance dressed like George Washington with the powdered wig. He throws silver dollars to the crowd with the US Marines hymn playing*

Neyz: What is this shit?

Warlock: He’s giving the crowd a show. He doesn’t expect Rocky to put up a fight.


*Apollo puts on a big hat and says he wants Rocky. Mick tells Rocky to shut his mouth. Creed says the fight will be over in 3 as Jergens greets the crowd. He introduces “Smoking” Joe Frazier (himself) as a special guest. He shakes Rocky’s hand and then Apollo’s hand. Apollo “You’re next Joe.”

Warlock: He just retired that year.


*The local bar has the fight on as Rocky is introduced. Apollo is introduced as undefeated 46-0, Master of Disaster*

Warlock: He was 3 fights away from Marciano’s record.


*The timekeeper (Frank Stallone Sr) rings the bell for round*

Warlock: Ha, that’s Sylvester Stallone’s dad ringing the bell.


*The announcers call Rocky badly outclassed as Apollo jabs at him. Rocky then stuns everyone with a left uppercut that drops the champion. The bar explodes as the announcers say that’s the first time Creed has ever been knocked down. Apollo takes the 8 count as Mike says to go for the ribs*

Neyz: Was that legit?

Warlock: Yup, that was a real knockdown.


*Apollo and Rocky clinch and Apollo breaks his nose at the end of the round. Mick “Its an improvement.” Duke to Apollo “He doesn’t know its a damn show, he thinks its a damn fight. Let’s finish this bum and lets go home”

Warlock: Heh! No respect at all.


*Round 2 begins with Creed backing Rocky up with lefts and rights. Rocky uses his face as a punching bag but gets inside and nails Creed with several jabs and hooks. The announcers are impressed and even Jergens is concerned*

Warlock: Here we go…


*Going the Distance by Bill Conti plays as a montage of the next 11 rounds shows Rocky and Creed beating the shit out of each other. Rocky’s right eye gets worse as the fight goes on*

Neyz: This is a Puff Daddy song.

Warlock: Hardly, this is Bill Conti.


*Round 14 has Creed knocking Balboa down with a thunderous uppercut. Mick tells Rocky to stay down for his health as Adrian makes her way to the arena. Rocky gets to his feet as Apollo looks flabbergasted. Rocky says to bring it and Rocky snaps Apollo’s ribs with a crushing uppercut*

Warlock: Ohhhh I felt that. He broke his rib.


*Rocky’s right eye is swollen shut as Apollo’s rib is broken. Rocky tells Mick to cut him. Al cuts him open. Meanwhile Duke says Apollo is bleeding internally and will stop the fight. Apollo “You don’t stop nothing man.” Rocky in his corner “You stop this fight I’ll kill ya!” Mick “You wanna go, go.”

Warlock: Awesome symbolism. Neither one wants to give it up.


*Rock has Creed on the ropes ready to go but is saved by the bell. Apollo “Ain’t gonna be a rematch.” Rocky “Don’t want one!” Its bedlam and mayhem in the ring. Rocky shouts for Adrian and she makes her way to the ring. Jergens announces Apollo Creed the winner by a split decision. Rocky continues to shout for Adrian. Paulie lets her in the ring and Rocky says “I love you.” Adrian “I love you.”  Rocky holds her close as the credits roll*

Neyz: *Makes fun of Rocky shouting*


Neyzor Blades assessment: 10 out of 10, it was a classic.

Warlock’s assessment: I’ll agree with that, 10 out of 10. The story was well written, everyone acted great, the ending was perfect and realistic.

Final Grade: 10 out of 10 – One of the Best of All Time


*Warlock rises from the couch*

Warlock: How do you top perfection? You don’t. No matter how many sequels there were, nothing ever came close to the first movie…except one. Which one will that be? Find out another time. As for now, have a pleasant evening.


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