49. From Russia With Love (1963)


*The Warlock is wearing a black tuxedo with red tie, black shoes and gargoyle shades. He walks in front of a sniper scope, turns and fires a fireball, melting it*

Warlock: Not exactly a gunshot….anyway, welcome to my lair. Welcome I don’t think so, but enter, enter my lair if you dare. I’m Warlock….THE Warlock.

*James Bond theme plays loudly and Warlock covers his ears*

Warlock: Dammit Neyz, not yet!

*Warlock walks into the lair and Neyzor Blades lowers the volume on the TV. She’s in the recliner wearing a blue sequined dress.*

Neyz: Sorry.

Warlock: In keeping up with the recent release of S.P.E.C.T.R.E in theaters and after the positive feedback of Dr. No, we decided to continue our James Bond coverage.

Neyz: We? It was your idea.

Warlock: Pipe down. Tonight’s movie is From Russia With Love, released in 1963 to rave reviews.

Neyz: Better than the steaming piles of shit you and Mr. America watch.

*Neyz takes her seat on the left side of the couch, Warlock on the right*

Warlock: So let’s get started shall we?


*Warlock reads the tag-line*

Warlock: “James Bond willingly falls into an assassination ploy involving a naive Russian beauty in order to retrieve a Soviet encryption device that was stolen by SPECTRE.”

Neyz: Sounds interesting.


*Bond walks to the middle of the screen wearing a trilby hat, turns and fires into the camera*

Warlock: Ohhhhhh….they got me  *pretends to faint*

Neyz: Will you be serious?


*James Bond (Sean Connery) sneaks around the outside of a mansion until he’s seen by Grant (Robert Shaw). Grant eventually catches and kills him with the garrote in the watch trick*

Neyz: Wait what???


*The lights go on and Morzeny (Walter Gotell) runs up to Grant and says “One minute fifty-two seconds, excellent.” Mozeny pulls the mask off Bond and its some random goon (John Ketteringham)*

Neyz: Oh, that’s better.

Warlock: You really think they’d kill him off 2 minutes into the movie?


*Opening credits has a decent orchestral theme with belly dancing girl (Julie Mendez) shaking her tits and ass around*

Neyz: Does every opening look like this?

Warlock: Somewhat. It was pretty risque for 1963.


*Next frame is at the Venice International Grandmasters Chess Championship. The finals feature Czechoslovakia’s Kronsteen (Vladek Sheybal) against Canada’s MacAdams (Peter Madden)*

Warlock: Oh isn’t this exciting, the chess finals!

Neyz: Hardly….


*Kronsteen takes the bishop with his knight and the Umpire (Maitland Moss) tells the spectators (Victor Harrington, Aileen Lewis, among others) what’s happening as a dude in the back moves pieces on a giant chessboard on the wall*

Neyz: Is that necessary?

Warlock: By 1963 I don’t know, but that’s how they used to do the World Series before radio. The results would be on a ticker and some dude would read then shout at the crowd “Speaker doubles, scoring Hooper!” or something.


*A waiter brings Kronsteen a cup of water and he slowly looks up at him.*

Neyz: He looks like an evil bastard.


*Inside the water is a hidden message saying Kronsteen’s presence is required immediately. He then puts MacAdams in checkmate and wins the game.*

Warlock: What, no gatorade shower by the patrons in the crowd?

Neyz: I think the Chess finals are just a little bit more classy than the Superbowl.


*Kronsteen is on a boat and he walks into a room with Rosa Klebb (Lotte Lenya) and the voice of Ernest Blofield (Anthony Dawson’s body, voiced by Eric Pohlmann). Blofield is showing off his Siamese fighting fish.*

Warlock: Don’t you have those?

Neyz: No!


*Blofield calls her Number 3 and Kronsteen is Number 5. Kronsteen says his team is read to steal a top secret decoder, just needs help from the Soviets and the British Secret Service. Blofield pets a white cat and asks Klebb if she’s ready. Klebb says she’s handpicked a Soviet woman to carry out the orders that has no idea she defected to SPECTRE.*

Warlock: That cat should have won best supporting actor.


*Blofield asks why M (Bernard Lee) would go along with this plan and Kronsteen says the British view a trap as a challenge. He also says it will be perfect timing to avenge Dr. No since MI6 will most certainly send James Bond for the mission.*

Warlock: Perrrrrrfct.


*Grant is getting a tan when a Masseuse (Jan Williams) strips to her underwear and gives him a rub down*

Warlock: Woahhhhh

Neyz: What, she’s wearing underwear.

Warlock: Again, you never saw that in the early 1960’s.


*A chopper carrying Klebb is met by Mozeny*



*Klebb wants to meet Grant. She reads his dossier, he’s a convicted murderer and an escaped convict. He’s the most highly trained soldier Mozeny has. Klebb goes to the lake and has him stand up. She socks him with brass knuckles, he doesn’t budge. Klebb is impressed and says to have him meet her in Turkey tomorrow.*

Warlock: Watch, after they all walk away he  goes back to the Masseuse, clutches his ribs and goes “Ohhhhhowwwwwwwwowowooww”


*Next frame is in Istanbul. Tatiana (Daniela Bianchi) speaks with two friends and a policeman (Bedri Cavusoglu) before meeting Klebb. Klebb gives her the run down and tells her to take off her jacket and turn around. She tells Tatiana that she’s hot and reads her dossier. Klebb gives her a picture of an unidentified man and says to do whatever he wants or she won’t walk out alive. She tells Tatiana not to mention Klebb is involved or she’ll be shot.”

Neyz: They’re brutal.

Warlock: By the way that’s not Daniela Bianchi’s real voice. She doesn’t have an accent so they overdubbed Barbara Jefford.


*Next frame shows a man (Michael Culver) punting down the river with his girlfriend (Elizabeth Counsell) while Bond making his first real appearance  18 minutes into the movie. He’s making out with Sylvia (Eunice Gayson) from the first movie*

Neyz: I thought Bond girls were only in one movie apiece.

Warlock: They made exceptions early on.


*Bond is called by Moneypenny (Lois Maxwell) and is told to head to M’s office immediately. Bond says he’ll be there in an hour, then looks at Sylvia and says “Make that an hour and a half.”

Warlock: That’s more like it.  That’s 1 by my count

Neyz: You guys are pigs.


*Bond walks into MI6, tosses his hat onto the rack and M cuts him off. In M’s office, M says that Tatiana told Kerim Bey (Pedro Armendariz) that she was willing to defect with the Lektor decoder only if Bond was there to meet her. M and Bond know its a trap but, as Kronsteen predicted, they’ll go along with it. M calls Boothroyd, the head of Q Branch (Desmond Llewlyn) into the office to give Bond a parting gift.*

Neyz: So this is where those goofy gadgets started to pop up.

Warlock: Yup, it was a running gag for decades.


*According to Q, the black leather case has 40 rounds of ammo in it, a throwing knife, an AR-7 sniper rifle with infrared telescopic sight, 50 gold coins and a tin of talcum powder loaded with tear gas*

Warlock: 30 years before El Mariachi.


*Q says if Bond opens the case normally, the tear gas goes off. He tells him to open it a certain way so the gas doesn’t go off. He leaves and M tells Bond to take the case and screw. In Moneypenny’s office, they get in some g-rated flirting before M buzzes them and tells Bond to leave the photograph of Tatiana there. He pulls it out and autograph’s it “From Russia With Love.”*

Warlock: People wondered why the movie was titled that, there ya go.


*Bond lands in Istanbul where he speaks in code to a chauffeur (Neville Jason) sent for him.*

Warlock: Guess after the mess in Jamaica he’s been weary of drivers.

Neyz: Who could blame him?


*As Bond and the chauffeur leave, he’s spied on by a Spectacled Spy (Hasan Ceylan) and by Grant.*

Neyz: How many people want Bond dead?

Warlock: A lot!


*Bond notices they’re being tailed and the driver casually mentions its common practice to be spied on by the Bulgarians. The chauffeur takes Bond to meet Kerim and Bond praises the chauffeur. Kerim says its his son. They talk business and Kerim says Tatiana will contact Bond when she’s ready. Next frame shows a man tied up in the back seat with Grant driving.*

Warlock: He can’t come to the phone, he’s a little tied up at the moment.


*Bond and Kerim’s son checks into the Istanbul hotel and the concierge (Andre Charisse) says room number 32 is ready.*

Warlock: Room 32 huh?

Neyz: Yeah, why?

*Warlock looks at his movie shelf with Room 33 sitting on it*

Warlock: Nevermind.


*The James Bond theme plays as he checks out his hotel room. Warlock head bobs along*

Neyz: Will you stop?


*James finds a hidden camera behind a mirror and the phone is bugged. He calls the receptionist (Arlette Dobson) and tells her the room won’t do. The concierge says the only room available is the bridal suite and James says that’s fine. Grand then pulls up to the emissary and gets in a different car. The dude with glasses opens the car and a dead guy falls out. Meanwhile in the car Grant got into, Klebb is in there and praises his work.*

Warlock: The dude kind of looks like Sean Connery when he’s older.


*Kerim’s girlfriend (Nadja Regin) is laying in bed calling for him but he ignores her. She wants some action but he’s not interested. Finally he gives in as a bomb goes off. He’s unharmed and Bond walks in later. Kerim wonders why the Russians are attacking and James said it must be because of him. James and Kerim walk to a secret underground base that Kerim says that was built by Constantine 1600 years ago.*

Warlock: Constantine thought of everything.


*Kerim and James are now underneath the Russian Consulate. Kerim had the US Navy install a periscope for him to spy with. He spots 2 members of the Consulate along with Benz (Peter Bayliss) an agent of the General. James asks if Tatiana ever appears there and Kerim says sometimes. Kerim spots the General shouting at Krilencu (Fred Haggerty). He’s a Bulgarian assassin and Kerim is convinced he’s the one that tried to kill him. Tatiana walks in and Bond checks her out, loving what he sees. Kerim says he’ll take care of Krilencu and tells James the hotel isn’t safe. They’re going to hang out with gypsies.*

Warlock: Gypsies??

Neyz: Don’t make fun.


*Nearby Krilencu is planning an assassination with a group of men. Meanwhile Kerim and Bond must witness a blood battle between two gypsies who are in love with the same man. First, they’re treating to a dancing show by Leila (Lisa Guiraut) much to Bond’s delight.*

Warlock: I’m down with that.

Neyz: I’m sure you are.


*Krilencu’s men prepare to attack, taking out a few guards while Grant watches nearby. Back at the party, Leila dances up on Bond and he thanks the host.  Now its time for the main event. Two gypsy girls are prepared to fight to the death. Kerim tells James to say and do nothing. The two girls yell at each other and its go time*

Warlock: If only Howard Finkel could announce the contestants.


*As the women battle, Krilencu’s men attack. Many gypsies are killed and wounded in the attack. Kerim gets hit in the arm. Bond shoots a bunch of assassins but one of them gets the drop on him. Just as Bond is about to be sliced and diced, his attacker is shot dead by Grant.*

Neyz: What he do that for?

Warlock: He needs Bond alive long enough to discover the Lektor.


*Krilencu has his men retreat as Bond tends to Kerim*



*Kerim’s men has one of the attackers captured. They say they were after Kerim. The host says thanks to Bond and James is now his son. Bond says to stop the gypsy fight, the Host says that will be Bond’s choice to make. James: “As if I didn’t have enough problems.” Next frame shows James in his tent when Kerim sends both girls into his tent and tells him to decide. James “This might take some time.” Next scene has everyone repairing the damage done and Bond being served tea by the two women.

Warlock: I won’t count that since it was never implied he slept with them.

Neyz: At least they’re getting along.


*Bond leaves the gypsy camp amid warm goodbyes. Bond and Kerim ponder how to get rid of Krilencu. Bond loads up the AR-7 sniper rifle and Kerim says they need to get him before he gets them. Bond goes to aim but Kerim says he needs to pull the trigger, bad arm and all. Krilencu tries to grapple down out of his lair and Kerim shoots him dead.*

Warlock: That ends that sidequest, now for the main mission.


*Back at his hotel room in Istanbul, James undresses but smells something off. He runs a bath but hears something in the bedroom. He investigates and finds Tatiana Romanova.*

Warlock: Normally finding a hot blonde woman in your bed is a good thing.


*Bond kisses Tatiana and he asks where the Lektor is.  He tries to grill her anyway and she tells him she’ll talk….in the morning. Meanwhile the couple is being filmed*

Warlock: That’s 2 by my count…also being used as a porno can’t be good.

Neyz: They’re not shooting a porno you dope!

Warlock: Why not? If he gives up the Secret Service, he can have a second career.”


*Tatiana makes it to the St. Sofia Mosque and Bond meets her there while a tour guide (Muhammat Kohen) gives the history of it.  She places the floor plan of the Russian Consolate in a corner while the dude with glasses is on Bond’s tail. The dude with glasses is the first to pick up the plan but he’s killed by Grant, also on Bond’s trail.*

Neyz: Twice now he’s helped Bond out.

Warlock: Again, Bond has to get a hold of the Lektor so Grant can get it.


*Back at Kerim’s, he says to Bond that none of his men killed the other guy. They go over Tatiana’s floor plan and compare it to the architect’s design Kerim has. James trusts her but Kerim knows better. James tries to assure him all he wants is the Lektor. Kerim “Are you sure that’s all you want?”

Warlock: No, he wants that ass.


*Next frame, James meets Tatiana on a boat. She’s freaked out and paranoid but James tries to re-assure her. He wants the Lektor first, her second. James opens the camera he’s holding and its a tape recorder inside. Some dude (George Oliver) listens in. James makes her describe the Lektor, size, shape, etc.  They still talk but the scene shifts to M’s office where Moneypenny and a host of delegates of MI6 listen in. When Tatiana says “Oh James, will you make love to me all the time in England?” The looks on Moneypenny and M’s face are priceless*

Warlock and Neyz: Hahahahaha


*Tatiana continues to describe the Lektor but then asks James about Western girls. James, knowing M is listening, says he and M had an interesting experience in Tokyo. M immediately shuts the tape off.*

Warlock: Hahahahaha


*Moneypenny listens in on her own device but M catches her and has her report to Bond. James and Kerim say they’ll steal the Lektor on the 14th. James and Kerim infiltrate the Consolate with the help of Tatiana and a bomb going off. Tatiana asks why they’re doing it today on the 13th.  Bond doesn’t answer*

Warlock: To throw off anyone that might stop him.


*Bond steals the Lektor and escapes with Tatiana and Kerim as a host of rats make their way out*

Neyz: Awwww the babies!!!


*Bond, Tatiana and James makes it to the Orient Express train but the Russian security officer Benz (Peter Bayliss) catches them. Also on board the train is Grant.*

Neyz: Guess this will be the setting for the final battle.

Warlock: ……Maybe


*Kerim and James leave Tatiana alone, Bond says he’ll knock 3 times as a code*

Warlock: Knock three times on the ceiling if you wannnnntttttt meeeeee.

Neyz: No.


*Kerim says he’ll talk to the train conductor (George Pastell) and says they’ve done business together before. The plan is to stop off in Bulgaria where Kerim’s sons will be waiting. A woman (Jacqueline Saltzman) walks by them.

Warlock: Heh, that’s the producer of the movie’s wife in real life.


*Kerim walks off and James gets some g-rated flirting in with Tatiana as she tries on a new outfit. She says she’ll wear it to Piccadilly*

Warlock: I’ve been there.


*Tatiana answers the door and Kerim is there. He calls her charming as James leaves with him. Kerim says they’ll get off at the restaurant car. A knock on Benz’ door and its Kerim and Bond. They tie him up and James leaves. As soon as James leaves, Grant walks in.  James goes back to Tatiana and she removes her dress, off camera of course. Next frame shows her smoking while laying on Bond.*

Warlock: Watch, she ashes on him and he jumps up screaming


*James says to do as he says and smacks her on the ass*

Warlock: Wish I could have done that.

Neyz: Shut up……sit down.


*James and Tatiana dress to go to the dining cart, as soon as they leave the Conductor comes out and tells James there’s been a terrible accident. They go to Benz’ cart and find him and Kerim both dead. The conductor says they killed each other. James bribes him to keep this quiet until the train reaches its destination*

Neyz: Poor Kerim.

Warlock: Yeah, two movies in a row the contact dies.


*James figures out that Kerim was murdered and not by Benz. Meanwhile outside Kerim’s son waits and nobody gets off. He drives off after the train. James comes back to Tatiana and confronts her about Kerim’s death. James browbeats her and she admits she love him. He doesn’t believe her and he grabs the magic briefcase.*

Neyz: Why did he have to hit her?

Warlock: They’re both agents, its part of the job.


*The train reaches Belgrade and James gets off. Behind him on the train is Grant*

Neyz: Why doesn’t he just kill Tatiana and take the Lektor now?

Warlock: Because Bond will follow him or at least the trail of the Lektor. He’s got to kill Bond one way or another.


*Kerim’s other son stops James outside the train and asks what happened. James says Kerim’s dead and so is the guy that killed him. Bond hands the son the father’s personal possessions and gets back on the train. An unnecessarily long map/train sequence begins*

Warlock: Ok, can they progress the story now?


*Grant gets off the train at Zagreb and follows Captain Nash (William Hill). He then comes out and meets up with bond, claiming to be Captain Nash from Station Y. James trusts him and brings him into his passenger car. He greets Tatiana and has a chat with James. Bond points to his briefcase and says he can’t get it through customs. James tells Grant to accompany Tatiana to the dining cart and he’ll be along shortly. As they leave, James goes through Nash’s briefcase and finds his gun. He closes the briefcase and leaves.*

Neyz: Shouldn’t he be suspicious of the gun?

Warlock: Most agents carry guns. Although Bond does appear to be suspicious.

*Grant leaves the seat next to Tatiana and greets Bond. James will have the grilled sole, Grant says make that three of them. Grant wants red chianti. Later on he pours Tatiana a glass and slips some drugs in them. Next frame shows the trio going back into the car. Tatiana passes out and James goes with Grant into the next room. He pulls a gun on Grant and asks what he put in her drink.*

Warlock: James is no fool.


*Grant tells Bond to take it easy and tells Bond what he put in her drink. Grant says the escape route he planned is just for them two, not Tatiana. He asks “What do you want, the girl or the Lektor.” Bond puts the gun away and Grant points on a map where his exit strategy is. Bond leans in closer and Grant pulls a derringer out of his sock and knocks out Bond with it*

Warlock: Ok…maybe I’m wrong.


*Rather than kill him, Grant disarms Bond, steals his cigarettes and money. James comes to and Grant tells him on his knees with his hands in his pockets. Bond says “Red wine with fish, I should have known.”

Neyz: Huh?

Warlock: Red herring…get it?

Neyz: No.

Warlock: Nevermind.


*James insinuates Grant is working for Smersh and Grant acts puzzles. Bond then figures out he’s working for SPECTRE and the plan is to turn the Soviets and British against one another. Bond asks if he killed the Russian agent at the Mosque, Kerim, Nash and Benz. Grant: “Mm-hmm”

Warlock: Mm-hmm.


*Grant says he doesn’t mind talking because its enjoyable to watch Bond make a fool of himself. Grant admits he’s been keeping tabs on him and saved his life at the gypsy camp. He says it was to keep him alive long enough to lead him to the Lektor*

Warlock: See?


*Bond asks if the girl is in on it too. Grant says no, she thinks she’s doing it for Mother Russia. Grant says she’s working for Klebb and Bond recognizes the name. Grant says he’s got the film of them getting it on at the hotel and a forged letter saying “Marry me or I publish the film.” Grant wants it to look like a murder suicide so the Soviets and British get further angry at each other. Bond calls him a lunatic which angers Grant into slapping him. He says his orders to kill the girl and James, how he does it is up to him. Bond says whatever they’re paying him, he’ll double it. Grant: “The first won’t kill you, not even the second, not the third. Not until you crawl over here and kiss my foot!”

Warlock: 30 years before Jerry Lawler.


*Bond says he’ll pay Grant 50 gold coins for a cigarette. He opens Grant’s case (which was Nash’s) and Grant asks if they’re any in Bond’s case. Bond says he’ll have a look but Grant stops him. Grant falls victim of the tear gas booby trap and Bond jumps him*



*Bond and Grant go at it. Bond eventually gets Grant in a front head-lock*

Warlock: DDT!

Neyz: This is NOT wrestling.


*Bond goes for the haymaker but misses*

Warlock: Swing and a miss struck him out!


*Grant gets the upper hand with a full nelson then pulls out his garrote wire. He goes to strangle Bond but James pulls the knife from the briefcase and stabs him with it. The diversion gives James the chance to get behind Grant and kill him with his own garrote. Bond packs up his suitcase and notices the money in Grant’s pocket. He takes it back and says “You won’t be needing this, old man!”

Warlock: Bond wins….flawless victory.


*Bond wakes up “Tania” as he calls her now and tries to get her to come to. They escape the train as Grant’s contact cries out for him. Bond knocks him out with a karate chip and ties him up. He puts him in the truck and tells him not to run away*

Warlock: Take some flowers for Tania.


*Bond puts Tatiana in the back of the truck with the flowers and tells her to sleep it off*

Warlock: Close enough.


*Next morning a chopper is following the truck, presumably SPECTRE. The co-polot heaves a grenade and it blows on the passenger side. James tells Tatiana to hide under the truck and he’ll get rid of the chopper. The chopper nearly runs over James in the open field.*

Warlock: Why didn’t they just bring a gun?


*James hides under a rock and sets up his sniper rifle. The co-pilot goes to toss another grenade but Bond shoots it out of his hand into the cockpit…BOOM! Grant’s contact shakes his head in the truck*

Warlock: He’s saying “Well if that don’t beat all”


*Bond drives to a dock and tells the contact and Tatiana to get on a boat that’s parked there. Bond asks if the guy can swim, he nods.  Bond unties him and shoves him off the boat. The man curses him from the water.*

Warlock: “Get back here you limey!!!”


*Back in Blofield’s office, he has Kronsteen and Klebb in front of him. He wants to know why Grant is dead and not Bond. Kronsteen blames Klebb for chosing Grant as his plan should have worked, and Blofield agrees. He says he’s agreed to sell the Lektor back to the Russians after he gets it. Mozeny walks in and kicks open his shoe spike. Blofield says to Klebb that he does not tolerate failure and she knows the penalty. She starts sweating and glumly says yes. Mozeny raises his foot….and kicks Kronsteen with it. Kronsteen takes 12 seconds to die and Blofield says they need to invent a faster working venom.*

Warlock: Set that twist up perfectly.


*Blofield says to Klebb to get the Lektor. Meanwhile back on a speedboat, Bond and Tatiana plan to ride all the way to Venice until an enemy ship, presumably SPECTRE goes after them. Suddenly two more boats join them and starts firing rockets and machine guns at them. The boat captain tells his men to quit firing the missiles because they’re trying to stop them, not sink them.*

Warlock: SPECTRE can’t do anything right today.


*A machine gunner nails the boat’s onboard gasoline barrels. Bond then tosses them off the boat. Tatiana hands Bond a flare gun and he detonates all the gasoline, taking out all 3 boats.*

Warlock: Nice shooting stranger.


*Next frame shows Bond and Tatiana in their hotel room in Venice. Bond tells them to send up the porter for his luggage. Klebb then knocks on the door disguised as a hotel maid. Bond doesn’t recognize her and lets her in.  Bond closes the Lektor and heads into the other room. Klebb goes to steal it but the phone rings. Tatiana walks in and Klebb gives her the “shhh” signal. Klebb picks up both the Lektor and the luggage and Bond tells her to leave it there. Finally Klebb pulls a gun and James hangs up the phone. James recognizes her as Klebb now. Tatiana obeys Klebb and opens the door. Klebb gets Bond’s gun away from him and tells Tatiana to take the Lektor. She goes to leave but after 5 seconds, disarms Klebb.*

Neyz: Why did she take so long to shoot Bond?

Warlock: Once again, its only a movie. I would have shot him while he was on the phone and wasn’t paying attention to her.


*Klebb then kicks open her owned spiked shoe, Bond picks up a chair and thrusts it at her.*

Neyz: What is he a lion tamer?

Warlock: Hahahaha.


*Tatiana grabs the gun on the ground, can’t figure out who to shoot. Finally shoots Klebb dead. “Horrible woman” she says. James “Yes, she’s had her kicks.”

Warlock: Ha…ha…ha.


*From Russia With Love sung by Matt Monro is heard as James and Tatiana ride a “gondola”*

Warlock: Here we go again with the green screen motion in the background with them sitting stationary.


*Tatiana hands her ring to Bond and says take it in case he may need it again. They share a kiss and Tatiana notices they’re being filmed by tourists. James says “Not again” and pulls out the film of them getting it on in Istanbul. Tatiana asks for him to show her and he says sure, kissing her downwards and tossing the film into the water. End credits with a graphic saying James Bond will return in Goldfinger.*

Warlock: My favorite movie of them all.


Neyzor Blades assessment: I say this was better than the first one.

The Warlock’s assessment: I don’t know, I think this one dragged on far too long. It could have been over in an hour and a half, not two hours. I say Dr. No was better but this one certainly was damn good.

Final Grade: Recommended to everyone.


*Warlock rises from the couch*

Warlock: Good movie…good movie. The follow up was close to being as good as the first and it did introduce some of the elements and characters for future Bond films. Even though the movie is pretty much laughed at since Austin Powers’ parodied it more than any spy film, its still damn good to watch. All in all I highly recommend it and

*Neyzor Blades pulls Warlock on top of him and kisses him deep*

Warlock: Sorry folks, gotta go….have a pleasant evening.

*He pulls a blanket over them*


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